Rustic Christmas Table Ideas

Let me inspire you this holiday with rustic Christmas table ideas and place-setting decor for your hosting and entertaining!

Red earthy table decor for the post, Rustic Christmas Table Ideas.

Season’s greetings, friends! I am back in the dining room, this time playing around with rustic Christmas table ideas, and I am having SO much fun!

If you love to put together outfits or decorate a room, don’t leave your table decor to the last minute, right before your guests arrive. (Like I usually do!) 😂

If you get a headstart on it, you will enjoy the process so much more. Treat it like a holiday gift you are giving yourself.

For more hosting, see table decor and lots of hosting and entertaining ideas.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

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Christmas Table Ideas

To get started, it’s probably best to pick a theme. This will be dictated by what you already have unless you are starting over.

Do you lean towards the fancy and elegant or the casual and rustic?

The good news is that I have inspiration for both! Here are ideas for elegant table decor and another example of rustic table decor.

In today’s post, I am focusing on rustic table-setting ideas.

This is usually how I roll.😁 I have always been drawn to the less-than-perfect, rustic, and flawed.

Let’s explore what rustic means and learn how to make it work in your home and on your table.

What is Rustic Style?

Rustic decor is relaxed with a rugged aesthetic that celebrates natural beauty.

The style typically incorporates natural pieces that have warmth and charm. It exudes a feeling of welcome, comfort, and approachability.

Rustic, by definition, is the opposite of elegant, sophisticated, or pretentious.

Rustic Cottage Christmas Table

Table Decoration Ideas

Below are the five rustic Christmas table settings I put together. I hope they inspire you with ideas you can use in your decorating adventures.

All of the place settings incorporate rustic qualities. Here are some of the rustic style’s signature traits.

Rustic Natural Christmas Table

Rustic Table Decor

Many hallmarks of a rustic table style lie in the materials themselves.

Natural Materials

Most rustic elements come from the outdoors or are created from organic materials.

This might include unfinished wood, straw, stone, bark, or pinecones.

Consider burlap, jute, nubby wool, yarns, or cotton canvas for fabrics.

Rustic Natural Table Ideas

Imperfect Appearance

Beyond the materials are their intrinsic qualities. Rustic materials are not perfect; instead, we love their imperfections.

They are typically a little beat up and weathered. Look for pieces with character, age, and a story.

Wood may have pronounced grain, a live edge, or knots.

Metal with scratches or rust spots perfectly fits the rustic look.

Look for paint that is faded, distressed, or peeling.

Natural fabrics with frayed edges or wrinkles possess more appeal and character.

You don’t need to overdo it. It’s about combining various textures that create a comfortable and inviting table.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Decor

Shades of Nature Color Palette

The shades of a rustic palette are what you find in nature.

Rich hues, muted tones, or neutral colors like white, beige, gray, or brown coordinate well.

Bright or bold colors won’t work well with a rough-and-tumble palette.

Buffalo Plaid Table Ideas

Where to Find Table Decor

First off, It does not have to cost a lot. You’ll probably find everything you need and more right under your nose.

If you do need more items, open up your cupboards, forage in your backyard, dig in that storage container, borrow from a friend, or run to the thrift store, dollar store, or discount retailer to find what you are missing.

Rustic pieces are easy to find. Most of the items on this page are either from my collection, borrowed from friends, thrift from Goodwill, or goodies found at At Home stores, HomeGoods, or Kirkland’s.

If you have questions about a certain piece, just leave a comment below or message me here.

Below are my favorite places to find great pieces at great prices:

Thrift Stores, Savers, Goodwill, etc.
Estate Sales
Garage Sales
Facebook Marketplace
Dollar Stores
At Home Stores
TJ Maxx

If you are looking for more rustic or farmhouse pieces, check out these retailers below:

Pottery Barn
World Market

Gnome Christmas Table – Click for DIY Gnome Tutorial

Christmas Menu Ideas

Create a delicious holiday meal that will delight your family and friends. Here are some easy and festive menu ideas to consider.

Start with a classic appetizer, such as a shrimp cocktail, a charcuterie board, or creamy spinach and artichoke dip served with crispy tortilla chips.

For the main course, you can’t go wrong with a succulent honey-glazed ham served with creamy scalloped potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon. Another option everyone loves is a traditional roast turkey or a tender smoked whole chicken with fluffy mashed potatoes, savory stuffing, and tangy cranberry sauce.

If you prefer something different, choose a flavorful beef roast accompanied by roasted root vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes. For a lighter option, prepare a citrus-glazed salmon with wild rice pilaf, steamed asparagus or roasted vegetables, and couscous.

Remember to end the meal on a sweet note with holiday-inspired desserts like gingerbread cookies, peppermint bark, a Yule log cake, chocolate lava cakes topped with vanilla ice cream, or a lighter alternative lemon sorbet with fresh berries.

Gnome Decor Table Ideas – Click for DIY Gnome Tutorial

Love these Table Decor Ideas? Let me know how you were inspired in the comments section below. I love hearing from you!

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Rustic table decor is an easy style to create. Look for natural pieces, soft hues, and materials that are inviting to you. Enjoy the process of creating a look you can share and enjoy with your loved ones.

Please let me know how your table design turns out in the comment box below. I love to hear from you. Be sure to subscribe or follow me on social media for more inspiration. Enjoy!


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  1. All these table setting ideas are SO cute…I can’t pick a favorite! I am inspired to shop what I have first and then head to the stores. Let the Christmas countdown begin!🎄🍪🎅🏼

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