Flat file in craft and sewing room full of arts and craft supplies

Craft Room Ideas for Organization – Part 1

Hello friends! Today, I have some basic organizing inspiration for you. Join me and tidy up your space too! Here’s the first installment in my series, “Craft Room Ideas for Organization – Part 1”. Are you up for a challenge? (To read Part 2, click HERE) I am … Read More

A heading for a blog post about a seat cushion DIY roundup.

Seat Cushion DIY Roundup

Here’s a collection of all of my cushion cover tutorials on the site so far. It’s a Seat Cushion DIY Roundup! Yee Haw.  If you crave a custom look without the high price tag, making your own cushion cover is a perfect choice. Get the exact fabric color … Read More

Mosaic Tile Table Top Tutorial

Today, we are dropping in on my friend Deb! She’ll walk us through a mosaic tile table top tutorial and demonstrate how easy it really is to make your own. So many craft projects, so little time! Mosaic tiles. A whole new category of crafts for you? IKR. How … Read More

summer spinach salad recipe with honey lime dressing and fresh cut corn on the cob, in a white bowl

Summer Spinach Salad Recipe

This Summer Spinach Salad Recipe was one of the first gems I discovered in a pile of old cookbooks I was gifted. It’s an oldie, but a goodie that I just love! I hope you will too. When my parents were somewhere in their seventies, before my Mom’s … Read More

A blueberry crumble pie recipe in a white ramekin

Blueberry Crumble Pie Recipe

Here she is, my traditional 4th of July Blueberry Crumble Pie Recipe. I think I’ve made this every year for the last 15 years. Best in July, when the blueberries are abundant and sweet. It doesn’t have a fancy lattice crust, but it’s faster, easier, and oh so … Read More

Stenciled American flag pillows from the blog post, "How to Paint Throw Pillows".

How to Paint Throw Pillows

Ready for a simple craft to celebrate the fourth of July? Allow me to show you how easy it is to paint throw pillows! This project is appropriate for all ages! It can be done with painterly precision or loosey-goosey fun, depending on how you roll. A custom … Read More

A strawberry basil gin smash in a highball glass, the best cocktail recipe for summer or the fourth of July

Strawberry Basil Gin Smash Recipe

Everybody needs a neighbor who delivers cocktails to your door. We are lucky enough to have those neighbors, and they’ve shared their drink recipe today! Here’s how to make Jenn and Rob’s Strawberry Basil Gin Smash Recipe. It’s bound to put a summer smile on your face and … Read More

4th of July Gnomes DIY. Red, white and blue.

4th of July Gnomes DIY

It’s almost Independence Day in the United States, so you know what that means? Yes, of course. My girlfriend Ruth is back at her gnome endeavors! I just wanted to drop in quickly today and share her colorful and creative 4th of July Gnomes DIY. DIY Gnome Ideas … Read More

A summer placesetting from the blog post, July 4th Table Decor Ideas.

July 4th Table Decor Ideas

There are so many reasons to celebrate this season! I’ve pulled together these July 4th Table Decor Ideas as inspiration for your summer soirees. Enjoy! If you are entertaining this summer, there are so many options for your table! You do not have to go overboard though. Remember … Read More

How to Make a Rustic American Wood Flag DIY

Rustic American Wood Flag DIY

Here’s a craft project that’s fun for all ages, kids and adults alike. Show your patriotism; learn how to make your own flag or this Rustic American Wood Flag DIY with these easy instructions.  You really have to hand it to Betsy Ross. She knew what she was doing. … Read More