Rosemary and Prosciutto Pizza

The Tripoli; rosemary and prosciutto pizza with onions and arugula is hands-down my favorite flavor combo. I know you will love it too!

Rosemary and Prosciutto pizza slices on a peel.

Truth be told, I have rarely turned down pizza of any kind! But I do play favorites. One of which is definitely rosemary and prosciutto pizza with onions and arugula.

Our good friends, Ruth and Bill, discovered and then adapted this combination. 

Tripoli pizza, now discontinued, was a gem on the menu of Punch Neapolitan Pizza.

Punch is a local pizzeria chain here in Minnesota known for brick-oven pizzas.

Caputo 00 Flour Pizza Dough Recipe

In Italy and around the world, Italian 00 flour is used by many of the best pizza makers. It is the gold standard for creating authentic Neapolitan pizza.

The Caputo family has been producing flour in Naples for over three generations.

Along with San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes, it is considered an essential ingredient if you want the stamp of approval of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

Rosemary and Prosciutto pizza slices.

Antimo Caputo Chef’s Flour

This Italian Double Zero 00 flour (affiliate link) is excellent for home ovens up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

They recommend Chef’s Flour be used for those who want to bake in a traditional home oven.

This Italian Chef’s flour is a general-purpose, high-gluten flour that works well for many recipes.

You can use it for pizza crust, pasta, bread, and pastries.

Caputo “00” Pizzeria Flour Blue

If you are looking for a delicious, thin, crisp crust cooked with the heat of a wood-fired oven, Caputo 00 Pizzeria Flour (affiliate link) is the most popular choice.

This flour works well in higher-temperature ranges.

It is a finely ground blend of flour with 12.5% gluten.

Recipe for Neapolitan Pizza Crust using Caputo, click HERE

Ingredients for Rosemary and Prosciutto Pizza

In my opinion, you do not need ALL of these ingredients to enjoy this pizza combination. But it is really magic if you do. 

You will LOVE this topping recipe. Everyone does.

The bare essentials are rosemary, onion, mozzarella, and prosciutto. But the “full” list is below.


Prosciutto means ham, which in Italian is a flavorful and delicate, dry-cured pork.

You can buy prosciutto at your deli counter, sliced thin for pizza.

It is also available in small packages in the grocery case.

White Onions

The white onion has a slightly milder taste than the yellow onion.

It is perfect if you want an onion flavor that doesn’t overpower your food. 

White onions are commonly available in the produce section. Be sure to slice them very thin.

Fresh Rosemary

Rosemary is a fragrant evergreen herb that is indigenous to the Mediterranean region.

It is a member of the mint family and other herbs, such as basil, lavender, oregano, and thyme.

Fresh rosemary is sometimes sold in small herb packages or as a plant in the produce department of your grocery store. 

This is also an easy herb to grow at home and use for other recipes.

I love to grow it in a pot and keep it outside but close to the kitchen for easy access.

Fresh Mozzarella

Mozzarella is only aged for a short time, and because of that, it is a softer cheese.

Made from cow milk or water buffalo, it is typically used for pizza toppings because it melts very easily when heated. 

You will usually find fresh mozzarella at the deli counter, packed in water.

It is also available in containers or plastic packs in the grocery case.


Arugula is a cruciferous vegetable, that offers many of the same benefits as other more mainstream vegetables, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kale. 

The leaves of arugula, known as rocket or roquette, are small and tender with a tangy taste. 

Arugula is usually found in the produce section, next to lettuce varieties. 

Truffle Oil

Oil infused with truffle flavor is a modern culinary ingredient used to give the taste and aroma of real truffles to a recipe. 

Truffle oil is most commonly used for finishing dishes, such as pasta, pizzas, and puréed foods.

It is significantly less expensive than fresh truffles because it rarely contains real truffles. 

At one time, truffle oil was high-quality olive oil infused with black or white truffles, but today, most oils are made with manufactured ingredients.

If you love the flavor, go for it. But buyer beware. 

You can find truffle oil on Amazon, fine food stores, and grocery stores.

HERE are a few tasty ones to try.

Rosemary and Prosciutto Pizza Instructions

It’s important to put the ingredients on the pizza in the proper order to maximize the texture and flavor.

Presentation is also important. By adding the fresh arugula last, you will indeed have a lovely-looking professional pizza.😁

Are you drooling yet? At long last, below is the recipe.

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Rosemary and Prosciutto pizza slices on a wood pizza peel.

Rosemary and Prosciutto Pizza


This pizza flavor was inspired by the original Tripoli at Minnesota-based Punch pizza.


Put the following ingredients on, in order.

Before Baking

Olive oil and vinegar mixture

Fresh rosemary

White onion, thinly sliced

Fresh mozzarella

Strips of prosciutto

After Baking

Add a handful of arugula

A light drizzle of truffle oil


Add toppings in the order of ingredients listed. Add prosciutto last, so it gets crispy. Bake until cheese is melted and crust is golden.

After baking, sprinkle with fresh arugula and drizzle lightly with truffle oil. Enjoy!

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 2- 10 minutes, depending on the heat source
  • Category: Main dishes: Pork
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: Italian

Keywords: Pizza, Arugula, Prosciutto, Rosemary, Onion, Brick oven, Italian

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Pizza Tools and Equipment

Below are some of the pizza tools we use indoors and out. I have also included products that are on my wish list!

Affiliate links are below, in blue.

Pizza Peels

Wherever you are baking, whether indoors or out, pizza peels are perfect for moving your pizzas from the work area, where you roll and top, to the heat source. Find one HERE

Peels are available in different handle lengths depending on what you are baking with, such as kitchen oven, grill, or brick oven.

They also look great to serve pizza on. 😃

A Pizza Steel

Steels are flat cast iron pans intended to heat up and restore takeout or homemade pizza. They work on any stovetop and take only 2 – 3 minutes.

Apparently, the difference is outstanding. Let me know if you try one! HERE is a highly rated one on Amazon. (Affiliate link)

A Pizza Stone

Pizza stones are multipurpose and mimic brick oven qualities.

Use them to improve your pizza crust. Bake fresh or frozen pizzas on your stone. You will love it!

HERE is a square example, but they also come in circular and rectangular shapes. (Affiliate link)

Stones also work great for making bread, cookies, and even stuffed calzone at home.

Don’t forget to try this simple but amazing Neapolitan Pizza Crust recipe, just click HERE

Well, there you have it, one of my top 3 pizza toppings of all time.😃 

Enjoy your pizza. Arrivederci!

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