Cute DIY Bee Kind Gnome Ideas

Adorably cute DIY Bee Kind Gnome ideas that are easy to make! Let me show you how.

Closeup photo of cute Bee Kind DIY gnomes.

Here is a day brightener: cute DIY Bee Kind Gnome Ideas!

These gnomes celebrate the sentiment behind the Be Kind movement in the most cheerful and adorable way.

Be Kind Movement

The Bee Kind craze is everywhere. Probably because there is something very adorable about bees.

But the purpose of the Be Kind movement that started it all goes much deeper.

The Be Kind Movement believes in embedding a culture of kindness in young minds early on.

They encourage them to consider how kindness (or lack thereof) can impact the world around them.

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How to Be More Kind

At the most basic level, simple acts of kindness go a long way to making someone’s day brighter. It will make your own day shine in the process too.

See this article from the This is Calmer website for thoughts and ideas about how you can put more kindness to work in your own life.

Cute DIY Bee Kind Gnome Ideas

It’s hard to say who started the play on words, but it’s clearly been fully embraced!

No surprise, gnome specialist Ruth Johnson jumped on this worthy sentiment and created this adorable line of Bee Kind Gnomes. They were an instant hit.

If you’d like to try making some yourself, get some ideas and inspiration, and keep reading!

How to Make Gnomes

If you have never made a gnome before, let’s start with the basics!

Get lots of ideas, and learn how to make a basic gnome with this free gnome tutorial.

Free Gnome Pattern

First, create a gnome pattern or get our free version. You can download the free gnome pattern if you subscribe to my GNOME email list.

You will then receive an email (in about 15 minutes) with a link and the password to log in to the free library. This will give you access to this pattern and all project downloads.

When you enter the library, look for the thumbnail photo of the gnomes. Click it to open the PDF, then click the download icon to download the pattern.

After you download and print the PDF, go to the DIY Gnomes post and scroll down to the lower half of the post to read the instructions.

Then, come back to this post for ideas about fabric choices, trims, and embellishing.

Let’s Make Cute Bee Gnomes

Are you ready to make a Bee Kind gnome? These yellow and black bumblebees can be anything your heart desires! Use your imagination to create your version of a happy gnome.

I believe that the secret sauce to BEE KIND gnomes is they make people smile and bring a little sunshine.


Below are the materials Ruth uses in her bee gnome designs.

Hat Bee Fabric from JoAnn Fabrics
Beard White or gray-colored beards made of craft fur
Body Yellow light-weight polar fleece
Trims A variety of black and white ribbons for bows, flowers, & bee charms
Props Handmade beehives & Bee Kind sign/plaques

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Enjoy these DIY Bee Kind Gnome Ideas. I know they will brighten your day.

If you have questions about any ideas in this post, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a note. I am happy to help!

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7 comments on “Cute DIY Bee Kind Gnome Ideas

    1. Hi Michele, Ruth found those last season at JoAnn Fabrics. Check there, or another craft store, such as Hobby Lobby? Good luck! 🙂

  1. I just started making sock gnomes. Where can you get the miniature cuts items, cups, coffee pots, lanternd….thanks for replying

    Cindy Doss

    1. Hi Cindy! Ruth finds miniature props in lots of places. Try dollar stores, craft stores (JoAnn, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby), On, or Amazon. Good luck!😃

  2. These are so cute! In the town where I work (at the small town public library) a lot of people have bees and sell honey. I think I will attempt to make a few of these for May when we have the honey festival!

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