Simple Garden Party Table Setting Ideas (with Pink DIY Decor)

It’s party season! Get inspired with these easy floral tablescape ideas for spring or summer.

Enjoy these simple garden party table setting ideas with pink DIY decor.

It’s party season, and the warmer weather is a great time to gather friends for delicious food, conversation, and great times. 

Don’t be intimidated by fancy table settings or elaborate party themes.

Throwing a Pinterest-perfect garden party is easier than you’d think!

A blue floral placesetting from Garden party ideas blog post.

Garden Theme Party

Simply put, a garden party is any social gathering held outdoors.

You don’t have to have a fancy garden or patio to host a garden party; any outdoor space will do. 

Generally, food and/or beverages are served around a table.

It’s that easy, really. I’ve compiled some of my favorite ideas to get you thinking about your next garden party.

See more ideas for hosting & entertaining here. And be sure to serve colorful food and beverages, like this pretty pink drink!

A pink floral placesetting from Garden party ideas blog post.

Setting an Informal Table

The table setting is the center of any garden party or dinner party. 

By starting with an informal table, you’ll be able to add more decor according to the theme, guest(s) of honor, or overall vibe you want for the party. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to an informal table setting.

1 Place a tablecloth or placemats on the table. If using placemats, each table setting should have one. You could also place a few in the center of the table to hold different dishes if you’re serving things family-style.

2 Add a dinner plate in the center of the placemat or directly in front of a chair.

3 Fold the dinner napkin or use a napkin ring and place the napkin to the left of the plate.

4 Place the dinner fork on top of the napkin or to the left of it.

5 Place the knife and soup spoon to the right of the plate. The blade of the knife should face toward the dinner plate. Add a water or beverage glass directly above the knife.

TIP: Make sure your utensils are all level from left to right.

Closeup of napkin from Garden party ideas blog post.

And that’s it! Once you’ve nailed down this informal table setting, the fun begins.

You can choose to add different items to the table to zhuzh it up.

Candles – Citronella candles help keep bugs away
Fairy lights 
Table runner

Potted Plants
– All plants make great party favors. Invite guests to take one home with them!

Pink potted flowers from Garden party ideas blog post.

How to Make Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are a great way to add color to your table setting and brighten the space. 

A yellow cupcake from Garden party ideas blog post.

There is no need to pay a florist to put together a fancy arrangement; it’s easily DIY-able.

Here’s how you do it.

1 Purchase 2-3 different types of flowers that you like together. Trader Joe’s usually has affordable flowers, and local farmer’s markets have a large variety of flowers.

TIP: Think about having one flower be the main focus and adding different greenery or smaller flowers.

2 Find a vase or container to put them in. These Ceramic Vases are super fun and add a geometric element to the decor. These modern vases are a fun play on neutrals. Of course, mason jars make for fun vases, and you might even have a vase stashed away somewhere at home. (affiliate links underlined)

FUN IDEA: Inspired by this video, head to a thrift store and try to find unique vases that fit a similar look.

3 Trim your flowers to fit the vase they’re in. You can trim them to different lengths for more movement as well.

4 Fill the vase with water and start arranging flowers to your liking.

Garden Table Setting

Of course, any dishware and silverware work for a garden party, but here are some ideas if you want to add a fun flair to your everyday essentials.


Click the photos for more info. Here are more floral sets to check out! Affiliate links are below.

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Assorted Floral Plates
Pioneer Woman Plates
Lemon Plates
Tropical Leaf Plates
Blue Hydrangea Dishes
Pink Melamine Plates

More varieties are below.
Floral Melamine Dishware
Patterned Dishware
Speckled Dishware Set


There is beautiful flatware available in many finishes and at many price points.

Here are a few nice designs at reasonable prices.

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Silverware Set
Gold Cutlery
Matte Black Flatware Set

TIP: While it may be tempting to use disposable plates & cutlery for an outdoor party.

Upgrading to actual plates and flatware is a small detail that makes a significant difference.

It makes your garden party feel that much fancier and complete.

Garden Party Invitation

To make your gathering extra special, send an Evite or printed invitation.

Click a photo to get more product information. (Affiliate links.)

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Pink Invites
Blue Floral Invitations
Lemon Yellow Invites
Green Leaves Invitations

These beautiful examples should get you inspired. 😁

Garden Party Outfit

A garden party doesn’t require specific attire. Still, there are some things to consider when putting together your outfit for the garden party. 

You will be spending a lot of time outside, so opt for lighter items that help you stay cool and comfortable. 

Keep it casual but upscale; think of a simple and relaxed lunch with friends. 

Click on any photo below for more information. (Affiliate links.)

Stay on the garden theme with a floral dress.

Flowy pants with a simple top are always a great option.

A cute top with jeans is always an easy option.

Table Setting Ideas

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Now, go get planning and celebrate summertime with a garden party!


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