3D Paper Star Craft Pattern (Free DIY Christmas Printable)

Transform plain paper into a cool 3D paper star craft with this simple step-by-step guide. No fancy tools or complicated techniques are needed.

Fun card stock stars from a 3D Paper Star Craft Pattern.

Hey, papercraft lovers! 🌟✂️ I have a whimsical project for you today: a dynamic star made from a 3D Paper Star Craft Pattern.

You will surely discover a blend of simplicity and sophistication with this handmade decor.

I’ll guide you through how to make one with easy-to-follow instructions and a free downloadable pattern.

So grab your scissors, unleash your creativity, and let’s transform a humble sheet of paper into a tiny work of art that brightens your space.

Materials and Supplies

To start on your celestial journey, first gather all your materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

Free DIY Printable Craft Pattern

The star of the show! Download the free pattern from the free library. To gain access, you’ll need to subscribe to my newsletter, or if you already are a subscriber, simply sign in here.

Quality Paper

Choose a paper that’s as sturdy as your crafting determination. Cardstock works best, offering durability and the perfect weight.

Consider the approximate paper weight of a Christmas card. Or use the Christmas cards you received when you are done with them.

Pro tip: Choose a cardstock with a subtle texture to add a touch of elegance.

Try more paper projects like this DIY banner, holiday banner, or paper leaf garland.


Use your trusty pair of crafting scissors. Precision is critical, so you are ready for action if they are sharp and strong.


Bring everything together with white craft glue, double-sided tape, or hot glue. A dab here, a smidge there – the adhesive magic ensures your star will hold its shape.

Ruler and Pencil

Keep things accurate with a ruler or straightedge for the lines and a pencil for light markings.

Embellishments, optional

Elevate your star to new heights by adding your own personal touch. Add rhinestones, glitter, or a dash of paint – then let your creativity go.

Check out this other embellished project, a DIY picture frame.

Downloading the Pattern

Here’s how you can download and print your star-making guide.

Head to the free library. To gain access, you’ll need to subscribe to my newsletter, or if you already are a subscriber, simply sign in here.

Find the photo of the 3D Paper Star project. Click ‘Download’ or print the PDF pattern directly.

You’re ready to begin!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Okay, let’s get started. Reference the photos above and the text below.

Main Star Body

1 The hub of the star is on page 1. It will be at the center, and all the star points will eventually be glued to it.

Print the pattern pieces (if you have not), and cut them out. Starting with page 1, trace around the hub onto your chosen lightweight cardstock. Cut out the cardstock.

Use a pencil, straightedge, or ruler to mark the fold lines inside the shapes.

Score the lines using the straightedge (optional). To score the paper, run one edge of scissors along the fold lines using a ruler. Do not press too hard so you don’t cut through.

Now, fold along all the lines and begin to fold inward. Glue it along the folded flap edges to form a closed shape with 20 sides.

Star Points (20 Individual Points)

2 Cut 20 star points from your cardstock, then fold and glue each one closed separately. Gluing along the long edge and allow them to dry.

3 Next, you will glue the 20 star points onto the hub. Working your way around the star, glue each point to the star’s body. Add just a few at a time and let dry before adding more.

White craft glue works well, but a heated glue gun or stick may also work. Go slowly and enjoy the process!

4 Here’s what it looks like when it is done. Tada!

Adapted from the Stillwater Library Star Project.

Tips and Tricks

Crafting is all about the details, so let’s discuss tips and tricks to ensure your paper star shines.

Sharp Scissors

Ensure your scissors are as sharp; a well-sharpened pair will make those cuts a breeze.

Mind the Folds

Use your ruler to create crisp, clean lines. Smooth folds mean a crisp, clean, and better-looking star.

Patiently Press On

Patience, my friends, is a crafting virtue. After each fold, take a moment to press and set the paper creases.

Points Matter

Pay attention to the points! When aligning your folds, make sure those points meet like long-lost friends.


Glue is sometimes a sensitive, finicky friend; try to apply just the right amount – not too much, not too little.

Decorating Your Space

Below are creative ideas to enjoy and display your starry creations!

Add charm to your bookshelf. Nestle your paper stars among your favorite collections.

String your 3D Paper Stars onto fairy lights for an ethereal display. Watch as your space transforms into a galaxy.

Hang your paper stars in a window and let the sunshine filter through. The result? It is a mesmerizing dance of shadows and light that paints your room in light.

Make it a mobile. Suspend your 3D Paper Stars at varying lengths, allowing them to sway and twirl, casting their magic in every direction.

Use your paper stars as a centerpiece. Arrange them on a tabletop or string them across a dining table – a feast for the eyes during meals and gatherings.

Suspend them from a single point on the ceiling, creating a captivating sculpture that draws the eye upward.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 3D paper star adventure and are ready to make a few of your own.

Gather your supplies, clear a crafting space, and create a craft project that will leave you starry-eyed!🌟✂️


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