Vogue wrap skirt pattern in a flowered fabric

Patterns for Wrap Skirts

Today, let’s explore sewing patterns for wrap skirts. One of my favorite styles to wear.

I just love wrap skirts. I love how they drape, fit, and look amazing on all body types, covering up flaws and accentuating assets. Worn casual, with flip-flops or dressed to the nine’s, they are so versatile.

For my sewing project below, I used a wrap skirt pattern – vintage Vogue 8338 to sew this flowery, feminine number. Vintage, meaning I bought it years ago probably at JoAnn Fabrics, not at an antique store. 😂

“You’ll never miss anything you get rid of.” I’ve heard my husband say a million times. Bless him, but not true! I’m still missing a beloved wrap skirt that I donated years ago.

I’m sure I had a reason at the time, but now I can’t remember what I was thinking. This sewing pattern is going to help me fill the emotional void.

You can still find Very Easy Very Vogue 8338 on eBay and Etsy as I write this post. If you can’t, I have searched for other similar wrap skirts style sewing patterns. Here’s what I found.

Sewing Patterns for Wrap Skirts

For inspiration, here are more skirt sewing patterns. Check out these Simplicity wrap skirt styles, so cute! I’ve also included buying sources below each photo. (affiliate links)

Simplicity S9048    |    Simplicity S9111

Simplicity 8606 Here and Here  |    Simplicity 8133

Simplicity 8699    |    Simplicity 8792

Very Easy Very Vogue 8338 Review

Overall, this vintage Vogue pattern is very easy to sew, but the drawings are quite abbreviated so it took me a while to figure some things out. What confused me the most was its basic construction is slightly different than I was used to.

It is NOT one long rectangular panel of fabric, it’s actually sewn completely in a circle, as a regular skirt would be. Then it wraps upon itself.

Technically it works the same way as a traditional wrap skirt, but the main difference is that there is no “split”. As skirts go, it’s safer to wear, there won’t be anything accidentally showing.

Skirt Patterns to Sew

Here are 2 other skirt tutorials on my site you may want to check out!

2 skirts to sew with tutorials

Click Here  or  Click Here

Okay, now back to the post …

Trim With A Continuous Bias Strip

I followed the pattern instructions completely, with one exception, I used a different trim method. My fabric is very lightweight therefore I wanted a very light trim with minimal bulk around the edges.

I purchased a nifty little bias tape maker. Actually, I bought a whole set on Amazon which includes 5 tools, all with different widths. I really enjoyed using it.

They would work so well if you wanted to do any project with trim. Use a wider one for more emphasis or a thinner one to keep it subtle. Contrasting trim would be very fun to try also!

I followed the pattern directions to make one continuous bias strip, then I ran it through one of the bias tape makers above and pressed it with an iron as I went. Obviously, you could do this by hand, but the tool makes it accurate, fast, easy and fun.

My step by step instruction guide is below.

Step by step instructions to make bias tape with a tool from Amazon

Bias Trim Finishing Instructions

1 Cut a strip of fabric that is on the bias and insert it through a bias trim tool. Wiggle it to get it properly threaded.

2 Pull straight through. Press the two folds flat as you go.

3 Next, fold the strip in half, inward, and press again as you go.

4 Pin the bias trim around the top and bottom of the skirt

5 Topstitch the bias tape in place.

6 Iron the skirt to a beautiful finish!

I hope you will try to make a wrap skirt! They are easy and timeless. This Very Easy Very Vogue pattern is still readily available online at Etsy sites and eBay sites alike, and you can buy it for a song.

If you like this style, check out another wrap skirt here I made that is similar to this one.

Handmade wrap skirt inn green

I’m so glad you stopped by. Let me know what project you are working on? I’d love to hear if you use a wrap skirt pattern!


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Vogue pattern 8338 of wrap skirt in a flowered print
Vogue pattern 8338 of wrap skirt in a flowered print
Vogue sewing pattern 8338 of wrap skirt in a flowered print with a jean jacket
Vogue pattern 8338 of wrap skirt in a flowered print

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