Healthy Chocolate and Banana Protein Shake Recipe

This chocolate and banana smoothie is tasty, creamy, quick to make, and protein-packed. You will love it!

A healthy chocolate and banana protein shake recipe that is so delicious; no one will ever guess how clean and healthy it is.

It’s a fun recipe to fool your not-so-healthy-food-loving kids or partner.

I love to recall the time my son yelled to me, “Hey Mom, next time, you just need to add more ice cream!” Lol. Mission accomplished.

Good things come to those who wait.
But better things come to those who work for it.

– Unknown

These days, I’ve been making it all for myself.

The recipe makes two full servings, so I freeze half, and it’s ready to grab anytime.

Grab it for a portable breakfast or snack when you are on the go.

Of course, you will appreciate the convenience if you are late but can still take along an energy-packed meal in a glass.

Suddenly, you look so prepared and put together. You are welcome.☺️

For other healthy treats, try this high protein frozen yogurt or pumpkin seed butter.

Protein Powders

There are so many different options of protein powders on the market.

For example, whey protein, beef protein, plant-based protein powders, and collagen peptides are readily available. But which one is right for you?

Learn more about each product choice and find out which might be best for you. Listen to (or read) this Nutritional Weight and Wellness podcast about how to choose a protein powder.

Whey Protein

I have developed the habit of enriching many recipes with protein powders or collagen powder.

It’s an easy and delicious way to add additional nutrients to the recipes you are already making.

Consider adding whey powder to these foods:
Shakes & Smoothies
Protein Bites/Balls
Brownie Bites

If you prefer your treat in the form of a cookie, try this delicious protein cookie dough.

Collagen Protein

Below are more ideas to increase your protein intake in a yummy way.

Add Collagen Powder to:
Hot Chocolate (I use chocolate flavor)
Banana Bread Recipe
Protein Smoothie
Full-fat Yogurt
Oatmeal Bites
Blueberry Muffins

If you are pregnant, check out these high protein snacks for pregnancy.

Shelf Stable Ingredients

First of all, let’s talk about ingredients.

This recipe has you fully covered. Protein, check. Healthy fat check. Healthy carb, check.

In a pinch, it’s a bonafide meal replacement.

Get yourself a good quality protein powder and top-notch greens supplement, and you are halfway there.

Everything is shelf-stable to keep you blending all year long. That’s what I love about the greens powder.

It’s still there for you after your spinach has gone bad.

Fresh Ingredients 

Of course, you can totally go all FRESH instead.

Fresh spinach, kale, or power greens are amazing. If you don’t want to buy the greens in a canister, go ahead and get the real deal.

Always at the ready with bananas, I keep a small bag in the freezer.

Try this method next time your bananas go ripe because no one is eating them.

Peel them, break them into half chunks, smush them flat, and freeze them individually.

They will break up easily in the blender and are ready to grab at a moment’s notice.


Affiliate links below are in color.

Crushed Ice
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Coconut Milk
Chocolate Protein Powder
Greens such as Spinach or Kale
Or Fruits & Greens Supplement
Garnish of your choice, optional
NutriBullet or your Favorite Blender

Finally, here is the delicious protein shake recipe!

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Healthy Chocolate and Banana Protein Shake

  • Author: Cindy Munson
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 2 servings 1x


Here’s a healthy and super clean way to enjoy your own version of ice-cream!



12 cups crushed ice

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/3 cup coconut milk

1/2 banana

chocolate protein powder, 1 scoop

chocolate fruit and greens powder, 1 scoop OR

1 cup spinach, kale or power green mixture

garnish with chocolate, fruit or nuts (optional)


Place all ingredients in order, in your NutriBullet or blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. If you like, make it pretty with a garnish. Enjoy!


Blenders can behave differently. My new NutriBullet 1200 can handle this but it seems to help if you put the ice in first. Pouring the liquid on top of the ice seems to help prevent the dreaded “freeze lock” or stalemate. If it is still getting stuck, I just leave it sit for a few minutes to melt before trying again. That usually does the trick. Larger blenders should have no problem. 😉

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes
  • Category: Snack, Dessert
  • Method: Blend
  • Cuisine: American

Keywords: Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

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Mix-in Ideas

Elevate your shake with additional ingredients that enhance its nutritional value and delight your taste buds.

Consider a handful of mixed berries, coconut flakes, a sprinkle of cinnamon, cocoa nibs, or oats.

Add a spoonful of almond or peanut butter for a nutty twist, delivering even more healthy fats and richness.

If you’re feeling adventurous, a dash of dark cocoa powder can introduce a hint of indulgence and a pretty garnish without sacrificing your health goals.

And remember the subtle crunch of chia or flax seeds, granting your shake an omega-3 boost and intriguing texture.

This chocolate extract recipe would also be a decadent mix-in. It captures dark chocolate’s complex flavor, including the beans’ medicinal benefits, giving any dessert or drink a rich flavor and aroma.

Now go and enjoy a healthy meal in a glass!

Please let me know what you think of the protein shake recipe in the comments below!

I love to hear what you are making


Nutrition References

Nutritional Weight and Wellness
Why Protein is Important
How to choose a Protein Powder

Nutritional Weight and Wellness

Be sure to consult a registered and licensed dietitian, licensed nutritionist, or certified nutrition specialist if you have questions about ingredients and how they fit into your personal nutrition plan.

9 comments on “Healthy Chocolate and Banana Protein Shake Recipe

  1. I am doing my first half marathon on October h, it is around 1 hour from home. If hubby brings this for me in storage container how do you think it would store? Would the chia seeds expand to much? Should I add them right before I drink it and give a quick shake?

  2. This was quick and delish! I also liked the two tips of adding the ice first to prevent “freeze lock” and then freezing the second serving for a really quick meal later when time is short. I’ve made this several times because it’s super easy and healthy…my two favorite attributes of a meal.

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