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No-sew DIY tablecloth perfect for parties

DIY No-Sew Party Tablecloths and Runners

Need a quick pick me up for your summer porch or patio? Keep reading to learn a simple method for DIY no-sew party tablecloths and runners. This tablecloth has you covered. (Pun intended) Its construction is idiot-proof, super-fast, and easy. No sewing is required, which makes this project … Read More

Tea Set Decorated, Royal Icing, Sugar Cookies by La Petite Celebrations Custom Sweets and Treats.

La Petite Celebrations Custom Sweets and Treats

Today I am excited to share the beautiful iced and embellished artwork of Tuyen Nguyen (pronounced Twin). Tuyen owns La Petite Celebrations in Minnesota and is known for her beautiful custom sweets and treats. After trying my hand at royal icing and decorating sugar cookies back in February … Read More

How to DIY your own ottoman or footstool slipcover

DIY Ottoman Slipcover Tutorial

Refresh your old favorite with this DIY ottoman slipcover tutorial. Have you ever heard of the term “house blind”? This is when you become so used to your home that you unconsciously overlook the clutter or the time-worn flaws of aging. Maybe you have experienced this phenomenon? It happens … Read More

A photo of Jennifer Paganelli, for the Colorful World of Artist blog post.

Jennifer Paganelli

Meet Jennifer Paganelli: artist, author, and magician of color. And those are only a few of the inspiring gifts she shares with the world. Jennifer’s body of work is saturated with vivid colors and hues of happiness. Her career spans decades and is filled with books, fabric lines, … Read More

Vintage Inspired Hand Made Decor by Laura Kennedy

Again, this month I am excited to showcase Vintage Inspired Hand Made Decor by Laura Kennedy; AKA Esther and Irene.  Laura and I first met when our sons were in kindergarten together some 15 years ago. Little did I know how many things we had in common! We … Read More