4th of July Gnomes DIY (Homemade Craft)

Be inspired to make this cute fourth of July gnome craft with a free printable DIY gnome pattern.

4th of July Gnomes DIY. Red, white and blue.

I just wanted to drop in quick today and share colorful and creative homemade craft, a 4th of July Gnomes DIY.

Before you know it, it will be Independence Day in the United States, so do you know my good friend Ruth is back at her gnome endeavors!

These patriotic gnomes are some of her most popular.

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Make gnomes for every profession, celebration, or holiday! Let’s get creative.

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How to Make a DIY Gnome

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Free Gnome Pattern

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Project Supplies

Ruth finds many of her props at stores such as Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics, and the Dollar Store.

Be sure to check the clearance sections too.

She buys fabric and also recycled sweaters at thrift stores for the arms and bodies of the gnomes. For more ideas, click HERE

Felt, ribbon, and buttons are plentiful in most craft stores and are always excellent materials to create your custom decorations.

Remember, you can pull decorations apart and use smaller parts and trinkets to outfit many gnomes at once.

Some of the stars and decor she used here were part of a headband or larger novelty.

Ruth finds patches and other decorative touches that are sometimes sold in sets on sites such as Etsy or Amazon.

Ideas and Inspiration

For more help and inspiration for making and decorating gnomes, check Pinterest or search and join Facebook Groups created for gnome making or craft making.

Click HERE for more of Ruth’s ideas and a tutorial on making easy DIY gnomes.

These 4th of July gnomes would make a wonderful hostess gift! Include a note with one of these 4th of July quotes with your gift!

If you have questions, feel free to use the comment box below or click HERE to send me a message.

I hope you enjoy this 4th of July Gnomes DIY project.

Happy Gnoming!


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10 comments on “4th of July Gnomes DIY (Homemade Craft)

  1. Have subscribed for the free gnome pattern twice but have never received it. Want to try making gnomes but need a pattern to start.

    Please forward basic gnome pattern. Can’t wait to see if I can follow the instructions and make them for upcoming family events and holidays.

    1. Hi Barbara! You were successfully subscribed earlier this month and should have received a few emails. Try to check your spam folder. 🙂

  2. Ahhh, these little guys are sooo adorable. I love them, and plans to make a few. Thanks for sharing these cuties

    1. Awww, thanks so much, Ivory! I will let Ruth know you like them. I am so glad you are going to make them!😃

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