How to Make Easy DIY Napkin Rings (Fabric Holder Ties)

Sew quick napkin rings with this DIY beginner’s sewing tutorial. Then, create a pretty tablescape!

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Hi gang! Here’s a cute little super-fast project. 😃 Learn how to make easy DIY napkin rings (fabric holder ties) with this quick tutorial.

These napkin holders are completely custom. Create them to match one of your tabletops or place settings.

Today I was going for a masculine, casual look. This will work perfectly for this coming Father’s Day!

It would also be great for a birthday celebration of men or boys.

See more ideas for hosting & entertaining here.

When you change up the fabric and buckle style, you could have a much more feminine and fancy look.

You could really go in any direction! Try rhinestones and taffeta or metal and leather.

You get the idea! 😂

Choosing your Buckle

First things first. You’ll need to find the right buckle shape.

For this particular design, it needs to be a 3-prong buckle.

Other styles would work, too, for other fastening techniques. Refer to the belts in your closet for ideas!

Below are a few 3-prong designs that would work for this specific project. (Affiliate links in blue.)

Round Resin Buckles HERE

Metal Buckle Designs HERE

Round Rhinestone Buckle HERE

Round Etsy Buckles HERE

Buying Fabric

This is pretty straightforward. If you are making the napkin rings to match existing tableware, select colors to match or contrast.

The addition of a new contrasting pop of color is always fun!

You can then weave that into your flower or table accessories choices.

Pick a medium-weight, washable fabric, and easy to sew for the best results.

This project requires very little fabric so you could spend a little more per yard! 👍🏻

Materials Needed for Napkin Rings

Pins or Wonder Clips
Scissors or Rotary Cutter
Thread Trimmer optional
Straight Edge optional

DIY Napkin Ring Instructions

This project is very easy. Let’s get started! Here’s how I made my DIY Napkin Rings.

Prepare your Materials

Prewash your fabric, then dry it as you would normally. Press.

Determine the Fabric Cut Size

Next, you will need to figure out the size that works best for the dimensions and weight of the napkins you will be using and the buckle design that you have chosen.

My cut fabric pieces are each 8 1/2 inches long x 3 inches high, plus a seam allowance. (I used a 1/2-inch seam allowance)

Be sure to adjust the height of the band to fit your buckle.

You may want to choose a different length for the strip of fabric so it also works best with your napkins.

Sew Just One for Starters

I recommend making one napkin ring from start to finish before cutting all of your fabric pieces.

You’ll want to be sure you get it just the right size before you cut into the rest of the fabric.

Cut Fabric and Sew

To make the first one. Measure, then cut your fabric piece.

With the right sides of the fabric together, fold the piece in half lengthwise.

Stitch closed from one end, then around the corner down the full length of the strip.

Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end to secure.

Turn right side out. Press, opening up the seams as you go.

Tuck the raw edges of the open end inward and press flat. Adjust to look finished.

At this point, you can topstitch around the perimeter if you like.

I did not because my fabric is visually busy, but it would look great with the right fabric.

Now, wrap the unstitched end (if you did not topstitch) around the center of your buckle.

Stitch vertically so that it secures to the buckle.

Position the stitches close enough to the edge of the fabric to secure the edges at the same time unless you have already topstitched them.

Then you only need one line of stitching.

Wa-La, you have a completed fabric napkin ring. Congratulations!

I know you will enjoy making these DIY napkin rings, and I look forward to seeing your creations!


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  1. Such a cute idea and so easy to make. Love the idea, and I will share it with my granddaughter who is a beginner sewer. Thank you.

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