Five rustic gnomes from a fishing gnomes blog post.

Fishing Gnomes

Ahoy there! These fishing gnomes are perfect for the fish enthusiasts in your life. We all know one!

Artist Ruth Johnson made these and all the handmade gnomes on this site. She shares her creative ideas with us today.

For additional gnome inspiration, see these Gnome Posts for her tips and tricks and to quickly learn to create all kinds of gnomes.

If you prefer to buy a gnome, you can shop Ruth’s handmade collections at her Etsy Own a Gnome Shop or visit her Own A Gnome Facebook Group.

The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of that which is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

– Unknown

Gnomes Fishing

Whether traditional or fly fishing, you can outfit your gnomie right down to the bait and tackle.

Ruth incorporates rustic sweaters, fabrics, and trims into her fishing gnomes. In addition, she added handmade fishing poles, hooks, fish beads, flies, and miniature drinks for props.

Gifts for Fisherman

Fishing gnomes make a wonderful and unique personalized gift. And you can make them yourself!

Use your imagination and have fun collecting the props, and then putting them together to perfectly personalize them for your recipient.

Customizing Gnomes

When creating your gnome, you could include their favorite colors, type of fishing, and an emblem or logo from a fishing brand or lake they like. Of course, this is not mandatory but it does make it, even more custom and personalized.

Shop local craft stores or online for your props or make your own!

You can find logo patches sold separately, or on new or vintage clothing items.

Look for novelty items at a craft or dollar store, or online at sites like Amazon, Oriental Trading Company, or Etsy.

The perfect miniatures can sometimes be found in bead sections, doll or dollhouse making, paper products, or scrapbooking areas.

Below are more unique ideas for gnome fishing props.

Fishing Nets
Tackle Boxes

Free Pattern for Gnomes

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How to Make a Gnome

Using the free pattern, start with the basic gnome body, then embellish with all of your favorite fishing accoutrements.

Next, click here to read this gnome-making beginner post for ideas and step-by-step instructions.

Come back to this post also to get fishing ensemble ideas!

DIY Gnomes

Below are more gnome ideas on the site!

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6 comments on “Fishing Gnomes

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else out there imagine the gnomes’s faces under their cute hats? The fisherman all have that far away glazed look of someone who has stood on the river bank for 2 hours without a bite!
    Ann in the UK

  2. You are so talented! I make gnomes too but you take it to another level! You inspire me to try new things. Thank you so much ~ Wendabee

    1. Thanks Wendy! That is so sweet. I will share with Ruth, who makes them! And SO awesome that you are inspired, that is our goal! 😁

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