Ideas for How to Make a Cozy and Welcoming Guest Room

Creative ideas to warmly welcome all guests into your home.

As a guest, I am always collecting ideas for how to make a cozy and welcoming guest room so that I can return the favor someday in my own home.

To help jog my memory and help yours too, I’ve created a list of ideas and little extras to inspire your hosting now and throughout the year.

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Hospitality isn’t about inviting people into our perfect homes; it’s about inviting them into our imperfect hearts.

– Dr. Edie Wadsworth

Hosting Guests in your Home

Of course, making your visitors feel welcome is not about “things.”

It’s about giving of yourself and sharing your home.

So, no matter the size, if you have a bit of space, whether it be a floor, air mattress, couch, or guest room, you can always make them feel comfortable and honored.

Use whatever comes easy for you, your charm, cooking skills, or creativity, to make it extra special.

The Sleeping Guest Room

Think about where your guests will sleep and what they may need as they arrive, unpack, go to sleep, or wake up the next day.

It’s always a great idea to stay in your own guest room!

It will give you a whole new perspective on what is missing or not working.

Below are ideas from the basic to the extravagant. Have fun and enjoy the preparation to make your company comfortable.

Don’t forget to clean the space thoroughly before your guests arrive. Here’s a cleaning supplies list to help you.

To make the delicious chocolate chip cookies (in the photo above) for your guests, click here for the recipe: Alex’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Cooking or Baking for Guests

Spoil your guests with homemade baked goods! Nothing says welcome like the smell of warm cookies, bread, or desserts. Below are a few more wonderful recipes to make for your feeding your guests.

Soft Ginger Cookies
Blueberry Crumble
Healthy Banana Bread

Spinach Quiche with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Explore more ideas to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner here: Recipe Ideas

Guest Amenities

To add special touches, pull items from around your home. You probably already have objects or decor that will work perfectly.

Check your kitchen, in your closets, or behind your cupboard doors for trays, baskets, special dishes, candles, vases, linens, pillows, or extra toiletries.

Then, run to the store if you want to take it to the next level with flowers, drinks, snacks, etc.

Minimalist Guest Bedroom

Below are ideas for a cozy and comfortable guest area.

So naturally, I placed them in (my personal) order of importance. The first list is short and basic.

A Comfortable Bed or Landing Spot

It’s lovely to offer your guest(s) a place to sleep.

If you have room for a bed, take the time to make it pleasant. Clean and well-cared-for linens make such a loving statement.

If you cannot have a bed, a couch or a futon will still work nicely. However, add extra comforting accouterments to make it cozy.

Pillows and More Pillows

I love to offer my houseguests a few different pillow types, big and small or soft and firm.

Mix it up so your visitors have options.

Sleeping away from home can be challenging, but this can help increase the chance of a restful evening for them.

A Cozy Throw or Blanket

Like a great big hug, it’s nice to have a blankie available if needed.

People do not always pack the right things to keep warm, and this guarantees they will be comfortable.

Throws also give your room a soft and inviting appearance, as if to say, “Come in, sit down, and make yourself at home!”

Maximalist Guest Bedroom

Here’s the second list. This one is for increasing your space’s functional and pampering qualities.

Again, these are still relatively affordable but present practical and feel-good vibes for your visitor.

Fresh Fluffy Towels and Washcloths

Everyone loves a clean and (large enough) bath towel. I personally love a good washcloth, too. 😁

Be sure they are absorbent and soft. Give them a trial run and use them yourself so you are confident.

Water Pitcher and Glasses

Providing a drink station and snacks is such a welcoming gesture.

It will feel like an indulgence to your visitors and make them feel like they are in a luxurious hotel. Yet, it is one of the most effortless and enjoyable things to organize.


Create a small tray or basket of goodies.

Consider including cookies, chips, mints, or chocolates. It is thoughtful to include, as many people may feel uncomfortable asking for food.

A Luggage Rack or Durable Table

Providing a space for your company’s belongings is helpful and worthwhile.

It will be convenient for them to have a luggage rack, a sturdy wooden box, or a table where they can put their luggage.

If that is not possible, hooks, a coat rack, or a dresser will be helpful for them to set clothing or personal items during their stay.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers add elegance, beauty, and a lovely scent to a room.

They also convey affection to your guests and just make everyone feel special!

Books and Magazines

Get creative and customize your book selections for your guests.

Choose from your shelves or the public library. Or pick up a new magazine or newspaper to make the room inviting.


Consider buying a few postcards from a local gift shop for an extra welcoming touch.

Then, tuck them into your guest room welcome basket with stamps and a pen.

With all the supplies ready, your guests will easily be able to send a postcard to friends or family back home.

Free Guest Room Printables

Below are FREE printables for your guestroom preparation.

To access the free download library, subscribe. (Or sign in if you are already subscribed).

After you sign up, you will receive an email with the login password. Next, go to the library page to download and print your PDF.

The first PDF is a list of ideas and inspirations for guestroom amenities, from the simple to the sublime.☺️

Guest Room Ready Checklist (PDF)

A list of more inviting details, both essentials and luxuries, for your guest room. 

Wifi Password Printable Signs

Next are printable Wi-Fi password signs with three different designs to pick from.

Why not have the most frequently asked question preprinted for your guests so they don’t have to ask?

There’s something for the minimalist as well as the more feminine.

You can edit it or handwrite your info on the printed copy. If you want to take it up and over the top, frame it!

To access the free download library, subscribe. (Or sign in if you are already subscribed).

You can also leave a note or quote for your guests with a message board. Check out these funny letter board quotes!

Okay, it’s your turn to get the guest room ready! I hope you enjoy prepping your home for visitors, but remember, don’t sweat the small stuff.

The most important thing is to enjoy the people who have come to see YOU. ❤️

Wishing you every happiness!


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