DIY Seat Cushion Cover Roundup

A colorful collection of seat cushion tutorials to inspire you to create any style of cushion you desire!

A heading for a blog post about a seat cushion DIY roundup.

Here’s a collection of all cushion cover tutorials on the site. It’s a DIY Seat Cushion Cover Roundup! Yee Haw. 

If you crave a custom look without the high price tag, making your cushion covers is what you should do!

Get the exact fabric color and pattern you want. Plus, choose the cushion size, height, and style that works best for your project.

You may think this job is only for professionals, but think again! Anyone can do this. Really, really!

If you are intimidated, start with the simpler beginner-friendly designs, then work your way down the page as you gain confidence.

I’ve put the projects in order of difficulty. The last three have very similar methods, so it is hard to rank those.

Let’s get started. You can do this!

1 How to Cover a Bench with Fabric

If you have no patience for sewing, this one’s for you! Here is a completely no-sew cushion! All you need is a staple gun to attach to the baseboard. 

Even a beginner can get professional results. 

See how to do this yourself HERE

2 DIY Bench Seat Cushion Covers

Here’s an easy shortcut method to cover a foam cushion. It is basically a fitted sheet for your foam insert.

A great option if you want an easier and faster approach. Great for beginners!

Read the post HERE

3 How to Make a Cushion Cover for a Chair

If you happen to have an old chair that needs a refresh, this tutorial may help.

There is very little sewing involved. Straight stitching and a stapler. You can do this!

Find the instructions HERE

4 How to Make Chair or Bar Stool Cushion

This is my Pottery Barn wanna-be cushion.

If you make a custom cushion, you can get the fabric patterns and colors you love the most and that work in your home and save lots of money too!

I think a lovely little tie detail is all you need. There’s no piping necessary here. 😃

Learn how easy it is HERE.

This bar stool cushion works equally well for most chairs too. See above. Find it HERE

5 DIY Bench Cushion Covers

This is a tutorial on how to make a DIY bench cushion cover with or without custom piping.

It may sound intimidating, but I walk you through each step in the process, including photos.

Read post HERE

Here’s another example of a DIY Bench Cushion Cover like the one above it.

For the back closure, you can use something simple, such as Velcro or ties. This makes the project more manageable and beginner-friendly.

Read the bench post HERE

This Seat Cushion DIY Roundup will transform your space one seat at a time! Which cushion will you start with? 😁 


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