Easy DIY Thanksgiving Banner (Fall Paper Craft Ideas)

Learn how to make a simple paper craft banner with this step-by-step tutorial.

Thanksgiving Crafts Paper Banner to Make for your shelf or Fireplace Mantle

Today’s project is an easy DIY Thanksgiving Banner that is perfect for adding fall decor and color to your space.

This time of year, it is always fun to feather the nest, and this is a fun way to do it.

Thanksgiving Crafts Paper Banner to Make for your Fireplace Mantle

I’m thankful for all of it.
The highs. The lows.
The blessings. The lessons.
The setbacks. The comebacks.
The love. The hate.

— Unknown
Thanksgiving Crafts Paper Banner to Make for your Fireplace Mantle

Girls’ Night Craft

I invited friends and family members over on two separate occasions, and we really enjoyed making the banners you see pictured here and a couple for Christmas!

Getting creative, sharing ideas, and having a little wine as we worked was fun. 😉

This is an excellent craft for a small group.

It is easy to share supplies; the host can buy various items, or everyone can bring something to contribute.

Your girlfriends can each make their own banner and take it home with them.

Thanksgiving Crafts Paper Banner to Make for your Fireplace Mantle

Crafts with Kids

Kids will also enjoy this project. It is straightforward; cutting paper and gluing is the hardest part.

Work as a family to create one together! It will be a keepsake to hang up in your home and enjoy for years to come.

Handmade Gifts

If you are feeling ambitious, I absolutely love this craft for gift-giving! You can personalize every detail for your recipient.

Making multiple banners is easy when you get the hang of it and have all your supplies out. Consider making one for yourself and one to give away.

A fall harvest or Thanksgiving crafts banner would make a very special gift! Bring one to the host of your Thanksgiving dinner.

It is a personal gift and functional, too. Pick a decorative paper to match their home decor and use a design that fits their personality.

You can also choose a theme specifically for another holiday, milestone birthday, anniversary, etc.

Thanksgiving Crafts Paper Banner to Make for your Fireplace Mantle


Paper banners are an inexpensive art project, especially if you already have some basic craft odds and ends in your collection.

The star of the show is scrapbooking paper.

A glue stick, paper scissors, and a paper punch are all you need for essential tools.

And to round it out, old buttons, ribbons, trinkets, or trims work great to add some embellishments to the final product.

So many beautiful scrapbooking papers, trims, and embellishments are available these days to fit any occasion. It is hard to narrow down the choices.

Design your own banner, or you can use my banner template, which is available in the shop.

The digital download includes background templates and two styles of letters. Mix and match to get exactly what you want!

Thanksgiving Crafts Paper Banner to Make for your Fireplace Mantle

Custom Banner Ideas

Banners are fun for any season, celebration, or holiday.

The designs today are celebrating the fall and Thanksgiving seasons, but below are other celebration and holiday ideas for creating a DIY craft banner:

Happy Birthday Banners
Happy Anniversary Tidings
Game Day Party Pennants
Welcome Guest Greetings
New Year’s Day Wishes
Valentines Day Sayings
St Patricks Day Messages
Easter Greetings
Independence Day Banners
Halloween Phrases
Thanksgiving Expressions
Merry Christmas & Hanukkah Messages

Choose your Message and Design

Draw up your own banner designs, or you can use my banner template, available in the shop.

There are designs for fall and also designs available for Christmas.

The digital download includes the background shapes template and 2 type styles for the letters. Your choice to mix and match.

Where To Buy

Scrapbook paper and banner materials are available in most craft stores and on Amazon.com.

They come in so many beautiful colors and patterns.

You can buy it by the sheet or purchase a book. TONS are available, so look around and find what works best for you!

Below are a few options I found on Amazon within the fall and Thanksgiving decor themes.

Click photos or links to compare products. Affiliate links are underlined.

Carta Bella Paper Company – Fall Break Pack

Colorbok Paper – Mad for Plaid

Echo Park Fall Collection Kit


Below are the craft materials needed for your DIY banner project. Some of the supplies are optional, so read closely.

Scrapbook Paper
Paper Scissors
Paper Glue or Glue Stick glue sticks
Hole Punch
Embellishment buttons, ribbon or trim, etc.
Banner Template download optional pattern
Brayer not pictured
Straightedge optional
Xacto Knife optional
Cutting Mat self-healing mat optional

Affiliate links are included. Not all supplies are in the photo above.


Below is a step-by-step tutorial.

Paper, Colors, & Patterns

1 Collect all of your supplies. Choose the word or message for your banner.

Also, you’ll need to decide if you will cut your letters out of paper or print them directly on the scrapbooking paper with a printer.

Next, draw up your crest design or print out my banner templates, available in the shop.

The digital download includes background templates and two styles of letters. Your choice to mix and match!

TIP Make a cardboard version of your template if you are making more than one banner.

Choose two coordinated papers for each letter: one for the front, one for the background, and one for the letter itself (if you are cutting it out of paper).

Lay the paper pairs out across a table or the floor to decide if they work well as a set.

Adjust the placement of the colors and patterns if necessary, so the whole banner is balanced.

Cutting & Printing Banner Paper

2 Cut out your letters (optional) and the background crest shapes with a scissor, Cricut, or another cutting machine.

DO NOT cut out the front crest shapes if you print the letters with a printer.

If you are cutting the letters out of paper, go ahead and cut the front crest shapes out now, too.

3 Next, print out each letter (optional) on the scrapbook paper that you chose for each letter.

TIP Find out if your printer can handle smaller size pieces of paper.

If it can, you do not have to waste as much paper. Some printers require letter size only, so you may need to cut the paper to fit your specific printer.

4 Now cut out the front sheets for the banner with your printed letter.

TIP For the printed letter pieces, lean the template shape and the newly printed letter up on a window or on a lightbox.

Trace around the outline with a pencil and cut it out with scissors.

Glue & Decorate

5 Glue the fronts onto the backs. Use a brayer if you have one to get a smooth finish.

CAUTION: Be sure to test your paper glue with scrap paper scraps first!

We found many types of glue that made the papers curl, including Elmers’ Paper Glue.

My favorite of 4 that I tried was Scotch Glue Sticks. (affiliate link)

Nice and flat, good hold, and NO curling! Yay! But test first anyway to be safe and not put too much glue on because it can cause bumps.

6 Now the fun really starts! String together your banner and decorate it!

Punch holes in the top or to the upper sides. Consider ribbon, raffia, or burlap string to link the letters together.

Embellish with buttons, scrapbooking tapes, trinkets, flowers, or charms.

Tie ribbons to a letter or at each end of your banner. You can also go clean and simple and skip all of the razzle-dazzle. You, be you!

Part of a Thanksgiving Crafts Banner Tutorial

More Craft Ideas

Want more craft inspiration? Browse all of the creative projects here.
Let’s start with other banner designs.

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Below are a few of the most popular tutorials on other topics.

DIY Mini Gnomes
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I can’t wait to see what you create!

I hope you will gather with your favorite people and make a DIY craft banner!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment box below. I am happy to help!

Thank you for visiting!

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