How to Make Stretchy Bracelets (Beaded Elastic with Charms)

Get creative with these easy custom bracelet ideas for your Mom or someone special.

5 handmade pink-colored beaded bracelets.

Today I will show you how easy it is to make beaded, stretchy bracelets with charms.

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas are all perfect times to honor all the exceptional women dear to you with custom-made gifts.

Remember sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends. Show someone you love and appreciate them. ❤️

If you would prefer to BUY custom or personalized bracelets, see Bracelet Ideas for Women.

Ideas for DIY Personalized Beaded Bracelets

Today’s project is designed to make someone feel extra special because it will be customized just for them.

Choose their favorite colors and style, and add a personalized charm, words, an initial, and/or names that they hold dear.

This is a really easy project! The hardest part is narrowing down selections.

There are so many options and an abundance of beautiful beads available to design and build the perfect jewelry keepsake! Let’s do this.

Letter Bead Bracelets

Below are ideas for custom additions to include in your beaded designs.

Children or Family Names or Initials

Their children’s names
Grandchildren’s names
Any grown child’s family names
The initial for each family member

Inspirational Words, Short Quotes, or Mantras

Spiritual ie: my faith is bigger than my fear
A Personal Challenge ie: be brave and bloom
Inspiration ie: be the light
I am statements ie: I am powerful

Charm Bracelets

Consider making a bracelet incorporating charms that signify important people, beliefs, dates, hobbies, interests, or careers/jobs.

A Birthstone for each child or grandchild
Religious or Spiritual ie: cross or heart
Interest or Hobby ie: gardening
Favorite Brands ie: Chanel logo

Supplies for Elastic Bracelets

These are the materials you will need to make stretchy bracelets.

Scroll down further for bead and charm ideas and where to buy information. You can purchase beads individually or in a kit.

Not all products are pictured above. All affiliate links in this post are blue.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Stretch Bead Cord
G-S Hypo Cement
BeadSmith Big Eye Beading Needles
BeadSmith Thread Snips
Bead Mat optional

Where to Buy Beads and Charms

I made bracelet designs using charms from Etsy, JoAnn, and Hobby Lobby.

You will find a complete section of DIY bracelet materials for friendship bracelets, Morse code bracelets, leather, chain, rope, and wrap bracelet ideas.

Besides beads and charms, these retailers have everything you need for DIY projects and jewelry, including findings, elastic stretch cords, waxed thread string, leather cords, and embroidery floss.

Below are links if you are interested in purchasing any of the beads in today’s project examples.

I have separated into the exact product matches and similar products when I could not find the exact product availability.

Affiliate links are underlined.

Pink Stack of Bracelet Supplies

Exact Product Used:
Mother of Pearl Letter Beads

Similar Products:
More Bead Ideas
Pink Quartz Gemstones
Mother of Pearl Letter Beads from Amazon
Beads with Letters

Blue Stack of Bracelet Materials

Similar Products:
Lots of Bead Ideas
Beads with Letters

Charms Ideas

Here are more ideas for fun charms to add to your bracelet!

Alphabet Charms
Initial Charms
Crown Charms

How to Make Beaded Bracelets

Below are two great bracelet tutorials to walk you through the stringing process.

Elastic & Stretch Cord Bracelet Basics

Tutorial Stretch Cord Basics

How to Reinforce an Elastic Beaded Bracelet

Instructions to Reinforce a Stretch Bracelet

Make My Own Bracelets

Create different style bracelets with additional design guidance and systems.

Possibilities include DIY Bracelet Kits from Etsy, custom silicone wristbands, rubber bracelets, charm bracelets, or dressier varieties, such as BaubleBar or Alex and Ani.

DIY Bracelet Kits
Charm bracelets
Alex and Ani

I hope you enjoy these DIY ideas and make personalized beaded bracelets for yourself and for gifts! The possibilities are endless. 😍

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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