Black and White Table Setting Ideas

Black and white place setting inspiration for your dining table.

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Last night, I had four dear old (but young!) friends over for dinner. Here are the simple black and white table setting ideas I put together for our mini-reunion.

You cannot go wrong with this simple color palette. It’s the easiest classic color scheme to pull off. Everything works together seamlessly.

My goal is to show you how easy it is to assemble a modern look using items you may already have or can easily get, such as simple white plates and inexpensive white flowers.

Ladies Night Out

Okay, it was actually Ladies’ Night In. It’s easier to talk, relax, and catch up this way!

These ladies were moms to some of my son’s friends when they were in grade school.

Those heartwarming memories are fun to revisit when we get together. And it had been way too long since we had.

This floral table setting or pink table decor would work well for the next girl’s night. Discover even more hosting ideas here.

Menu Ideas

Consider menu ideas that combine comfort and fun for a delightful girls’ night at home.

Start with savory appetizers like spinach and feta stuffed mushrooms, whipped feta dip and veggies, bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil, or a creamy spinach artichoke dip.

If your guests are limited due to food sensitivities, try these gluten free dairy free snacks, for starters.

One option is to keep the main course light and flavorful with options like grilled chicken or shrimp skewers with a zesty lemon-herb dipping sauce.

Alternatively, opt for a Mexican make-your-own taco or burrito bar (be sure to try this amazing carne asada marinade), go Italian with Ninja Foodi spaghetti & meatballs, or how about a build-your-own pizza buffet, allowing everyone to customize their creations?

Cap off the evening with a sweet treat like a chocolate fondue station featuring an array of dippable delights such as strawberries, marshmallows, and pretzel sticks.

Remember to set the mood with fun drinks, such as small bottles of champagne, sparkling mocktails, or fruity sangria.

It was wonderful to reconnect. We shared what the 20-somethings are up to, plus all kinds of our current updates, joys, and also hardships.

Supporting each other is what friendship is all about. ❤️

Tabletop Decor

So here’s a little table inspiration from last night’s soiree.

I went with this black and slightly creamy setting for the tablescape, using the black and white pieces I already had, then adding flowers and new placemats.

Ask my friends; I am a lover of a clean white base. For literally everything, including clothes.

I’m unsure if it works for all situations, but I like to keep testing it. LOL

Similar to the capsule wardrobe idea, I use many white dish styles that mix and match with one another. Then, I add accents for variety and color.

There. Now, you know my strategy and trust me, you will see it here time and time again!

So, I say use what you have and maybe add a new pattern or color with table linens, napkins (fabric or paper!), a runner, placemats, or a full-on tablecloth.

Or simply add flowers; they make a big difference.

A small refresh is always fun – like adding new earrings to an outfit. 😂

Table Decor Ideas

If you like the black, cream, or white look, below are similar products from Amazon. Just click the image to learn more. (Affiliate links.)

All of the casual-style table products above would pair well with black, cream, or white dishes.

Some are neutral enough to be used with other color palettes, giving you even more flexibility and options.

Table Setting Ideas

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Is it time for you to catch up with old friends?

Don’t wait; call up a few friends, invite them over, and reconnect. And then sit back and enjoy! There is nothing better for your soul.


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