How to Make a DIY Bed Skirt (Easy Ideas for Metal Frame)

Learn how quick it is to make a custom bed skirt with a minimum amount of sewing.

Easy, DIY bed skirt using simple and inexpensive bedsheets

Today, I have easy ideas for how to make a DIY bed skirt using simple and inexpensive bedsheets.

What’s hiding under your bed?

Whether it’s monsters or just a bunch of storage containers, I have an inexpensive way to hide them and get a custom look while you’re at it.

easy, DIY bed skirt using simple and inexpensive bedsheets

This step-by-step tutorial is intentionally full of shortcuts, but I think it still delivers elegance.

If you’ve also been putting off a more beautiful bed, I hope you will try it!

Determine the Amount of Fabric you Need

First, let’s do some measuring to figure out how many bedsheets to buy or if you are using traditional fabric, what you need to purchase.

Either way, the method to determine yardage is the same.

Use the drawing and information below as a guide, but customize it to your sizes and preferences.

No matter your bed size, you will need to cut out five pieces of bedsheet/fabric and five pieces of the lining.

If you are using sheets for your bed skirt, the flat sheet size that is made for that particular bed should work perfectly, but please double-check your measurements before you start cutting your fabric.

Sheet sizes and bed heights vary.

Lining your bed skirt is optional, but it does help create a better drape and improve the opacity so you cannot see through to the other side.

Box pleats are also optional, but I would highly recommend them. They add a nice tailored detail.

The width of the pleat is up to you. I kept mine very small to save fabric, but in hindsight, I think I did not need to.

Mine is 2 inches wide, so it required 4 inches of extra fabric in the equations below.

See the drawing and measurements below to assist you in your calculations.

Widths of the Panels

The bedside panels 1 and 2 are the same size
Panel 1 is Bed length + Box Pleat + Seam Allowance
Panel 2 is Bed length + Box Pleat + Seam Allowance

The panel for the end/bottom of the bed
Panel 3 is Bed width + Box Pleat + Seam Allowance

The bed corner panels 4 and 5 are the same size
Panel 4 is square, and the Bed Height + Seam Allowance, Squared
Panel 5 is square, and the Bed Height + Seam Allowance, Squared

Heights of the Panels

First, decide the length you want the bed skirt. Next, use the equation below to determine the size of height for all panels.

Bed Height/Desired Length + Seam Allowance + Hem

Easy, DIY bed skirt using simple and inexpensive bedsheets

Bed Sizes and Sheet Sizes

For reference, below are rough measurements of beds and bedsheets.

Sizes can vary, so be sure to measure your bed, bedsheets, and/or fabric before you begin.


twin bed size 37 in. (94 cm) x 80 in. (203 cm)
twin sheet size 70 in. (178 cm) x 100 in. (254 cm)


full bed size 54 in. (137 cm) x 75 in. (191 cm)
full sheet size 85 in. (216 cm)  x 100 in. (254 cm)


queen bed size 60 in. (152 cm) x 80 in. (203 cm)
queen sheet size 90 in. (229 cm) x 106 in. (269 cm)


king bed size 76 in. (193 cm) x 80 in. (203 cm)
king sheet size 108 in. (274 cm) x 106 in. (269 cm)

Decorative Trim for your Bed Skirt

Decorative trim is a beautiful way to personalize your bed skirt and make it special.

There are so many gorgeous and affordable options available today.

Topstitch it onto the bed skirt when your project is finished.

Note: If you are using a bedsheet and want to use the trim that is on the top of the sheet, you may need more than one sheet.

Unfortunately, one sheet is NOT enough trim to run all around the bed. I had to buy two sets, so I had enough trim.

But the bonus is I now have two matching fitted sheets to use and swap out for washing.

The other option would be to buy two flat sheets, sold separately, if available, not the whole set.

Fabric Selection

It’s time to find your bed sheets or fabric.

I purchased my sheets at Target. The Opalhouse brand is very nice quality and washed well.

There are also great selections at big box, departments, and discount stores, like TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

If you are looking for fabric by the yard, have your drawing and estimate with you at the fabric store or as you shop online.

If you are unsure of how much fabric to buy, ask the employees at your local fabric store.

They are always ready to help with yardage questions.

Here are all the project items that you’ll need…

Material and Sewing Supplies

Product affiliate links are below in color.

Flat Bed Sheet or Fabric
Lining Fabric
not pictured
Matching Thread
Sewing Scissors 
Rotary Cutter
Safe Cutting Surface
Straight Pins
Measuring Tape or Tape Measure
Straight Edge
not pictured
Sewing Machine
not pictured

Links to Fabric Sources

Preparing to Sew

Prewash your Fabric
First, prewash your sheets or fabric to help prevent shrinkage in future washings that would compromise the fit.

After it is dry, press it with an iron.

I let my sheet fabric hang dry naturally so it did not fade and stays as new-looking as possible.

Cutting your Fabric
Measure and cut out your fabric pieces on a cutting board or a surface that is safe to cut on.

Refer to your original drawing and measurements.

Pay close attention to the grain of the fabric and make sure the pattern pieces are positioned correctly.

If you are using a patterned fabric, be extra careful.

Sewing Instructions

Below are step-by-step directions for how to make a DIY bed skirt.

Easy, DIY bed skirt using simple and inexpensive bedsheets

1. Fold, pin, and press each box pleat on each panel. Stitch securely, a few times at the top, within the seam allowance.

2. With the right sides together, stitch each bed skirt panel and corresponding lining piece together along the top. Include each box pleat as you stitch.

3. After stitching across the top, open up each panel and press open each seam.

4. Also, press the box pleat neatly together and flat.

5. Next, fold the right side of your bed skirt to the outside and press again.

6. Hem the fabric and lining, if necessary. Finish the sides, if necessary. Your panel is complete!

Easy, DIY bed skirt using simple and inexpensive bedsheets


Finally, to install the bed skirt, start with each corner piece.

Wrap the top of the corner piece on the corner of the bed, smoothing it so the fabric hangs straight.

Next, with one panel at a time, hold up the edge of the mattress so that the top of the skirt tucks under it.

Afterward, push it far back so that the weight of the mattress will hold the skirt up.

If necessary, use upholstery screws to secure directly to your box spring. You can also use a staple gun.

Congratulations, you have just elevated the look of your bedroom.

Easy, DIY bed skirt using simple and inexpensive bedsheets

Let me know if you make an easy DIY bed skirt of your own in the comment box below.

Are you inspired to sew? I would love to hear about what you are making!
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  1. you picked a very nice print for your lovely room. could you please add a photo of the entire bed to your post? i have a beautiful mexican antique bed, carved with all sorts of scrolling and MERMAIDS, that could sure use a nice treatment like this.i am sorry to say that i have always had to have a flat piece of fabric under the mattress to seam the panels to, or they owould fall out. annoys me no end. but we have dogs and cats and two rather jumbo people in the bed, and that may account for it.

    1. Thanks so much, Coby! Sure, I can email when I get a chance to take a good photo of it! Unfortunately, it does not have a headboard so there’s not much to see beyond what is in the current pictures. A pretty bed or headboard is on my wish list.☺️

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