Small Seeds of Change – Say No to Vegetable Oil

Did you know vegetable oil is hazardous to your health? I know it’s hard to believe when it’s been a staple in the kitchen your whole life. Even after I heard the research, it still took me a long time to say no to vegetable oil and switch to an alternative. Change is hard. But now I understand the destruction it can have on your body. And on the flip side, I’ve learned how amazing the good oils and fats are for you. Your food won’t taste different. Well actually, it will taste better! You won’t even know the bad stuff is gone. But your body will.

Vegetable Oil Can Hurt your Body

Vegetable oils are bad for you because they have very high levels of polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs). PUFAs are highly unstable and oxidize easily. Oxidized fats cause inflammation and mutation in cells. Oxidation can lead to all kinds of health concerns, including cancer, endometriosis, heart disease, and PCOS.

The human body’s fat make-up is about 97% saturated and monounsaturated fat. We must have fat for hormone production and rebuilding cells, but the latest research shows we need to get it from healthy traditional sources. Read more about it here

Healthy Cooking Oils

Replace your vegetable oil with these healthy and healing oils. Download a printable list here

Avocado Oil Chosen
Bacon Grease Applegate
Beef Tallow Epic
Butter, Grassfed Kerrygold
Coconut Oil Island Fresh
Ghee 4th & Heart
High Oleic Sunflower Oil Native
Lard Armour
Macadamia oil (use in moderation) Roland
Organic Olive oil (unrefined, cold pressed and extra virgin ) Bragg
Palm Kernel Oil (from a sustainable source) Dr. Adorable
Safflower Oil (unrefined, cold pressed or expeller pressed) Hollywood

Why are these Oils Healthier?

Healthy and healing oils are stable and not damaged so they will not hurt the cells in your body. These fats protect our organs and keep our body temperatures normal. They are essential for cell growth, cell maintenance, help our brains, hair, skin, nails, hormones, and tissues stay healthy. Read more about it here

The Small Seed of Change Challenge

Here’s my challenge for you. Try to make this ONE simple change for your health today. It will help you bloom. I promise.



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Sally Fallon Morell
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