Craft Room Storage Ideas – Part 2

Craft supplies can overwhelm us! Let me help. Get organization inspiration and storage ideas to find order and bliss in your creative space again!

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Hello friends! Welcome to the second installment in my series on organizing your craft room or space. Craft Room Storage Ideas – Part 2! To read Part One, click HERE

This edition is definitely not as fancy because I will discuss short- and long-term storage solutions. Stay with me here.

We all know arts and crafts supplies can overwhelm us, and that’s why it makes sense to figure out what storage ideas work best to keep making stuff while keeping our sanity intact.

Let’s get started!

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Storage for Craft Rooms

I wish I had all the organizing answers, but unfortunately, it’s a very personal thing, and I’m a work in progress, as is my space!

My motto is to just keep trying different approaches until you find the right fit for your needs.

It’s a good idea to decide what’s most important for you before reorganizing your system.

Goals for me are simple; clean, simple, and right-sized. My priority is being able to put most of my supplies away, out of sight.

If it makes more sense to keep some items out, I try to have them fit in with the room decor. Also, I prefer to keep things as compact as possible.

What’s essential to you?

Below are the various storage ideas that I am using. Hopefully, they inspire you in some way to clean out and coordinate your creative space!

Sewing Fabric Storage

As a young girl making doll clothes or as a 7th grader making Pom Pon uniforms for my middle school squad, I have always felt a strong connection and love for fabric.

But my fabric stash can also be the bane of my existence. Buying, over-buying, storing, and sometimes actually sewing with it. It’s an endless cycle.

Here are my current containment methods:

Store Small Fabric Scraps

I love having small bits of different kinds of fabrics close to my sewing machine to do test stitches or flesh out designs in my head.

My latest approach for these pieces is a clear Mason jar.

This way, I can see what I have quickly and grab what I need. It’s a nice way to enjoy your fabrics also! A Ziploc bag would work great for this too.

Organizing Large Fabric Pieces

Mostly, I like to keep my fabric dust-free and in a dark place to protect it from fading. I am currently using a variety of methods for storing larger fabric pieces.

An under-the-bed (or under-the-chair) low plastic bin works great. I also use classic Sterilite tubs. They work great for your longer-term closet or basement storage. Similar tubs HERE and HERE. (affiliate links)

For projects that I am actively working on, it’s nice to keep everything out.

Small baskets and bins are perfect for holding your projects out in the open. Look for products that fit your decor and space.

This closet cubby below is something I thought I would try. If I can see my fabrics, it helps me stay inspired. Where do you store your fabrics?

Similar cubby HERE (affiliate link)

Beads and Jewelry Making Storage Systems

I’ve tried many ideas for my beads and jewelry-making supplies over the years. I have settled on a few containers that all go into a portable tub.

This modular system makes it easy to quickly find what I’m looking for and keep it all together in one container to put away or take it anywhere.

Covered plastic containers

The plastic bins below are from old tape packages. Small containers are low and wide, perfect for working and storing beads.

Similar ideas HERE and HERE and HERE. (affiliate links)

Plastic interlocking and stacking bead containers

Clear modular canisters are great for seeing everything at once and easily locating what you need. They are made of durable plastic, which keeps supplies dust-free and protected.

Similar containers HERE. (affiliate link)

Small and Large Plastic Bins for Craft Supplies

I really love these smaller lock-and-stack bins. They are great for larger beads and findings.

I remove all the lids while I work to have access to everything, then close them all up to stack and put them away when I’m done. Quick and easy!

Mine are from Sterilite. Similar containers HERE. (affiliate link)

The stacking containers, covered plastic containers, and smaller bins fit nicely into my big Sterilite tubs. I know; humans are crazy, right? This system works great for me.

Similar tubs HERE and HERE. (affiliate links) 

If you prefer everything bundled into one matching on-the-go set, a tackle box or tackle case would be great.

They have drawers and a handle and come in lots of pretty colors. Click HERE to compare. (affiliate link)

Scrapbooking Paper Storage

I’m not a huge stamper or scrapbooker, but I have some tools and paper that I try to keep organized so that I can jump right into it easily when I do.

My system is similar to jewelry storage. Plastic bins all the way, baby.

I have a couple of covered bins for the papers and a stacking Sterilite tub for the stamps, cutting devices, and tools.

Photo Storage Boxes, Bins, and Albums

If all of your photographs are digital, bless you, child.

But, if you are of a certain age, you may have remnants from your ancestors, your parents, or possibly even some of your photos in storage. Like me!

I am working (slowly) to digitize all of my old photos, but it’s a huge job that never seems to get proper attention.

I keep most of my physical photographs in albums and others in these boxes.

These are all in line to be scanned. I’d like to know they are safely backed up, should anything happen to them.

After scanning photos, I upload the files to Dropbox and Shutterfly for safekeeping and sharing with family. I also back up to an external hard drive for additional peace of mind.

In the meantime, decorative boxes and albums are wonderful for keeping photos convenient and safe.

I keep them out on my shelves so that I remember my goal is to scan them. Then, I keep the remaining bulk of the photos in large plastic tubs.

Similar photo boxes are HERE and HERE. (affiliate links)

The features and options that Shutterfly has, including the option to make books or photo products, are awesome.

I create books every year, they make such meaningful gifts. You should try it if you have not. I digress.

New photo sites are coming (and going) all the time; examples include Google Photos, Flickr, Photobucket, Smugmug Picassa, and Drop Event, to name a few.

Ribbon Storage Ideas

There’s no faster way to clean out your arts and crafts than having to take pictures of them to share online. E-gad. My ribbons needed some help.

Refrigerator storing bins work awesome for storing ribbons. Who knew?

They are very inexpensive, you can see everything you have and cut without removing the roll. Plus, they are available in the perfect sizes for ribbons and fit well into a (you guessed it…) Sterilite tub.

Similar frig containers are HERE and HERE. Be sure to measure your ribbons before you order.

Below are more craft-organizing ideas for storing all of your supplies.

Amazon Storage Ideas That Do The Work For You

I’ve included craft storage trays, bins, boxes, jars, and more! The shopping links are below the big image. (affiliate links)

1 Colorful Organizers | These adjustable cases would be great for beads, findings, or other small supplies. Click here.

2 Bead Canisters with Tray | Super way to see all your beads at once and is portable. Click here.

3 Organizer Bin | Great tray for ribbon or your little stuff. Slide into a drawer or on a shelf. Click here.

4 Paperboard Suitcases | These are the cutest! Great for storage in offices and kid’s room. The perfect package for a gift too. Click here.

5 Glass JarPerfect spot for fabric swatches, cuts of ribbon, or treats! Click here.

6 Craft Utility Box | Here’s your all-in-one portable craft office. Love this! Available in 2 sizes and two colors. Click here.

7 Storage Container | Cubes are perfect for good-looking storage for any room in the house. Available in 9 colors. Click here.

Craft Room Storage Ideas – Part 2, now what?

I hope these ideas motivate you to clean out and organize your craft and sewing spaces.

Stay tuned; next month, I will look at specific workstation ideas with Part 3 in my series.

How’s your organization coming along? Let me know if you are making progress!
Thanks for stopping by,

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