Long Midi Skirt Sewing Patterns for Women

This year, find inspiration to sew a long skirt with these cute, quick-sew midi skirt sewing patterns!

Today, I’m bringing you creative inspiration for long midi skirt sewing patterns (for women).

Long skirts can be stylish and cozy – or trendy and cool, whatever the season.

They are easy to throw on quickly for a pulled-together look but super comfy. 

What is a Midi Skirt?

“Midi” refers to skirt hems that start a couple of inches below the knees to just above the ankles.

This style is universally flattering for most women because it accentuates the slimmest areas of the leg.

Midi skirts look good on all age groups, shapes, and sizes.

A longer straight style skirt can showcase your height, while an A-line or pencil silhouette can celebrate your curves.

The midi skirt is an essential part of a fashionable wardrobe.

What is the Difference between a Midi and a Maxi Skirt?

A midi skirt length falls between the knee (just below) and the lower calf.

The maxi style is a full-length skirt or dress that goes down to the floor.

What is the Best Fabric for a Skirt?

Take the necessary time to reflect on the fabric content and the textile look and feel so you will create a skirt you will truly love and wear!

Textile Type

Many fabrics are used for skirts, but cotton is the most common.

Cotton is readily available in various textures, colors, prints, and patterns.

In addition, it is usually more affordable than other fabrics and easier to sew.

Cotton or cotton jersey fabrics are an ideal choice for your skirt. Both are breathable natural fibers that wear well and are easy to care for. 

Below are other fantastic fabric choices for midi skirts.

Consider one of these light to mid-weight fabrics for ease of sewing and also an excellent feel. 

Cotton Lawn or Voile
Cotton Gauze
Crepe de Chine
Crepe Back Satin
Double Georgette
Lightweight Denim
Lightweight Linen
Stretch Cotton
Silk Georgette
Viscose/ Rayon
Wool Jersey

A girl in tropical hat and long-midi skirt made with Butterick B6742, a beginner sewing pattern for women.

Remember to pay special attention to the weight, drape, and fabric feel before purchasing. 

Look for fabrics that drape nicely, for example, cotton gauze, chiffon, or taffeta, to have a flowy and elegant look.

Avoid stiff or rigid materials, such as weightier corduroy, some types of denim, or canvas, which may be inflexible, hard to sew, wear, and move about freely.

If you choose well, you will want to wear your garment more.

This has been a slow learning process for me!

Unfortunately, I’ve made clothes out of material that was either too thick or too thin over the years and have just not gotten the wear out of them.

After spending time, money, and love on the sewing process, it can be a letdown. 

Fabric Color and Designs

The next big decision is your fabric aesthetics. There are so many options!

Select a solid color fabric to match patterned tops in your closet. A single hue gives you more opportunities to pair with a variety of blouses.

Or select a beautiful print, floral pattern, or graphic textile design as your outfit’s focal point.

I chose a lightweight, bold tropical print for my long midi skirt.

I have never used anything like it! But I do love the cheeky print and pop of color for summer. So I am happy with how it turned out!

It will be ideal for a warm vacation or a night out. Preferably by a beach!

Sewing for Beginners

Skirts are a perfect place to start if you are new to sewing. There are so many simple skirt styles you will be able to make.

I find the final fit of a sewn skirt is more forgiving than other pieces if you make a mistake.

Choose a skirt style with minimal details. Most beginner patterns involve primarily straight stitching.

A drawstring or elastic waist skirt may be the best beginner project.

First, decide on a sewing pattern. Select one that works for your shape and size. One that highlights your best features and minimizes your least favorite.

Pick patterns marked “Easy to Sew,” “Learn to Sew,” or “1-hour,” etc. Also, do not choose a skirt with pockets or zippers.

I used Butterick B6742 for my yellow skirt pictured below, which has a drawstring waistband and was very easy to make.

Butterick B6742, drawstring skirt

Midi Skirt Pattern Ideas

I’ve collected midi-style skirt pattern ideas below that are available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Beginner Patterns

For novice easy-to-sew options, see these brand styles below.

Sewing Supplies

Below are the materials you’ll need for this project. Of course, your list will vary slightly based on the sewing pattern you choose.

(Affiliate links are in color)

Sewing Pattern mine is Butterick
Matching Thread
Tape Measure
Elastic for Waist
Sewing Straight Pins
for Skirt
Sewing Scissors
Rotary Cutter
Sewing Layout Board or
Safe Cutting Surface
Paper Scissors
not pictured
Sewing Machine
not pictured
per pattern

More Skirt Patterns

Beyond midi skirt patterns, click below to see many other styles on the site.

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Okay, now it’s your turn! In the comments below, let me know what you made and how you styled your new midi skirt.

Thanks for stopping by!

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