Easy DIY Stretch Skirt (Sewing Patterns with Elastic)

Be inspired to make your own easy DIY stretch skirt with elastic using a sewing pattern. Perfect for beginners and seasoned sewists alike.

A DIY stretch Lycra swimsuit cover up skirt that I made modeled by me.

Welcome friend! Today, I have a collection of sewing patterns for stretchy skirts featuring a wide range of styles to suit every taste. Dive in. I hope to inspire you with your next DIY stretch skirt project.

Why I Love This Style

You’ll love sewing and wearing an easy DIY stretch skirt with elastic. 

The skirt patterns I have curated today combine total comfort with effortless style. With a stretchy fabric and elastic waistband, you’ll feel like you’re wearing your pajamas.

It moves with you, whether you’re running errands or enjoying a night out with friends. And let’s talk about versatility! Pair it with a t-shirt for a casual look, or dress it up with a blouse for a more polished look. 

Sewing is a breeze! Plus, you can tailor it to fit your body perfectly. This is the perfect starter project for new sewists who want to try making clothes. It’s really where I got started on my journey!

Watching your creation come together is incredibly satisfying. Once it’s finished, wearing your handmade skirt gives you a wonderful sense of accomplishment. It is stylish and a reflection of your creativity and skill!


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Let’s get started!


You’ll need just a few simple materials to sew an Easy DIY Stretch Skirt with Elastic using a Sewing Pattern. 

Stretchy fabric
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine basic machine is fine
Sewing scissors or
Rotary Cutter Olfa cutter is my favorite!
Cutting Mat Olfa mat optional
Measuring Tape
Ironing Board
Sewing Pattern mine Simplicity S9751

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Sewing Patterns

In this section, I’ve included great pattern ideas for stretchy skirts. This includes booth, physical, and downloadable sewing patterns. Check out this vast collection of patterns featuring a wide range of styles, guaranteed to inspire your next stitching adventure.

Click on any of the pattern photos below to get details and sizing charts.

Check each individual for its specific size chart or size range, as this does vary from pattern manufacturer.

Simplicity S9751 (Super easy skirt!)

This pattern (above) is the one I used for the skirt I made.

Simplicity S9751 Review: I highly recommend this pattern. I have not made the other items yet, but the skirt was super duper easy and quick to make, great for a beginner sewer. It’s very comfortable and I plan to make more in other fabrics!

Simplicity S9717 Misses’ skirt and jacket
McCall’s M8327 physical and PDF sewing pattern
Butterick B6913 knit skirt and top
Simplicity 9757 Easy to sew stretchy skirt and top
Simplicity 1616 (Very versatile pattern!)


Here are some variations you can try when making and sewing a stretch skirt with elastic.

Length Options
Experiment with different lengths, such as mini, midi, or maxi, to suit your style and preference.

Fabric Choices
Explore various fabrics like cotton jersey, knit blends, or even stretchy denim for a different look and feel.

Elastic Width
Play around with different widths of elastic for the waistband to achieve varying levels of comfort and support.

Add Pockets
Customize your skirt by adding pockets for functionality and style. You can choose from patch pockets, inseam pockets, or even welt pockets.

Get creative with embellishments like lace trims, decorative stitches, or fabric appliques to personalize your skirt.

Color Blocking
Mix and match different fabric colors or patterns to create a unique color-blocked effect for a trendy look.

Hem Details
Experiment with hem finishes such as a simple double-fold hem, lettuce edge, or using a decorative stitch for added flair.

Gathered Waist
Try a gathered waistband instead of a plain elastic waistband for a more romantic and feminine touch.

Contrasting Waistband
Use a contrasting fabric for the waistband to add visual interest and make a statement.

Layered Skirt
Sew multiple tiers of fabric together, each with its own elastic waistband, to create a layered effect. This will create a playful and voluminous look.

Buy extra fabric and make a matching top, vest, jacket, or hat band.


Making and sewing a stretchy skirt is a straightforward and rewarding process! I just wanted to give you a high-level overview if you’ve never made one. You will first choose a pattern and follow the instructions that are included in it.

Next, you’ll choose a stretch fabric, such as a knit, polyester, or lycra-type fabric, and then gather your other sewing supplies.

Following the sewing pattern instructions, you will cut out the fabric pieces and sew the side seams together. Next, you attach the elastic waistband, ensuring a comfortable fit.

After inserting and securing the elastic, you close the waistband and hem the bottom edge of the skirt.

Finally, a quick press with an iron if your type of fabric allows it. You may need to steam it! Either of these steps gives your skirt a polished finish.

That’s it! That’s all you need to do to see your creation come to life.


Here’s a list of FAQs people often ask when making and sewing a stretch skirt.

What is the easiest skirt to sew?

A simple straight, gathered, A-line, or a gathered skirt are often considered the easiest to sew for beginners. These styles involve straight seams and minimal shaping, making them great projects for fundamental sewing skills. 

What kind of fabric is stretchy?

Fabrics like jersey, spandex, rib knit, ponté knit, interlock knit, and French terry are soft, elastic, and versatile.

How to sew stretchy fabrics?

Use a ballpoint needle, polyester thread, and a stretch stitch or serger for seams when sewing stretchy fabrics. Adjust machine settings, handle fabric carefully, and practice first.

How do I insert the elastic into the waistband of the skirt?

Follow the pattern instructions to create a casing for the elastic, then thread the elastic through using a safety pin or elastic threader.

What are some tips for sewing with stretchy fabric to avoid puckering or stretching?

To prevent puckering, use a ballpoint needle, stretch stitch, or zigzag stitch. Be sure to handle the fabric gently and avoid stretching it while sewing.

Expert Tips

Here is some expert guidance and lots of tips for sewing your new skirt with stretch fabrics!

Pre-wash Your Fabric
Washing and drying your fabric before cutting helps prevent shrinkage later on.

Use a Ballpoint Needle
A ballpoint needle is designed for knit fabrics, reducing the risk of snagging or damaging the fabric. The medium ballpoint is specially designed to prevent skipped stitches in elastic materials, such as highly elastic knitwear and some stretch fabrics. Check the needle package for your specific stretch fabric type. Typical sizes include 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, and 100/16.

Stretch as You Sew
When sewing seams, gently stretch the fabric as you sew to prevent it from puckering or gathering.

Use a Walking Foot
If you have one, a walking foot can help feed the fabric evenly through the machine, preventing stretching or distortion.

Test Your Stitch
Before sewing your skirt, test your machine settings and stitches on a scrap of fabric to ensure they work well with stretch fabric.

Stabilize Seams
Use stay tape or lightweight interfacing strips along the seams to prevent stretching and puckering.

More Cute Skirt Patterns

Below are lots of fun skirt style you should try!

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