Make a DIY Wrap Skirt (Sewing Pattern Ideas)

Be inspired to sew a handmade wrap skirt with these sewing pattern ideas.

flat lay of DIY wrap skirt

Sew your own clothes! Today’s creative challenge is to make a DIY wrap skirt. I have many cute sewing pattern ideas for you.

Modeling a make and sew a DIY wrap skirt

Skirts are an awesome way to learn to sew. They have minimal detail, and they don’t take a lot of fabric.

If you are a beginner, pick a pattern labeled “Easy to Sew,” “1-hour,” or “Learn to Sew,” etc.

Also, consider a style without pockets or zippers. That’s why wrap skirts are perfect!

First, you’ll need to pick a pattern design. I copied my skirt pattern from an old ready-to-wear, but it’s a dead ringer for a vintage McCall’s Pattern 6377.

You can find it HERE or on Etsy or eBay.

Sewing Patterns for Wrap Skirts

For more sewing pattern inspiration, check out these Simplicity wrap skirt styles.

I’ve included buying sources below each photo. (affiliate links)

Simplicity S9048    |    Simplicity S9111

Simplicity 8606    |    Simplicity 8133

Simplicity 8699    |    Simplicity 8792

Best Fabrics for Sewing a Skirt

I chose a medium-weight linen-cotton mix with a summery fish print for my skirt.

There are so many other fabric options out there for a wrap skirt.

Look for lightweight fabrics with drape.

For example, challis, chambray, soft cotton, cotton lawn, crepe back satin, and double georgette would be lovely.

More fabric ideas would be using gauze, cotton, linen, lightweight denim, or silky.

Where to Buy Fabrics Online

These days you can get almost everything you need online; fabric, sewing patterns, and supplies. And you can have it delivered to your door.

Here are a few popular online fabric stores to help you locate your perfect fabric:

JoAnn Fabrics
Mood Fabrics
Harts Designer Fabric

Next, you will need to gather or purchase your sewing supplies. See below for the basic materials you will need and ideas on where to purchase them.

Many fabric and craft stores have a curbside pick-up service if you order online.

Materials And Sewing Supplies

Here’s what you need to get started. (affiliate links in blue)

Fabric for Skirt
Matching Thread
Straight Pins
Sewing Scissors HERE or
Rotary Cutter HERE
Sewing Board HERE or
Cutting Surface HERE
Paper Scissors not pictured
Sewing Machine not pictured
Notions per pattern

Find the Right Size Sewing Pattern

If you are new to sewing clothes with a pattern, be sure to proceed with care when selecting a size.

Select the appropriate size range on the pattern. Then you will need to narrow it down further for the best fit when you cut your fabric.

First, take your measurements, keeping in mind the garment you are making, and examine the size chart on the pattern.

Look for the finished garment measurements as well to see how much ease is built in. Ease is the extra fabric allowed for movement.

Lastly, double-check the pattern measurements.

If possible, hold up the pattern pieces to your torso and see if it looks reasonably correct with an allowance for a seam.

Once you’ve committed to a particular size, there are two methods I would suggest if you’d still like some margin for error.

Firstly, start with a machine baste for the main seams.

Secondly, sew the side seams with half your intended seam allowance.

This way, you can still easily take the garment in without difficulty.

How to Make a Muslin Garment

You can also make a muslin, which is simply creating a test garment or mock-up with inexpensive fabric or old sheets to be sure your skirt fits just right.

Therefore, alter it any way you need to, without worry, so that it fits just right.

When you are satisfied with the result, you are ready to cut the good stuff!

I hope you will make a DIY wrap skirt! If you do end up with a pattern you love, you can make it in other fabrics, patterns, and colors.

Let me know what sewing projects you are working on. I’d love to hear!

Thanks for visiting!

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