How to Make a Bow for a Christmas Tree

Here are easy instructions for how to make a bow for a Christmas tree or any holiday home decor!

Tutorial for making quick, easy and inexpensive beautiful bows for your Christmas tree

This holiday decorating idea is quick, super simple, and inexpensive. Keep reading to learn how to make a bow for a Christmas tree.

Ribbon Decor

There never seems to be a shortage of things to purchase or collect to put on your tree.

Christmas bows are an affordable and custom decor that you can make yourself.

They add lots of colors and shimmery beauty, fill in gaps, and, most importantly, give you creative control and continuity. ✨

Real Christmas tree with wire-edged ribbon bows

All you need is a roll (or two or three!) of beautiful wire-edged ribbon, a pair of scissors, and craft floral wire. I found my ribbon at Joann Fabrics.

You can also find ribbons at most arts & craft supply stores, fabric stores, or online.Easy DIY fabric, ribbon bows for your Christmas tree

It’s very easy to make your own bows out of wire-edged ribbons. This is a wonderful, budget-friendly way to level up your holiday decor.

Learn how to make DIY velvet Christmas ornaments for another way to beautify your tree.

Christmas Tree Bows

Ribbon mine is 4 inches wide
Craft Floral Wire

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How to Make a Bow

After you have your materials, the first step is to determine the length of ribbon you need by unrolling the ribbon and mocking one up to get an idea.

Play around with the ribbon to see how large you want your bow height and how long you’d like the tails.

You can make it as small or large as you like; remember, this Christmas tree is your very own work of art.

Next, you’re going to cut a short length of floral wire to bind the bottom of the bow. I cut mine 7 inches long, and it was plenty. Have your wire ready for your next step.

When you are ready, fold your ribbon into a W of sorts, but form three points in the middle instead of one. See the drawing below for additional help.

Now, gently fold up and scrunch together all four lower points. Wrap and hold them neatly in one bundle. Wrap the floral wire tightly around the “trunk” of the bow.

Pull both of the tails on each end out and shape them. Next, arch and form the three ribbon petals of your bow.

To finish off the bow’s tails, cut a chevron shape “V” into each end. To make it nice and symmetrical, cut one end at a time.

With the right sides together, fold the tail end in half and clip diagonally out to the corners. Unfold and adjust the wire ribbon to your liking.

You are finished with your first bow! It gets easier and faster the more you make. I promise!

Instructions to Make a Bow

Below is a quickstart, step-by-step guide to how to make a bow for a Christmas tree. Pin and save.

No hooks are needed when you are ready to display the bows on your Christmas tree.

Just place them within the branches, curling and tucking as you go, so they look natural within the branches. I hope you like them!

easy step-by-step instructions to make ribbon bows for your Christmas tree or other home decor

Let me know if you make them yourself! I’d love to hear what you are making. ❤️ 


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