Cute Springtime Easter Gnomes DIY

I’m guessing this springtime craft is the most adorable, sweet, and cute Easter Gnomes DIY you’ve ever seen!

3 handmade pastel colored gnomes from the spring gnome ideas post.

Hello, gnome fans! Here are more ideas for a cute springtime Easter gnomes DIY.

My talented and dear friend, Ruth, is back at it this year, creating even more sweetness!

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The bunny gnomes are off the charts. Learn how to make one for yourself with this brand-new Bunny Gnome E-book.

It includes step-by-step full-color photo instructions, a supply list, and material sourcing ideas.

Handmade Gnome Ideas

How to Make DIY Gnomes
Irish Gnomes
Valentine’s day gnomes
Valentine chef gnome e-book
Easter bunny gnome e-book

This post is pure inspiration. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Gnomes DIY

Do-it-yourself gnomes are easy to make and even more fun to decorate!


Ruth uses a variety of ribbons, buttons, and props for her handmade gnomes. Below are a few pics from her stash to give you ideas.

She finds many materials at local craft stores and but also buys vintage embellishments too.

Bunny and Springtime Gnomes

Here are just a handful of the Spring gnome ideas that Ruth has created.

These bunny gnomes get some of their charm from Minky fur fabric.

It is available in many styles and colors and adds a teddy bear softness and sweet quality to all of these gnomes!

Meet one of Ruth’s newest Bunny Gnomes! I call him “Cotton Candy.” Pretty adorable, right?

I hope you try making gnomes yourself; if you do, please share your creations! Tag me at @bebraveandbloom or #bebraveandbloominspiration

Happy Easter to All!


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2 comments on “Cute Springtime Easter Gnomes DIY

    1. Hi Karen, I have a Valentine Chef Gnome available in the Shop, but unfortunately no Valentine-specific ones yet. You could use the free gnome base pattern and then add Valentine embellishments.😃💕 See the “How to Make Easy DIY Gnomes” post for some inspiration pics.

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