Easy Blouse Sewing Patterns (DIY Tie Front Tops)

Sew a lovely blouse with a tie closure using one of these sewing pattern ideas.

flat lay with an outfit that includes a blouse with a tie front sew it with Simplicity 8601

Hi Friends! Join me for today’s project and be inspired to create something for yourself. I have easy blouse sewing patterns with tie fronts.

My top uses Simplicity Pattern D0890 (or 8601).

But first, I have a question for you. When sewing, which do you buy first; the pattern or the fabric?

This seems like a chicken-and-egg situation. For today’s top, I was not actually looking for fabric. It found me.

I typically buy my fabric first, then figure out what I will make with it. Is this backward?

I’m sure I would have a much smaller fabric stash and more money in my wallet if I did it in the proper order. But what fun would that be?

It’s probably a much better idea to plan and utilize a capsule wardrobe checklist to plan your pieces as you need them.

As a graphic designer, you’d think I’d know better. First, you make a plan. Then you execute it. But for me, it always starts with a fabric connection!

Simplicity 8601

My Pattern Simplicity 8601

Here’s what I chose to showcase my new fabric. I was looking for a simple style to work with the print. Simplicity Pattern, Number 8601/0890, was perfect.

If you are looking for a beginner blouse, this is a good one. This tie-front top has clean lines and a shape that’s easy to wear. I plan to make more in other fabrics!

It’s labeled as an “easy to sew” design, and I did find that to be true.

Tie Front Top Sewing Patterns

If you want to create your own charming tie front top, here are four other patterns with a range of tie options you can check out.

McCall’s 7976 Loose-fitting tops with a yoke back, front shoulder and back pleats, and front button closing.
McCall’s M803 Versatile loose-fitting tops have an invisible back zipper and can be personalized with length and sleeve variations.
McCall’s 7892 Wrap-front tops and dresses are loose-fitting in the bust and fasten with hooks and eyes at the midriff with forward shoulder seams, and patterns feature sleeve and length variations.
Butterick 6662 Semi-fitted pullover shirt pattern has a V-neck with facings and can be personalized with different front and sleeve variations.

For another pretty and feminine blouse style to sew, see these Peplum Top Patterns.

What fabric is best for a blouse?

The best fabrics for a blouse are lightweight, breathable, soft, and comfortable against your skin.

Some excellent options include cotton, silk, or linen. Ultimately, the best fabric for a blouse depends on your preference, style, and the occasion you plan to wear it.

For my blouse, I purchased a medium-weight linen-cotton mix with a bohemian-style type print. I love the earthy and natural look of the fabric.

I found it at an S.R. Harris Fabric Store here in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro. They have 2 locations.

If you are local or even just passing through, S.R. Harris is definitely worth checking out. Always something fabulous to discover!

Two other great options in the Twin Cities are Treadle Yard Goods or The Sewing Lounge.

If you are shopping online, check out Mood Fabrics for a huge selection. (affiliate link)

Sewing Supplies

See below for the basic materials you will need and ideas on where to purchase them. Affiliate links are underlined.

Fabric for Blouse
Matching Thread
Simplicity Pattern D0890/8601
Sewing Straight Pins
Paper Scissors for pattern cutting
Sewing Scissors or Rotary Cutter
Sewing Board or Rotary Cutting Mat
Fusible Interfacing not pictured
Button not pictured
Elastic Cord not pictured
Pressing Cloth not pictured
Sewing Machine not pictured

The Center Seam

I had intended to make the front one-piece, but after mistakenly cutting it (oops!) decided to match up the print and proceed as the pattern suggests. I think it still works.

My next design will be to try a “one-panel” front. I would remove the 5/8″ seam allowances and cut one piece for the front.

Tie-Front Detail

I love the tie detail, and it is very flattering. You can tie it once to give it a looser look or twice to create more of a bow for a slightly more finished look.

Another option would be to leave it untied and tuck it in if it doesn’t work with a certain outfit or a jacket. The front sections are wide enough to give you coverage and stay tucked in.

Are Simplicity sizes accurate?

Simplicity patterns follow standardized sizing guidelines. Do not use your ready-to-wear size! It’s essential to use the measurements provided on the pattern envelope and compare them to your body measurements for the most accurate fit.

Sizing can vary between brands and within different pattern lines.

Checking online reviews or comments and advice from sewing Facebook groups, communities, and forums can provide valuable insights from others who have used the pattern.

I sized up two sizes from my typical ready-to-wear size.

Be sure to take your measurements keeping in mind the garment you are making.

For example, measure the waist for a full skirt, the hips for an A-line skirt, the bust for a blouse, etc. Examine the size chart on the pattern also.

Look for finished garment measurements as well to see how much ease is built in. Ease is the extra fabric allowed for movement.

Lastly, double-check the pattern measurements.

Once you’ve committed to a particular size, there are two methods of caution you can take to give you some margin for error.

Sometimes I start with a machine baste for the main seams to be sure and/or sew with less seam allowance.

This way, you can still easily take the garment in without much trouble.

Pattern Modifications

Setting the sleeve was, and always is, the most challenging for me.

My secret as I get older and wiser is just to go slowly, think thoroughly, and BASTE. Then you can easily adjust if necessary.

It’s much better to pull out a few stitches than pull out all of your hair.

I like to sew the armholes first, then sew the side seams. For me, it’s much easier to manage the sleeve cap ease with the side panels open.

The sleeve directions were to be set in the “round” order as opposed to “flat.”

Simplicity Pattern Review

Overall, this Simplicity pattern was very easy to sew. I followed all of the instructions except for the sleeve steps.

This straightforward pattern and wearable style is a winner for me!

I hope you will try to make a blouse! I would recommend this one for spring and summer.

The Simplicity pattern is readily available online; with all the variations, you can make it again and again.

Let me know what project you are working on. I’d love to hear all about it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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