Women’s Easy Summer Skirt Patterns (Sewing for Beginners)

Get ideas and inspiration for easy beginner-friendly summer skirt patterns.

A title for a summer skirt pattern roundup post.

Here’s some inspiration for you: women’s summer skirt patterns for beginners! A fun summer roundup of easy DIY sewing.

Woot Woot! Get ready for beautiful weather.

There’s a little bit of everything, from short, midi to long, plus zippers, drawstrings, wraps, and elastic. Try something new!

I also share many other sewing pattern ideas in these individual blog posts.

Just click any of the photos below or the link under it to read each post. Enjoy!

Elastic Waist Skirt Patterns

I am loving this elastic waist layer skirt pattern! It was so easy and quick to sew.

I used New Look sewing pattern 6953, but I have more ideas for you in the post.

There is something so fun floating around wearing a tiered skirt! Discover more ideas for layer skirt sewing patterns.

Long Midi Skirt Patterns

This post has ideas for easy and cute long midi skirt sewing patterns. They are quick and beginner-friendly, too!

Midi skirts come in many styles, but I’ve chosen simple styles that are great for beginners. Find the midi skirt ideas here.

Ankle-Length Wrap Skirt Patterns

Here’s a collection of ankle-length wrap skirt patterns to inspire you to create a skirt that reflects your style. Sewing a wrap-style skirt is an excellent project for beginners, as it doesn’t require a complex pattern.

You will love wearing this style because they’re super comfy and versatile, and the feeling of the soft fabric flowing around your legs as you walk makes you feel relaxed and elegant! Plus, wrap skirts are adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for your waist.

They’re also great for all kinds of occasions – whether chilling at home, strolling on the beach, or going out for a fancy dinner, a long wrap-style skirt can quickly adapt to your style and mood. Check out the long wrap skirts in this post.

Mini Skirt Sewing Pattern Ideas

Explore mini skirt sewing pattern ideas with cute, short A-line styles and fabric possibilities to create your own skirt.

Consider the classic a-line skirt! In this post, I share ideas for creating a cute skirt perfect for sunny summer days or paired with tights for a warm winter look.

See more mini skirt styles in this post.

A homemade elastic waist skirt featured in a summer skirt pattern roundup blog post.

Elastic Waistband Skirt Patterns

This little number is a great beginner sewing project.

It has a comfortable wide elastic waistband with just enough gathering to look great on most body types.

Can you say forgiving? Read the elastic waist skirt post here.

The pics in this post were taken in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

A straight skirt featured in a summer skirt pattern roundup blog post.

A Line Skirt Patterns

This is a slightly A-line skirt; the taper can be easily adjusted. It has a back zipper, and I made it with cotton batik.

Batiks are the perfect weight to sew with, easy to handle, and great for beginners. They are also opaque, so you can skip the slip if you are a modest type, like me.

These prints typically explode with vibrant color if you like that kind of thing! See the A line skirt post here.

In the post, I also offer many other suggestions for inspiration for other straight skirt styles of sewing patterns.

Photos of the batik skirt were taken in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Wrap Skirt Pattern

You may notice I have a thing for wrap skirts!

They are flattering, easy to sew, and adjustable! So, eat the tacos! One more reason this makes for a great travel skirt, too. 😃 

Check out this post for inspiration on various wrap styles. Read the post about wrap skirt sewing patterns.

Pics of this wrap skirt were taken in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Long Skirt Patterns

If you like the feel of pajamas, chances are you will love the feel of a knit skirt.

I need more of them in my life! 😁 See more long skirt sewing pattern inspiration here.

Knits require some knowledge to make sewing easier, and I link to help in the post.

I’ve also included other skirt pattern ideas to get you started! 

Photos of this long skirt were taken in Scottsdale, Arizona.

DIY Wrap Skirt Patterns

I know, I know, another wrap skirt! Don’t knock ’em until you’ve tried them, though.

This one is just special to put on. I love the tie and the way it cinches the waist.

We all can benefit from a cinched waist. As our Pastor says, can I have an “Amen”? Find more wrap skirts here.

And may I add, wrap skirts are just so easy and flexible for dressing up or down!

Photos of this floral wrap skirt were taken in St Paul, Minnesota.

Drawstring Skirts

Finally, this last skirt pattern was inspired by an awesome retail skirt from Evereve.

The style is easy to make and fairly quick. It makes the perfect summer staple.

Especially if you are not into wearing shorts.

Next time, I’ll be making it in a more subtle fabric, though.

I know that you will really, really love the fit of this skirt!

This is a favorite and most comfortable fit of all the styles. Learn more about the drawstring skirt pattern.

The pics of this drawstring sports skirt were taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, by my closest band of Brown Deer High School friends.

More Cute Clothes to Sew

Here’s more inspiration for sewing your summer wardrobe.

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Love this Summer Skirt Roundup? Let me know if you made it in the comments section below. I love hearing from you!

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I hope these DIY Skirt Patterns have inspired you to pull out your sewing machine.

Happy summer sewing to you!


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