Cute Springtime Easter Bunny Gnomes DIY

I am guessing that these DIY bunny gnomes are the sweetest Easter crafts you’ve ever seen!

3 handmade pastel colored gnomes from the spring gnome ideas post.

Hello, gnome fans! Here are ideas for a cute springtime Easter bunny gnomes DIY.

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about decorating your home.

So if you love gnomes and want a fun and easy DIY project, start here!

These adorable gnomes are easy to make and require just a few simple materials. They also make a fun and festive craft activity to do with kids.

Use different color of fur, fabrics, sweaters, or bunny hat materials to make yours unique and personalized.

My talented friend, Ruth Johnson, created these spring gnomes and all of the handmade gnomes on my site.

For additional gnome inspiration, see these gnome posts for her tips and tricks and to quickly learn to create all kinds of gnomes.

If you prefer to buy a gnome, you can shop Ruth’s handmade collections at her Etsy Shop or visit her Facebook Group.

Handmade Gnome Ideas

Below are just a handful of the gnome posts and patterns.

Click to see more cuteness!

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Bunny Gnome Pattern

These bunny gnomes are off-the-charts cute!

First things first. The simplest method to learn how to make one is with this Bunny Gnome E-book because it comes complete with a pattern and tutorial.

The pattern includes bunny ears as part of the gnome’s hat.

It also has step-by-step full-color photo instructions, a supply list, material sourcing ideas, and a printable pattern.

You can purchase the digital ebook in the shop here.

Free Pattern for Gnomes

If you would rather create your own bunny pattern or work from the FREE base pattern, keep reading.

Note: the free gnome pattern does NOT include the bunny ears.

Download the free pattern to create most of the gnomes on the site.

To get download access, subscribe to the gnome email newsletter.

Besides getting the pattern, you will receive gnome project ideas and inspiration every week in your inbox.

After signing up, you will receive an email (in approximately 15 minutes) with a web link and a password to sign in to the free library.

When you enter the library, look for the small photo of the gnomes. Click the picture to open the PDF, then press the download icon.

Download and print the pattern (or any of the project downloads).

After you download and print the PDF, go back to the DIY Gnomes post and scroll down to the lower half of the post to read the gnome-making instructions.

Also, visit the DIY gnome posts page for imaginative ideas, fabric choices, trims, and embellishments.

Gnome Materials

These little gnomes take minimal quantities of fabric and tiny bits of trims and embellishments, so they do not cost much.

With a few simple materials and some creativity, you can create charming Easter gnomes that will add a touch of spring decor to your home.

If you choose quality materials, your gnome will be a lovely handmade keepsake for yourself and make a thoughtful gift.

As they say, it’s all in the details!

Easter Gnomes Supplies

Below are the supplies needed to make a bunny Easter gnome. (Affiliate links in color.)

Minky Fur for bunny ears and gnome hat
Recycled Sweaters or Fabric for gnome body & sleeve
Felt for mittens
Faux Fur for the gnome beard
Pieces of Wire approximately 18 gauge
Wire Cutters
Pipe Cleaners HERE optional 
Wooden Beads
 HERE for gnome nose
Popsicle Sticks HERE or HERE for skis
Trims flowers, buttons, props, etc.
Pattern Download see info above
Paper Scissors
Sewing Scissors HERE
Sewing Machine
Adjustable Temp. Hot Glue Gun HERE
All Temp. Glue Sticks HERE
Washed Pea Gravel for filling
Polyester Batting for filling, optional

Trimming Easter Gnomes

An adorable gnome can be made using simple base materials, but what can you do to take your DIY Easter gnomes to the next level? Embellish them!

This is the last step and, to me, the best part.

Ruth uses a variety of ribbons, buttons, and props for her handmade gnomes.

Above are a couple of pics from her stash.

You can add as much or as little embellishment as you like.

Most trims will hold tight with just a little bit of hot glue.

The first step; add trim to their little ears.

Consider bows made of ribbons such as in gingham, satin, linen, chiffon, or velvet.

Next, add buttons or rosettes for accents.

Attach a basket to your gnome’s hands with a small amount of glue.

Small Easter eggs or flowers are the perfect addition to complete the look.

Finally, for pièce de résistance, secure a fluffy pom pom to the back side for a bunny tail!

Below are more ideas for gnome Easter props.

Easter Eggs
Large Eggs to hold
Mini Easter Basket

Where to Buy Trims and Props

Ruth finds many new materials at local craft stores but also buys vintage decorations.

Miniatures can be found in bead sections, doll or dollhouse making, paper products, or scrapbooking areas.

Look for novelty items at dollar stores or online at sites like Amazon, Oriental Trading Company, or Etsy.

Sometimes if Ruth can’t find the props she is looking for or they are too expensive, she makes her own!

Bunny and Springtime Gnomes

Here are just a handful of the Spring gnome ideas that Ruth has created.

These bunny gnomes get some of their charm from Minky fur fabric.

Minky fabrics are available in many styles and colors and add a teddy bear softness and sweet quality to all of these gnomes!

Meet one of Ruth’s newest Bunny Gnomes! (Below) I call him “Cotton Candy.”

Pretty adorable, right?

I hope you make gnomes yourself; if you do, please share your creations!

With just a few simple materials and some creativity, you can create unique and personalized gnomes that will add a touch of spring to your home decor.

Display your gnomes by placing them on a shelf or mantel. They also make great additions to Easter baskets or can be used as cute Easter gifts for family and friends.

They will bring joy to your Easter celebrations and a smile to everyone’s face! So if you see this after the holiday, it’s never too early to start your little bunny gnome for next year!

Happy crafting and happy Easter to all!


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