The Sewing Lounge

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting a great little fabric store called the Sewing Lounge. They specialize in apparel fabrics and are also highly regarded for their classes, camps, sewing instruction, and support.

Fabric Store in St Paul, MN

This little gem is on a quaint street with a cute storefront in St Paul, Minnesota.

You will find the Sewing Lounge has a beautiful collection of fine, quality fabrics to choose from! I, of course, did my part and brought some home. The fabric I chose is GORGEOUS!

You will also find sewing machines, sewing notions, sewing tools, and sewing supplies at this quaint little store.

Maggy Schneider, the owner, and founder has quite an impressive resume as an expert seamstress with close to 40 years of professional sewing experience.

She has sewn apparel for local designers and private clients alike for years. If you need help with a project, she is the pro you need to see!

The Sewing Lounge Fabrics

Enjoy shopping for high-quality fabrics with colors and prints that you cannot find elsewhere in most Twin Cities fabric stores. Below is a list of typical inventory.


The friendliest of fabrics, cotton is easy to sew and comfortable to wear. Among their selection, you’ll find shirtings, voiles, 45” prints, and solids as well as interesting bottom weights. They carry regular wovens, stretch wovens, knits, and blends.


Made from flax, linen is a great summer fabric. They have Irish linens in dress and suiting weights as well as handkerchief linens and linen blends.


Soft and drapey, rayon can be tricky to handle. At the Sewing Lounge, they’ll share tips on how to deal with this shifty fabric to ensure you get good results. They have a large selection of rayon knits. Most of the woven rayon fabrics feature interesting prints.


Create garments with an air of elegance or upscale your casual garment with our silks and silk blends.


Sewing Lounge has lovely suitings, Italian crepes, challis, and even some gossamer knits. We also have wool blends – incorporating silk, cotton, and rayon with wool produces beautiful drape and interesting texture.


Polyester has come a long way since the 1970s! Most of the offerings are imported from France and Belgium, just too good to pass up.

Acetate, acrylic, and nylon

An interesting lining, a funky textured knit, and lovely lace are some of our offerings in this group. These fibers stand on their own or are blended with others to create scintillating fabrics.


A type of rayon with the properties of cotton, Modal is a semi-synthetic fabric made mostly of cellulose.

Sewing Patterns

The store carries the independent pattern lines, Grainline, Closet Case, Sew House Seven, and Sewing Workshop patterns.

Sewing Support and Fitting

Maggy offers sewing and apparel fitting services, fun-filled sewing classes, and workshops. Her spacious, well-equipped workroom has great tables, home, and industrial machines where you can hone your sewing skills.

If Maggy isn’t busy using her own studio, you can also create your project in the adjoining sewing workroom. She can be available to share her expert sewing support and assistance if you need it for $15/hour.

Visit their website at to book a class or to see when the studio is open to sew. They offer a 10% DISCOUNT on retail for Sewing Support clients.

The Sewing Lounge
987 Selby Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55104
Tel: 651-645-7645


Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Private Lessons on the First and Third Sundays of the month

I highly recommend you visit the Sewing Lounge! Let me know if you do and tell Maggy “hello”!


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