Fall leaf crafts garland

Fall Leaf Crafts Garland

I LOVE fall. I feel it in my soul. If only it weren’t so fleeting! Today we’re going to extend fall beauty indoors with this sweet and easy fall leaf crafts garland.

Create your own pattern for the leaves by tracing real ones, OR you can use my FREE template. Just subscribe HERE, and you will have access to my free download library.

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Planning your Leaf Craft Project

Your craft garland can look any way you want. Imagine it in bright and bold colors or how about rich, deep jewel tones? I can picture tiny delicate leaves or enormous flower petals. Add a bit of sparkle with metallic or glitter craft paper.

Hang it with a beautiful ribbon, a rough burlap cord, or a sparkly twine. Use paper scissors or if you prefer, fire up your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine. FREE SVG files available in the Bloom library too!

Crafts for Kids or Art with Girlfriends

This is a therapeutic kind of art project if you choose to do it alone. It also would be delightful to create with girlfriends or your kiddos! Everyone can create their own, make one with a group, or work as a family to create one together, combining preferences and personalities.

It is so easy to make! As you can tell, cutting paper, punching holes, and stringing is all you need to do, but it will be a bit of sunshine you can display in your home and enjoy for years to come.

All-Season, Celebration, or Holiday Craft

Garlands are enjoyable for any time of year! The theme today is fall and Thanksgiving season, but it would be beautiful with hearts for Valentine’s Day, bunnies, and eggs for Easter; flowers for Summer, leprechauns for St Patricks Day, and stars for the 4th of July. I am sure there are more great ideas, but okay, I’ll stop now.

Handmade Gift Idea

If you are feeling enthusiastic, I love this project for gift giving! You can customize every detail for the recipient. This would be a very personal and beautiful gesture.

Inexpensive Craft Ideas

Garlands are a low-priced project, especially if you already own a few basic craft tools. Paper, scissors, and a paper punch are all you need for the essentials.

The main element is paper and there are so many excellent papers available to suit any season. It is difficult to pick just one!

Below are all the craft materials needed for your DIY garland craft, plus ideas for paper and where to buy them.

Craft Garland Supplies

Cardstock Paper HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE
Paper Scissors
Paper Punch
Embellishments optional
Garland Template optional HERE
SVG Template optional HERE

NOTE I know that some glitter products can be messy. Read the reviews before you purchase. I have not tested the glitter papers from Amazon, but they are the same brand as the one I purchased at JoAnn, and the reviews are good. The glitter paper in the photo above I found at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts, and they were great! Not messy at all.

Affiliate links in blue. Not all supplies are in the photo above.

Where To Buy Paper Garland Supplies

Cardstock is available in most craft stores and on Amazon.com. It comes in so many beautiful colors, surfaces, and designs. You can buy it by the sheet or purchase a book. Shop around and find what works best for your garland design.

Below are a few of the options that I found on Amazon.

Click photos or links to compare products. Affiliate links in blue.

Glitzy Metallics Cardstock by DCWV

Metallics Foil Cardstock by DCWV

Neutrals Cardstock Paper by DCWV

Recollections Cardstock

DIY Garland Instructions

Choosing your Garland Design – Paper, Colors, and Templates

1 Gather all of your supplies. Determine the size and style of your garland. You will also need to decide if you will cut your leaves out with a scissor or use a cutting machine, such as Cricut or Silhouette.

Draw your own design on paper, on a computer, OR subscribe to get access to download my leaf outlines, HERE. The digital download includes several leaf shapes. Your choice to mix and match!

TIP If you are working with groups or kids, make a cardboard version of your leaf templates to makes it easy to trace.

Choose coordinated papers. It can be helpful to lay the papers out across a table or the floor to decide on the order. Adjust the placement of the colors, textures, and shapes if necessary, so the garland is balanced.

Cutting and Printing out your Banner Paper

2 Using your leaf outlines as a guide, trace around the edges, or simply cut around your pattern. Cut out your leaves with scissors. If using a cutting machine, download the SVG files and cut your leaves according to your machine instructions.

3 When your leaves are cut out, punch a hole on each end. Be careful, not to get too close to the edge. Test string a few leaves to be sure you like the position of the punch and the way they hang before you get too far. Continue the process until your garland is complete. Add ribbons and embellishments if you like. Hang it up and enjoy your masterpiece!

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Explore Other Craft Ideas

Looking for more ideas? Browse all of my project inspiration HERE. Remember to use #bebraveandbloominspired when sharing photos of your DIY projects. I look forward to seeing what you create!

I hope you enjoyed this project! Thank you for stopping by.

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