Valentines Day Charcuterie Board Ideas

Melissa Oprish is masterful with food and now she also creates charcuterie boards!

A close-up of heart-shaped board from the blog post, valentines charcuterie boards.

Melissa Oprish Kitchen Offerings creates lovely custom charcuterie boards for any occasion. Here are her latest beauties and Valentine’s Day charcuterie board ideas!

Order today or be inspired to create your own holiday boards.

Hello friends! I’m so excited to introduce you to my sweet and talented friend Melissa Oprish. Her business offers custom appetizer meal boards.

Looking for a delicious statement piece for your next gathering or a super creative gift? She has you covered.

Check out her beautiful board options for future occasions. 

Melissa Oprish, Owner

Melissa is an incredible cook and a certified holistic nutritionist. She also knows how to make food look gorgeous!

She is passionate about nutrition and the food she feeds her family, which spills over to her culinary website, A Nourished Peach

There you will find foodie inspiration, her recipes, plus her drool-worthy charcuterie boards.

Personalized Charcuterie Boards

Boards can be custom-made for yourself or the recipient.

Tell Melissa your preferences, how many you’d like to feed, and a bit about your event or the recipients. Then, she will do the rest!

Charcuterie for Any Occasion

It’s really amazing how flexible, fitting and creative this style of serving or gifting is! Melissa has thought of everything.

Below are a few ideas where charcuterie is the perfect solution for your event.

Valentines Day

A creative way to feed your sweetheart or your gal pals for a Galentine’s celebration.

Cozy gatherings

Having a small group of friends or family over? Charcuterie is an excellent appetizer to serve with drinks.

Hosting a wine night with your girlfriends or couples gathering? There’s a board for that too!

Holiday gatherings

Charcuterie is the ideal solution for pre-or post-main meal nibbling.

Date night

Just add a bottle of wine or warm spiced tea for a perfectly cozy at-home date night.

Fun family dinner

A delightful family dinner plan is “charcuterie night.” Everyone will enjoy this unique way of dining and selecting and combining their favorites.

So much conversation and creativity can come from this type of meal.

Pull a balanced dinner board out of the fridge and place it in the middle of the table. Dinner is served!

What a fun and delicious way to share a meal as a family!

Charcuterie Board Gifts

There’s a little something for everyone on these gift boards, from fruits and veggies to dessert and lots of in-between.

Housewarming Gift

Surprise a family or friends with a housewarming treat as they settle in their new home.

Hostess Gifts

Invited to a party? Asked to bring dessert? Wow, your hosts by taking a stunning sweet board.

Friends or Family in Need

Do something kind for a friend; these boards are such a warm and wonderful way to care for others.

Charcuterie Board Ideas

Below are the goodies Melisssa included on this year’s Valentine’s boards, but she has so much more up her sleeve. Remember to check out her site, A Nourished Peach

Charcuterie Crackers

Water crackers and nut butter

Meats and Cheeses

Prosciutto and mozzarella paninos, gruyere/cheddar blend, coppa, pepperoni, garlic and herb triple cream cheese

Cookies and Candy & Fruit

Jelly heart mini sandwiches, yogurt-covered pretzels, strawberries, raspberries, chocolate hummus dip, x’s + o’s gummies, and chocolate caramel hearts.

How to Order

Melissa would love to help you make your next special occasion beautiful, delicious and unforgettable for your guests!

Contact her on her site, A Nourished Peach, to order, schedule, and customize your charcuterie board.

Spaces may be limited. All orders must be placed a minimum of 7 days in advance. Dietary restrictions can typically be accommodated.

If you live too far away to order or you are ready to get creative, find inspiration in Melissa’s beautiful food boards and create one yourself.

Either way, enjoy the foodie beauty!

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