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Craft Room Ideas for Organization – Part 1

I am not an organizing professional, but I have learned a thing or two over the last few decades from my husband, who may be slightly OCD. 😂 Seriously, it’s in his DNA. But, it’s a good thing because he has taught me many lessons in editing, purging, sorting and filing. Today I want to share some of these ideas with you, so you can join me and organize your space too! Here goes, Part 1 in my series, Organizing your Craft and Sewing Room. Are you up for this challenge? (To read Part 2, click HERE)

My “organizational” training started many moons ago when my husband first encouraged me to part with my humongous stash of Martha Stewart Living magazines. Are you kidding me? OMG. Nooo! But now that I look back, I guess he was right. Living spaces need to be in an ongoing state of editing or you will get buried in stuff.

Flash forward to today; in my effort to create content for this blog and be more efficient, I decided it’s time to get my craft room/office in order. I will be doing it in phases, so it’s manageable for me and if you join me, it’s doable for you too. I hope there will be a few takeaways. Let me know if you have any ideas for me too. Either way, if you take this challenge with me, we will both have clean creative work areas. Yay!

4 Principles of Organization

The first thing that comes to mind when I organize any space in our home is the 3 principles Mr. OCD has taught me. Not rocket science, mind you, but oh so important. They truly do work!

1 Purge, Edit, and Group

Pick one small area at a time. Pull out everything and put it in front of you. Group items by function, project, color, etc. Next purge, clean out the things that you don’t need or want anymore, duplicates, non-working or dated supplies. This is colossal because it prevents you from having too much of one item or buying duplicates moving forward. This is the point where I discovered I had 9 packages of twill tape and 32 sewing zippers. Gulp. 😬

2. Determine Location for Items

Next, categorize further. Edit your immediate workspace down to the daily and weekly essentials. This will streamline your days. It’s LIFE CHANGING. It creates, room to work, breathe and enjoy the cleanliness.

If you use an item daily or weekly, you should keep it within arms reach, nearby at your desk, your drawer or in the room. But if you only use it monthly, quarterly or yearly, put it away. Relocate it to a space that makes more sense, as in your closet, storage room, garage, etc.

If you cannot find a home for something, you probably need to put it in storage or part with it. Sorry! You have to get real and ask yourself some simple questions. Does it bring you joy and productivity or is it no longer contributing to your life and just becoming a burden, moving it around?

3 Create a Specific Home for Everything

A place for everything and everything in its place. You’ve heard this before, but it’s really true. You’ll want to create a file, a cubby, a box, bin or basket (etc.) for anything you want to keep. If you have one spot for the item, you will always put it back. You may never lose your keys again. What about those papers? If you have a file folder for each type, your desk will be clean in minutes and you’ll know just where to look to find it again. Now apply this logic to craft and sewing supplies, I think you will see this is a game-changer.

4 Label your Storage Containers

This one is pretty simple. Label your areas, when possible. This is an instant reminder to you, your family or roommates, what goes where. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Use a marker on a piece of paper or a Post-it, or a label. You can also design and print it out so it’s clear and legible. Here are a few label ideas for all kinds of applications. HERE, HERE and HERE (affiliate links)

Organizing and Storage for Arts and Craft Supplies

No matter the size of your space or setup, if it is organized you will be more productive. My space is pretty roomy because it’s been the home of my graphic design business for the past 24 years and it also doubles as a living room. Because it is multi-purpose I like to keep supplies semi-hidden. I like to use all the drawers in the room for supplies. I found these inexpensive and simple cutlery trays at IKEA last week for my map case. The trays have many different size compartments so it fits many odd-shaped objects. You can also find trays at Target, Walmart, The Container Store. I found a ton on Amazon too. HERE, HERE and HERE (affiliate links)

I also made super simple labels for each drawer so I can quickly find stuff. I printed out cardstock and cut to size. These drawer label holders have been empty for years. It feels good to whip this place into shape!

Storage Solutions for Small Craft Supplies

I am finding that separate stackable, modular and covered bins work well for the softer sewing and craft supplies, like ribbon, trims, buttons, and embellishments. The lids keep dust out, they fit great in most drawers and I like how I can hide them away, out of sight. You could also easily take them to your desk or to another room to work. The plastic bins with handles would be great to carry to craft classes. Bonus points!

I cut pieces of cardboard to wrap my trims around and then filed them upright, so I can easily see the inventory. I will have to see if I can stay this tidy. TBD. I had some of the small bins already and I am going to try using them for buttons. This should work great for rifling through the colors and shapes when I sew. These containers would work equally well for papercrafts, jewelry making supplies and scrapbooking materials. I found all kinds of styles and colors of bins. HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (affiliate links)

There’s an option in most of these storage containers to move around dividers or take them out completely. If you prefer the loosey-goosey method of storage, take all the dividers out. You can have it both ways though depending on your mood. In reality, I do change things up occasionally as I find storage methods that work and some that don’t. Am I the only one that does this? 🤪 For an example of the adjustable larger storage bin, click HERE. (affiliate link)

Organizing Sewing and Craft Patterns

For you sewers and crafters who buy patterns, here’s what I came up with. I did have these baskets on my office shelves but they were not serving me well. I decided to sort out the patterns and make a file divider label. It’s super simple. I just printed out 8.5 x 11-inch sheets, cut them down to size and tucked them in the basket. You could try the same method in a soft bin or box. Now I don’t need to dig to find patterns.

Organizing Containers that Do the Work for You

Below are more product ideas for stashing for supplies, pulling your creative spaces together and simplifying your life. Tray, bins and baskets and more…

Storage products for an arts and craft or sewing room

1 Storage Basket | This large basket is a perfect catch-all when you are not quite ready for organizing the details. Great for fabric or yarn storage.

2 Drawer Organizer | Simple but striking way to keep the little parts and pieces in order.

3 The Home Edit Book | A gorgeous book on so many levels. Ideas for every room in the house or office, or it’s just great for dreaming!

4 Wicker Basket Set | Modular baskets are wonderful for all the places in your rooms. Works great for closets, shelves, and desktops.

5 Storage BasketA beautiful basket that you can leave out, on your desk, table or next to the couch. Available in another color and other shapes.

6 Straw Purse | Okay this purse was just too fun to pass up. ☺️

7 Art Bin, 3 Pack | These are my absolute favorites. Great quality, large, multi-functional, stackable, and easy to carry! Love!

8 Storage Cubes, 4 pieces | Cubes are perfect for good-looking storage for any room in the house. These are available in many colors and patterns.

I hope these ideas motivate you to clean out and organize your craft and sewing rooms. Stay tuned, next month I will keep on organizing with Part 2 in my series. How’s it going on your end? Let me know if you are getting things in order in your craft room and having success!

Thanks for following along,

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