3 Minnesota DIY graduation gnomes.

Graduation Gnomes

It’s grad party season! Graduation gnomes are a fantastic gift idea you can make yourself.  Artist Ruth Johnson made all the handcrafted gnomes on this website and shares her ideas with us today! For more gnome inspiration, check out these Gnome Posts for lots of tips and tricks … Read More

A photos of lips full of sugar to represent the negative effect of sugar on your body

The Negative Effects of Sugar on the Body

It’s been about 10 years since I first really took seriously the negative effects of sugar on the body. My Mom died a couple of weeks ago after her long journey with Alzheimer’s. The disease stole so much from her sweet, precious life. Memory loss is truly heartbreaking. Chances … Read More

Is Vegetable Oil Unhealthy?

Is vegetable oil unhealthy? Yes. You may not have known that vegetable oil is hazardous to your health. I know it’s hard to believe when it’s been a staple in the kitchen your whole life. Even after I heard the research, it still took me a long time … Read More

Healthy Cooking Oils

I’ve got information from nutritional professionals, about what are healthy cooking oils and which ones to avoid. We’ve all been duped! For the last 100 years or so, we were led to believe that vegetable oil was heart healthy, while traditional fats like butter, lard, and coconut oil … Read More

How Protein can Help you Lose Weight and Get Healthy

Nutritional Weight & Wellness of St Paul has taught me so much. One of the most impactful things is how protein can help you lose weight and get healthy. Protein is my nutritional BFF. It is one of the most important nutrient groups and it has had a … Read More