Fancy Backyard Picnic & Party Ideas (DIY)

Fancy backyard picnics are a fun way for adults and kids alike to enjoy the summer sunshine and gather around food and good times.

An outdoor fancy picnic styled by Angie Vorse from Party Haus Event Stying.

These fancy backyard picnic & party ideas are inspired by the classic picnic setup, with some elevated details to make them just a little bit, well, fancier! 🙂

Here in Minnesota, we love to soak up the gorgeous summer days while we have them, and hosting a picnic is a great way to gather your loved ones to enjoy the warm weather.

Today’s inspiration is all brought to you by Party Haus Event Styling and the talented own/party stylist Angie Vorse.

Orange Party

The first step to planning a fancy picnic is deciding on a theme for the decor.

For this Party Haus Event Styling gathering, my friend Angie used the bold color orange as the primary color and accented it with white and yellow.

Angie’s Orange Party is a great reminder that you don’t need to shy away from color to create an elegant party setup.

Sometimes, bold colors can create beautiful decor!

Outdoor Party Decorations

Your theme colors should permeate every element of the event decor. 

The flowers, tablecloths/linens, balloons, and other decorations should be consistent with your theme.

You don’t have to have everything be one singular color, but deciding on a few (one primary color and 1-2 accent colors) ties everything together.

When it comes to floral arrangements, limiting yourself to only two kinds of flowers with your two theme colors is not necessary.

Instead, feel free to use a variety of flowers.

Have fun; mix and match the textures and combinations to create a pretty bouquet that still carries through your colors.

Read more about how I put together floral arrangements in this Graduation Party Ideas post.

Because this is a picnic, after all, keep your tableware simple.

You don’t necessarily need a full dining setup like this Garden Party.

Instead, you could opt for just a grazing table, where people grab plates & whatever food they’d like and have areas just designated for eating.

You could also have a table with place settings of placemats, a plate, and simple silverware.

In true picnic fashion, you’ll want to keep the food laid back and simple that doesn’t require many utensils.

Party Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board strikes the perfect balance between casual and fancy.

It is ideal for any event, especially a fancy picnic.

Angie chose to take the orange theme even further, adding mini oranges, carrots, Goldfish, and different orange cheeses to the board.

But you certainly aren’t limited to a particular color for your charcuterie board.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what you might want to include on your party charcuterie board.


Cheese comes in different types and textures, the backbone of any charcuterie board.

Play around with these, adding soft and hard cheese to your board.

Soft cheeses include brie, goat cheese, burrata, and more.

Hard cheeses are abundant; some of the most popular ones are cheddar, manchego, parmesan, and gruyère.


If you’re entertaining a crowd of carnivores, there are several cured types of meat that go great on a charcuterie board.

Prosciutto, salami, and soppressata are the most popular meat options for charcuterie boards.


You’ll definitely need some crunch to accompany the cheese and meats.

Since the cheese and meats are so flavorful, stick to crackers or bread without a considerable amount of flavor/herbs to not distract from the other flavors.

You could make these quick crostinis that go with pretty much anything.

Water crackers and flaky, buttery crackers like Ritz are also highly versatile.


Flavored spreads are a great way to add fun flavors to the charcuterie board.

Something sweet like this fig spread or hot honey pairs well with many different types of meat and cheeses.

You could also opt for something savory or tangy, like whole-grain mustard or red pepper jam. (colored products are affiliate links.)


While not totally necessary, you could also add some other sweet elements like fruit grapes, dried apricots, or apple slices are some favorites!

Backyard Picnic Party Ideas

With any outdoor party, you open up the door to endless possibilities for activities.

Ideas include yard games like ring toss, a scavenger hunt, or an outdoor pong game. (Affiliate links are in color.)

Additionally, bubbles are inexpensive and easy fun for kids and adults alike!

My Graduation Party post has some more ideas for party activities.

Remember, you can also plan a romantic picnic date!

Planning an Event

Do you want to plan a party but aren’t interested in picking out all the details?

Angie is fantastic at conceptualizing the overall aesthetic of an event and bringing it to life!

Event Planning Services

Let Party Haus help you save time, money, and stress in planning your next event! Follow and connect with Angie here.

And don’t forget to check out her Carnival-Themed Party and read more about her in this interview.

Cheers to enjoying a backyard picnic with your favorite people.
Thanks so much for stopping by!


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