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Blue and yellow-flowered DIY fabric face mask worn by a girl with knit ties secured behind her head.

How to Make a DIY Fabric Face Mask

Hello there! It’s been a while since my first face mask post, and I never dreamed we would still be needing them this long. Sigh. So, I’ve decided to try a different design. Below is an easy tutorial for how to make a DIY fabric face mask with … Read More

No-Bake Brownie Protein Bites

Today’s recipe is inspired by a nut butter that I’d heard about and had to try from Manna Organics. Oh my goodness. It’s amazing! Seriously addicting. When I found myself going back to the jar for the second, third and fourth time, I decided I needed to come … Read More

A work area for baking cookies with a rolling pin, flour and eggs

How to Make Your Cookies Better

I have had my fair share of baking issues. Am I alone on this or, can you relate? After a little research, I created a shortlist of helpful reminders. Learn how to make your cookies better with these simple tips and tricks. 1 Before you Begin, Read through … Read More

sweet and salty protein bites with a coffee mug

Sweet and Salty Protein Bites

These deliciously sweet and salty protein bites are on current rotation in my kitchen. Long-term rotation actually. Why? Super healthy, delicious, crave control! Need I say more? Protein Snack Idea Each protein ball is loaded with ALL the good stuff but quick and easy to make because no … Read More

The 10 Most Popular Recipes

Happy New Year Friends! Here’s one more look back at the blog before we move on! It’s a review of the 10 Most Popular Recipes of 2020. Again, I want to say a huge thanks for following along. I love creating this blog and hearing from all of … Read More

the 10 most popular projects of 2020

The 10 Most Popular Projects of 2020

The New Year is almost here! I thought it would be fun to take a quick review of the 10 Most Popular Projects of 2020 from the blog. Before we get started, I want to say a big thank you for following along. It’s so fun and fulfilling … Read More

soft ginger cookies with frosting on a porcelain plate with a cup of coffee

Soft Ginger Cookies with Frosting

I have been ginger cookie obsessed this season! This is a late-breaking life situation; I didn’t grow up with ginger cookies of any kind but was inspired by a store-bought variety in recent years. As a result, now I can’t stop. I’ve been making and tweaking recipes non-stop. All … Read More

Christmas table setting ideas and inspiration

Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Hello friends! Here’s some quick Christmas table setting ideas and inspiration for you, just in time for your holiday meals. Welcome to Jenny’s table. Jenny and I go way back to high school. She’s beautiful inside and out, and so is her Christmas table. It’s not only beautiful … Read More

Instant Pot Chinese Dumpling Soup in a white bowl

Instant Pot Chinese Dumpling Soup

Today’s recipe is not only flavor-FULL but it gets extra credit for nutrition too! It is bone broth disguised as authentic Chinese Dumpling Soup in an instant pot. Fast, healthy, and delicious! Awesome right? This is another wonderful recipe courtesy of our Chinese friend, Yulin (James). He is always … Read More