Free Printable Stocking Pattern (Template for Christmas)

Create your own stocking for the holidays with a FREE stocking pattern download. I have creative inspiration, ideas, and linked tutorials for you.

5 pretty Christmas stockings.

Hello, my creative friends. Welcome to the season of holiday magic! Make a handmade gift or home decor with my FREE printable stocking pattern this Christmas.

As the snowflakes begin to fall, I am excited to help you bring a bit of DIY charm to your celebrations.

There is definitely a warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with handmade holiday decor and gifts.

Let’s add some extra love and creativity to your home.

If you prefer to purchase one of the stockings in the photos below, I have included a link to purchase on Etsy. (affiliate link)

Winifred J on Etsy

A bit about Christmas Stocking Traditions

Stockings hold a special place in the Christmas traditions of the past. They symbolize generosity and surprise.

The legend of St. Nicholas, which is the inspiration behind Santa Claus as we know him today, is that he secretly delivered gifts to three poor girls by putting gold coins down their chimney.

The coins landed in the stockings they had hung by the fire to dry.

Winifred J on Etsy

This touching tale led to the tradition of hanging socks by the fireplace in hopes of receiving gifts from Santa Claus.

The stockings represent the spirit of giving and the delight of the unexpected, making them a lasting and treasured part of Christmas traditions in many cultures.

And this continues to remind us of the magic of Christmas and the importance of generosity and compassion.

Bloom Stocking Tutorial

Free Pattern

I am sharing my free printable stocking pattern in this blog post so you can create your own custom handmade Christmas stocking.

This freebie offers a blank canvas for your imagination. You can customize and craft your very own stockings.

The template includes pattern outlines of the stocking. And it is a good-sized sock. 😉 But you can certainly reduce the dimensions to get the perfect size for your project.

This makes an excellent gift for adults or kids of all ages. Create it large for adults, medium for kids and pets, or tiny, and use it for a small gift.

You can make the sewing project with one piece for the front, one for the back, and a cuff. This makes it more beginner-friendly.

Another option is to combine fabrics or use recycled sweaters to make the stockings more artsy and fun.

I have a tutorial for piecing the sock with beautiful sweater fabrics. All you need to do is add a seam allowance to the top and bottom two pattern pieces (extra length) to compensate for stitching it together.

There is also a cuff piece on top of the stocking (top edge), which is the icing on the cake when you create it with a contrasting fabric, sweater, or faux fur.

Add a hanging loop in the back of the stocking with a piece of ribbon or pretty leather strip. This is a great way to hang on a fireplace mantel or stair rail.

How to Download Pattern

Downloading my free Christmas stocking template is a cinch. Just subscribe to the Bloom e-newsletter, and you will get an email with access to the library.

If you are already a subscriber, simply click to log in to the free library.

Once in the library, click the stocking photo and download the file. When the PDF is opened, you can print it directly or save it to your computer for later use.

Your stocking pattern will be ready to spark your creativity in no time.

Little Lulu by Louise on Etsy


Below are three different options for tutorials.

DIY stocking tutorial with step-by-step instructions and a free pattern. It uses recycled sweaters.

Video stocking tutorial with regular fabric

Free instructional video with Christmas stocking pattern

Baby Boos on Etsy

Christmas Stocking Inspiration

I have included a gallery of both inspiration stockings and finished stocking projects using recycled sweaters.

There are many beautiful and festive examples of stocking styles to get you thinking of your DIY possibilities. You can create any of these looks with this free stocking pattern.

Create stockings that coordinate with your personal style and holiday decor.

Whether you prefer a classic design with traditional holiday colors, a rustic country look with plaid, or a whimsical, playful stocking, you can match your individual tastes.

Or, if this is a gift, take note of the favorite colors and styles of your recipients.

O My Soul Studio on Etsy

Crafting Materials and Tools

You’ll need a few basic materials and tools for this project. The most essential item is your stocking fabric!

There are many options, from cotton or wool to recycled sweater fabric (try a thrift store).

I recommend something with some weight, opaque, and not too flimsy, so it will hang well but not too thick to sew.

The next decision is your cuff fabric or fur. Finally, embellishments are the most fun. Choose from bells and pom poms to buttons, charms, or letters. Or nothing at all.

Here’s the complete list.

Stocking Fabric
Cuff Fabric
or faux fur
DIY Christmas Stocking Pattern
Sewing Scissors
Rotary cutter
Fusible fleece
Sewing machine
buttons, pom poms, etc.


Below are three different options for tutorials.

DIY stocking tutorial with step-by-step instructions and a free pattern. It uses recycled sweaters.

Video stocking tutorial with regular fabric

Free instructional video with Christmas stocking pattern

Celina Mancurti on Etsy
Celina Mancurti on Etsy

Creative Variations and Embellishments

Elevate your Christmas creations with uniqueness, creative interpretations, and embellishments.

Experiment with fabrics like faux fur for a cozy look, glittery or metallic fabric for some glam, or even recycled denim for rustic charm.

Design in burlap or plaid fabrics. How about a plush velvet or repurposed old sweater for a cozy, eco-friendly alternative.

Add a mix of ribbon or lace trims for texture. Consider attaching jingle bells and sequins or adding a personal touch with words or festive motifs.

Incorporate natural elements like pinecones, twine, or dried orange slices.

For you, maximalist designers out there, try finishing with a splatter of fun fabric paints or fancy appliqué, miniature LED lights to add even more to your design.

Sew Merry by Marcy on Etsy


Consider adding a personal and custom touch if you make this for a friend or family member.

You could add initials with hand embroidery monograms or wood letter charms.

The possibilities are endless, and by customizing your work, you’ll have a personalized stocking set that shimmers with your spirit and creativity.

Mitani Designs on Etsy

Tips for Hanging

When hanging your stockings, be sure to use sturdy stocking holders or decorative hooks that complement your holiday decor and provide a safe and secure presentation.

Arrange them in a visually attractive manner above the fireplace, along the hearth, or on a stair banister, creating a charming focal point in your home.

Ensure the stockings are evenly weighted to maintain their shape and avoid sagging.

Returning Grace on Etsy

Filling your Stockings

When filling with small gifts, consider a mix of miniature delights and thoughtful treats tailored to each recipient’s tastes.

The goal is to curate a thoughtful collection of goodies that bring joy and a sense of connection to each person’s stocking.

Kids will welcome chocolates, candies, festive cookies, small toys, or gadgets.

Women will appreciate a lovely scented candle, tiny frames, hand lotions, nailcare, or haircare products. And always jewelry. 😉

Most everyone will enjoy a mix of small surprises and humourous and thoughtful trinkets, cozy socks, sunglasses, and (of course) gift cards.

Remember to add a personal touch by including a heartfelt handwritten note, inspirational quotes, or heartwarming wishes to add more love and warmth to the surprise.

Customizing your stockings is an act of love, not just decor but treasured keepsakes that can be passed down through generations.

The endless possibilities allow you to create holiday stockings for your unique vision.

For more heartfelt handmade gifts, see the DIY project ideas below.

Download the Free Printable Stocking Patterns. (for personal use only)

Molly Jolly Designs on Etsy

More Craft Project PDF Files

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& miniature
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To download the pattern, subscribe to the Bloom e-newsletter, and you will get an email with access to the library. If you are already a subscriber, click to log in to the free library.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Sending warm wishes for a joyful holiday season!


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