Summertime Garden Gnomes DIY

Be inspired by these adorable summer-colored homemade DIY gnomes!

Six Summertime Gnomes in front of colorful zinnias.

As we patiently wait for warm weather, I bring you bright and colorful inspiration with Ruth’s cute Summertime Garden Gnomes DIY!

You’ll love creating them with all kinds of garden props and flower details. They look so happy out in the garden and simply smashing as a group.

Never fear; summer will be here soon. Remember, good things come to gnomes who wait. 😉

DIY Gnomes

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Where to Buy Gnomes

Gnome artist Ruth Johnson made all of the adorable gnomes on this website. If you prefer to purchase a handmade gnome, check out her new Etsy Own a Gnome Shop.

To purchase or get inspiration, visit her Own A Gnome Facebook Group.

Photo and flower credit to Ruth. How about those zinnias?

A life without love is like a year without summer.

— Swedish Proverb

Gnome Crafts

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Jokes about Gnomes 

Let’s get warmed up with a bit of summertime gnome humor.

What do gnomes sing while gardening? Gnome Worry, Bee Happy.

Why are gnomes good baseball players? Because they hit a lot of gnome runs. 

Which summer camps are best chosen by gnomes? Those that let you select your gnome adventure. 

What is a gnome’s favorite movie? A league of their gnome. 

What do gnomes say when doing yoga? Gnom-aste.

Why are gnomes happy regardless of bad news? Gnome news is good news. 

Where do gnomes first go when they log on to the internet? The gnome page.

How to Make a Gnome

If you want to make a basic gnome, let’s start at the beginning.

See the gnome beginner post to get inspiration and gnome ideas and learn how to make a gnome. 

Free Patterns for Gnomes

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Gnome Patterns for Purchase

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Gnome Garden Ideas 

Below are delightful gnome garden ideas for your designs.

Sweaters and Fabrics

Bright Colors
Summer Patterns


Watering Can
Weeding fork
Daisy grubber
Faux Flowers & Plants
Clay Pots
Garden boots
Garden gloves
Seed Packets
Plant markers
Bird House
Gardening Tool Bag


Flower & Garden Charms
Summer Colored Ribbons
Faux Flowers

Summertime Gnomes

If you have any gnome craft questions, please comment below or send me a note. I am delighted to help.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Now, go choose your gnome adventure!


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2 comments on “Summertime Garden Gnomes DIY

    1. Hi Sue! Ruth finds tiny ideas at craft, thrift, & discount stores. She also makes some of the props. For example, the little shovel is a wood dowel w a bent piece of tin glued on it. Click the “DIY Gnomes” link under the “Projects” tab for more prop ideas. 🙂

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