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Thanksgiving Crafts Paper Banner to Make for your shelf or Fireplace Mantle

Thanksgiving Crafts Banner

This time of year, it is always fun to feather the nest a little. Today’s craft project is perfect for this! With this Thanksgiving crafts banner, I think you will enjoy adding some fall decor and color to your space. More Banner Ideas Fall Garland HEREChristmas Banner HERE I’m … Read More

A photos of lips full of sugar to represent the negative effect of sugar on your body

The Negative Effects of Sugar on the Body

It’s been about 10 years since I first really took seriously the negative effects of sugar on the body. My Mom died a couple of weeks ago after her long journey with Alzheimer’s. The disease stole so much from her sweet, precious life. Memory loss is truly heartbreaking. Chances … Read More

Homemade Basil Pesto

As the temps dip here in Minnesota, I am reminded of this timeless recipe that everyone needs in their kitchen repertoire. Homemade Basil Pesto is a perennial favorite and if you make enough you can keep on enjoying it all winter long. I tend to forget about it … Read More

Chinese Cooking Tools

The world of international cooking is huge. So much to taste, so much to learn! My family has enjoyed learning and tasting both Chinese and Spanish cuisine by way of relationships built through hosting international students. The friendships we have forged have been a wonderful and rich experience, the … Read More

Is Vegetable Oil Unhealthy?

Is vegetable oil unhealthy? Yes. You may not have known that vegetable oil is hazardous to your health. I know it’s hard to believe when it’s been a staple in the kitchen your whole life. Even after I heard the research, it still took me a long time … Read More

Hobby Lobby Arts & Crafts Supplies Store

Hobby Lobby – Fabric, Arts & Crafts Supply Store

If you are looking for fabric, or arts & craft supplies, Hobby Lobby – Fabric, Arts & Crafts Supply Store definitely has you covered. This chain store is a great resource for almost any craft, sewing, or home decor project you could dream up. There is an unbelievable amount … Read More

A small loaf of healthy banana bread on a white plate with honey and butter

Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

For weeks I have been making and eating my weight in banana bread. The Jimmys (Fallon and Kimmel) both confirmed last week that (thank goodness) I am not alone. It must be human nature to seek comfort via bananas. If you are craving it too, here’s my go-to … Read More

sewing room workstation setup with sewing machine

Sewing Room Ideas and Organization – Part 3

Hi there! Welcome to Sewing Room Ideas and Organization – Part 3 in my series on organizing your creative spaces. Today I’ll take you for a quick spin around my sewing setup and throw out ideas for yours too. I hope it inspires you. Let’s get to it! … Read More

The Sewing Lounge

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting a great little fabric store called the Sewing Lounge. They specialize in apparel fabrics and are also highly regarded for their classes, camps, sewing instruction, and support. Fabric Store in St Paul, MN This little gem is on a quaint … Read More

Decoupage Idea for a Glass Storage Jar Lid using Maps

Decoupage Glass Jar

Today we are going to make a Mackenzie-Childs-inspired decoupage glass Jar with a decorative lid. I will share a few decoupage ideas we have up our sleeves to get you going! Have heard of MacKenzie-Childs? They are known for their imaginative, whimsical designs of home decor, dinnerware, and … Read More