Wide Leg Pants Sewing Pattern Ideas (Elastic Waisted)

Looking for a stylish and comfortable wide leg pants sewing pattern? Discover versatile styles for all skill levels and occasions to elevate your looks!

Modeling handmade wide-leg stripe, pants.

I always look for new projects that blend comfort, ease, and style. Today, I am using a wide-leg pants sewing pattern to create cute trousers that are all of those things.

I love the popularity of this style lately, but I believe full-legged pants are a timeless wardrobe staple and offer endless creative possibilities when choosing fabrics and details! And who doesn’t love the comfort of an elastic waist band?

In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite and newest pattern ideas for sewing wide-leg, elastic-waist pants, perfect for sewers looking to expand their handmade wardrobe.

Let’s have some fun today with fabrics and chic silhouettes!

Why You will Love This Style

You will love sewing wide-leg pants because they are so easy to make and delightful to wear! They feel like cozy pajama pants, but you can dress them for sleek street style or an elegant night out.

The flowy fabric feels great, especially on warm days, and the wide-leg design adds a touch of classiness to any outfit.

Sewing your own allows you to choose the ideal fabric and customize the fit, ensuring they are exactly what you want.

It also lets you change up the design or embellish your pattern. To add a little interest, I added a wide band across the bottom of my pants pattern, with the stripes running perpendicular. (If you love a good stripe, check out my long wrap skirt patterns too.)

Pants are a rewarding project that results in a fashionable and comfortable addition to any wardrobe.

The patterns I selected are designed to be easy to follow, making them perfect for sewers of all skill levels.

What to Wear with Wide Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are versatile and can be dressed up or down!

For a casual look, pair them with fitted t-shirts or tank tops to balance the volume of the pants. Add some sandals or sneakers for comfort. Wear a tucked-in blouse or a slim-fitting sweater for a more polished outfit.

High heels or ankle boots can elevate the look. Accessories like belts can define your waist, and statement jewelry can add a touch of personality. Overall, keeping the top more fitted helps create a balanced and flattering silhouette.

See the examples below for pairing inspiration.


Here’s a list of sewing supplies and equipment you’ll need to make your pants. Having these supplies and equipment ready will ensure a smooth and enjoyable project. (Affiliate links included below)

Pictured Above
Sewing Pins and Pin Cushion
Snippers my favorite
Ruler big and small
Sewing Scissors or
Cutter the best

Not Pictured
Pattern I used Simplicity S8841
Safe Cutting Surface my board & another good one
or a Cardboard Mat
Sewing Machine
Machine Needles

Notion requirements for your pattern,
such as interfacing, elastic, or a drawstring

Optional but Helpful
Tape Measure
Seam Ripper
Iron and Ironing Board
Chalk or Fabric Marker

My Favorite Sewing Products

Below are links to my favorite sewing supplies. I love them all and own all of these brands below. Some of the products I have are the older versions, though, as they last a long time. Affiliate links are included.

Pattern Ideas

Below are new styles for all body types, including lovely details like front pockets, a pocket opening for interior pockets, and buttons for embellishment.

The best part? These stylish garments are not only designed for all body types but are also a breeze to make, thanks to their elastic waist and simple construction. You’ll feel confident in your sewing skills with these patterns.

Click the photos or links to review size charts and fabric requirements.
All are in paper patterns, and some are available in a PDF digital sewing pattern version, as well.

My Pattern

I used this great pattern for my project, the Simplicity S8841 style (pictured below – affiliate link), and I made view B without a belt.

Simplicity S8841

Other Patterns

Below are more (very cute) wider leg pant styles to try!

Wide leg paper pattern with elasticated waistband
Pants pattern with button detail on the side seams of the front panels
Wide pant legs pattern with cargo pockets
High waist palazzo pants with elastic waistband


Below is a list of variations you can explore when making your project. Exploring these creative directions allows you to sew perfectly tailored pants to your style and preferences.

Vary the direction of your fabrics
Position striped or patterned fabric in different directions. For example, add a playful contrast and vertical stripes on the legs and horizontal stripes on the waistband, cuffs, or pockets. This technique not only enhances the design but makes it unique.

Use bold prints or luxurious fabrics
Choose vibrant patterns like florals, geometric designs, or rich fabrics like silk or velvet to create eye-catching, fashion-forward pants.

Customize the length
Play with different hem lengths, from trendy ankle-baring crops to elegant, sweeping floor lengths to match your style and occasion.

Include side slits
Add side slits at the hem to give your pants a touch of drama and freedom of movement, ideal for both casual and evening wear.

Add functional or decorative pockets
Incorporate practical side or back pockets for everyday use, or add faux pockets with stylish detailing for a chic look.

Incorporate decorative stitching or embroidery
Enhance your pants with intricate stitching or embroidery along the seams, pockets, or hems for a personalized and artsy touch.

Use contrasting fabrics or colors
Mix and match different fabrics or colors to create striking contrast panels or eye-catching cuffs that make your pants stand out.

Add belt loops and a matching fabric belt
Sewing belt loops and crafting a matching fabric belt will create a cohesive look and add functionality to your pants.

Try asymmetrical hems
Give your pants a contemporary edge with asymmetrical hems, creating a unique, fashionable silhouette that will turn heads and get noticed!


What fabric to use for wide leg pants?

Choose fabrics with your preferred style, comfort, and good drape for wide-leg pants. Cotton and linen offer breathability and structure, rayon blends provide a silky feel, silk adds luxury, wool blends offer warmth, and polyester blends ensure durability.

How much fabric do I need to make wide leg pants?

Your sewing pattern provides this information, but you typically need about 2 to 3 yards of fabric.

What is the best length for wide leg pants?

The best length for wide-leg pants is typically ankle-length or slightly longer, ensuring an elegant silhouette without dragging on the ground.

Expert Tips

Here are some tips that have been really useful to me when using a wide-leg pants sewing pattern. These steps help create well-fitting, stylish, wide-leg pants that I love wearing!

Choose the Right Fabric
Opt for lightweight, flowy fabrics like linen, cotton, or rayon for the best drape and comfort. These fabrics are also generally easy to work with, making sewing much more enjoyable!

Pre-wash Your Fabric
Always pre-wash your fabric before cutting and sewing to prevent shrinkage after your pants are made.

Measure Twice, Cut Once
Double-check your measurements and pattern markings before cutting to ensure accuracy and fit.

Use the Right Needles
Use the appropriate sewing machine needles for your fabric type (e.g., universal, ballpoint) to prevent snags and ensure smooth stitching.

Press as You Go
I may sound like a broken record, but pressing takes your garment quality to the next level. Don’t skip it! Press your seams and hems with an iron as you sew to create crisp, professional-looking finishes.

Test Fit as You Sew
I always pin or baste seams together and try on my pants periodically to check the fit and make necessary adjustments so there are no surprises. This helps you mitigate problems early on.

Finish Seams Properly
Finish raw edges with a serger, zigzag stitch, or bias tape to prevent fraying and ensure durability.

Hem Carefully
Take your time to hem your pants evenly. Consider the length of your pants with different shoes to ensure they fall just right.

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I enjoyed this pant project so much; look for more pant styles in the future, including yoga, harem pants, and wrap pants.

Please let me know how your handmade pants turn out in the comment box below. I love to hear from you. Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list or follow me on social media for more inspiration. Happy sewing!


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