DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Set (Parting Gifts or Bridal Shower Favors)

Learn how to create an easy and adorable shower favor gift or personalized present for a friend! This DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Set has all the ingredients and the recipe are in a bottle and ready to shake up and serve! Free pattern and printable card available.

A lemon drop martini in a jar set.

Hello, fellow cocktail lovers and craft fans! Today’s endeavor combines the joy of crafting and mixology too. It’s a DIY mason jar cocktail set for parting gifts or bridal shower favors.

DIY Cocktail Kit in a Jar

The idea behind a cocktail-in-a-jar gift is to simplify the cocktail-making process by providing all the parts in a ready-to-use package.

These sets could include spirits, mixers, syrups, garnishes, and tools like jiggers, strainers, and muddlers.

You can also include recipe cards or instructions on creating the cocktail.

Today, we are making our cocktail set with a classic Mason jar, mini liquor bottles, a lemon, and a recipe card.

I will share the tasty recipe for the cocktail of the day: an easy lemon drop martini cocktail to sweeten the deal!

I’ve included a variety of lemon drop martini recipes there, too.

We are using a delicious lemon drop cocktail recipe that strikes the perfect balance between sweet and sour, making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

There’s something satisfying about creating cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Now, you can share that feeling with the gift of a cocktail set and inspire others.

Thanks to my friend Jennifer Koehl for this creative idea!

Parting Gifts or Bridal Shower Favors

A cocktail kit is a fun and easy way to carry the theme of your shower or event into a party favor or gift for your guests.

This is also a creative idea for a unique and personalized gift.

A Mason jar glass container has a charm, is multipurpose, and is the perfect package for a mixology gift. We will dress it up and make it pretty!

First, you will shop for materials and ingredients, then choose a fabric, ribbon, and recipe card design.

After you gather your supplies, you’ll print the recipe card, cut a cloth circle, glue on some ribbon, and then all that’s left simple assembly.

I’ll walk you through the easy step-by-step instructions for your DIY mason jar cocktail set. No special skills are needed!

Other Themes for Cocktails in a Jar

A jar can be customized to suit individual preferences, including favorite alcohol, cocktail drink recipes, unique flavor combinations, or even themed sets for special occasions!

Cocktail Theme Ideas

Here’s some inspiration for creating your own theme.

Tropical Paradise

Capture the flavors and spirit of a beachside escape. Fill the jar with mini bottles of coconut rum, pineapple juice, and a lime. Add a touch of tropics with dehydrated pineapple or coconut flakes for garnishes. Attach a tiny paper umbrella or a tropical flower to the jar lid.

Winter Warmers

Welcome the winter winds by creating a kit that warms the body and the soul. Fill the jar with a spiced rum mini, a cinnamon syrup packet, and an apple cider bottle. For a cozy touch, include a cinnamon stick or star anise as a garnish. Attach a small knitted scarf or a festive ribbon around the jar.

Garden Delight

Celebrate fresh garden ingredients with a cocktail set featuring herbs and botanical flavors. Fill the jar with a little bottle of gin, herbs like basil or rosemary, and a citrus fruit. Include a sprig of fresh herbs or edible flowers for a garnish. Attach a small seed packet or a botanical-themed tag to the jar.

Spicy Hot

Light the taste buds with a cocktail theme that brings the heat of spicy flavors. Fill the jar with a jalapeno-infused tequila miniature, a citrus fruit, and an agave syrup packet. Include a pack of hot sauce or chili pepper for garnish. Attach a small chili pepper charm or a tag with a spicy quote to the jar.

Elegant and Sophisticated

Elevate the cocktail experience with premium vodka, whiskey, vermouth, or bitters, including garnishes like citrus fruit or cherries. Add to the luxurious theme with a fancy tag and a velvet ribbon to the cap.

More Cocktail Recipes

Below are recipes to incorporate into your gift sets; just click the recipe name you like.

Margarita Mix
Moscow Mule
Bloody Mary
Spiked Apple Cider
Dark and Stormy Cocktail

Another festive drink to try is this Strawberry Gin Smash. It’s incredibly delicious and beautiful too.

Other Kinds of Jar Gift Themes

With some creativity, you can use jars for gifts other than cocktails! Choose any theme, such as food, adventure, or gardening, then fill your kit with objects that bring the concept to life. Personalizing it for your recipient is a thoughtful way to celebrate a birthday or milestone or show appreciation. Spread joy and creativity with these clever gifts!

Spa Retreat

Put together a pampering gift that brings the relaxation and rejuvenation of a spa time retreat with bath salts, lotion, or body scrub. Add a small loofah or a scented candle. Decorate the jar with a ribbon or twine and attach a handwritten tag with a comforting message.

Culinary Delights

Share the gift of culinary inspiration with gourmet ingredients and recipe ideas. Fill a jar of any size with ingredients and spices to create a flavorful soup mix, stew recipe, etc. Attach recipe cards or small note cards with ideas for delicious dishes that can be made using the ingredients in the jar. Add a small wooden spoon or a mini whisk.

Movie Night

Bring the magic of movie nights home with microwave popcorn packets, mini candy bars, and a small bag of gourmet popcorn seasoning. Or tuck in gift cards to the movie theater!
To create a larger gift basket, include a cozy blanket or a pair of fuzzy socks, then have the jar of goodies tucked inside.

Green Thumb

Inspire and celebrate your recipient’s green thumb with a larger jar, container, or gift basket. Add packets of flower or herb seeds, small gardening tools, and cute plant markers to nurture their garden. Attach a note with gardening tips or inspirational quotes about the beauty of nature. Decorate the jar with floral ribbon or a mini garden gnome.

Adventure in a Jar

Ignite curiosity and an adventurous spirit with a gift that captures the essence of travel. Fill the jar with travel-sized toiletries, a mini notebook, and a keychain compass. Add a world map or a small globe charm to the jar lid. Include a handwritten note with travel recommendations or a motivational quote about exploring new horizons.

Best Jars to Use for Gift Sets

Selecting the best jar for your gift kits depends on your desired look and taste. The ideas below provide unique styles.

Whether using it for cocktails or other themed gift ideas, you will find one that works perfectly! Although, you may need to adjust the size or shape depending on what you fill it with.

Be sure to double-check the sizes and shapes before ordering!

Kerr Mason Jar

The classic Mason jar reigns supreme when it comes to cocktail kits. Its nostalgic appeal and versatility make it an ideal choice.

A wide-mouth Mason jar with a capacity of around 32 ounces works great and gives you ample room for the contents. These more affordable 32 oz Kerr Jars (quantity of 12) are available on Amazon. or cute 32 oz. Mason Jars with Straws (4 pack) and a wood top. (affiliate links)

Weck Jars

Use Weck jars for your kits if you want a more contemporary and elegant option. These German-made glass jars feature a distinct shape with a glass lid and a rubber gasket.

The wide opening and clear glass allow easy access to the ingredients and show off the attractive elements of your kit. Weck jars come in various sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your cocktail recipe.

These cute 32 oz, 25.3 oz., or 19.6 fl. oz Weck Jars are available on Amazon. (affiliate link) Beware: the curved or slanted sides may squeeze your contents a bit.

Kilner Jars

For a vintage, retro touch, Kilner jars offer the perfect solution. With their iconic clip-top lids and embossed logos, these jars add a nostalgic flair to your gift set.

Kilner jars are available in different shapes and sizes. The durable glass and airtight seal keep your cocktail ingredients fresh and protected. 34 oz. Kilner or 17 oz. Kilner Jar (affiliate link)

Swing-Top Bottles

If you prefer a more sleek and compact option, swing-top bottles are an excellent choice. They have a hinged ceramic or metal stopper. If you find the right size and shape, the convenient opening can work great for creating miniature cocktail kits.

Here are smaller and really cool 24 oz. Swing Top Jars that on Amazon. (affiliate link) or 16 oz taller Swing Tops.

Corked Glass Jars

For an eco-friendly option, these jars feature a cork stopper that seals in the freshness. Find jars with wide mouths for easy access. The natural and earthy look adds charm to your kits, making them ideal for nature or botanical-themed designs.

Check out this smaller but sleek 16 oz. Cork Top Jars that or 18 oz. Jars (affiliate link)

Creating a Recipe Card

For a free printable recipe card, subscribe to my newsletter. You will receive an email with login information to access the free library. Then, you can download the tags and print them.

Fabric Circle Pattern for Jar Lid

Log in to the free library to print a circle pattern template for the fabric circle. I included it in the recipe card file (above). If you have not already, just subscribe to my newsletter for access.


You will need just a handful of basic materials and a sprinkle of creativity. (Affiliate links are underlined below.)

Mason Jar 32 oz/12 pk
Crinkle Cut Paper
in all colors
Mini Vodka
Mini Limoncello
Fresh Lemon
Gingham Fabric
free template below
Pinking Shears
Regular Scissors
Recipe Card
free template below

Let’s get started!

Love this Project? Let me know if you made it in the comments section further down the page. I love hearing from you!

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How to Make a Mason Jar Cocktail Kit

Now that you have all the parts and pieces described above, here’s how to make the lemon drop theme jar as pictured.

1 Open your Mason jar, and start with the paper filler. Add it to the bottom of the jar. Cut a length of ribbon to wrap around the lid. Attach with glue.

2 Next, put in the miniature bottles of vodka, limoncello, and the lemon. Adjust them in an attractive way.

3 Cut a circle from your gingham fabric. You can use pinking shears or regular scissors. Place the circle stop lid first, then center the fabric on top.

Print or handwrite the recipe instructions. You can customize the recipe card however you like, print them on decorative paper, create them digitally, etc. Place the card neatly next to the ingredients so it’s facing out.

4 Screw on the circle lid, and you are ready to gift!

Lemon Drop Cocktail Recipe

If you want to skip making the DIY Bar in a Jar but still want to make a tasty lemon drop martini recipe, here’s the recipe post to learn more about this popular martini.

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With these thoughtful and attractive gifts, your recipients will be excited to pamper themselves with cocktails, food creations, or other adventures.

Let me know which gift theme you create and how it goes in the comment box below. I love to hear from you. Be sure to subscribe or follow me on social media for more inspiration!


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