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Vintage Inspired Hand Made Decor by Laura Kennedy

Again, this month I am excited to showcase Vintage Inspired Hand Made Decor by Laura Kennedy; AKA Esther and Irene.  Laura and I first met when our sons were in kindergarten together some 15 years ago. Little did I know how many things we had in common! We … Read More

how to make fabric ties

How to Make Fabric Ties

Today I will show you how to make fabric ties; an easy addition to your projects! They are very simple and straightforward to make. Let me show you how. Sometimes, it’s the little things. As with most things in life, taking the time and extra effort with the … Read More

flat lay with an outfit that includes a blouse with a tie front sew it with Simplicity 8601

DIY Tie Front Blouse

Hi Friends! Join me for today’s sewing project and be inspired to create something for yourself! I’ll make a linen DIY tie front blouse using Simplicity Pattern D0890 (or 8601). But first, I have a question for you. When sewing, which do you buy first; the pattern or … Read More

A "Make it Happen" t-shirt design from a blog post named "Beginner Cricut Project Ideas".

Beginner Cricut Projects

Learn how to make a graphic t-shirt with Cricut with these beginner Cricut projects. I have t-shirt ideas & a beginner tutorial too.🎉 If you are a new Cricut user who wants to make a t-shirt or you just need a quick refresher, you’ve come to the right … Read More

mixed color DIY knit ties for a fabric face mask

How to Make Fabric Ties with Knits

Hello! Stay for a minute (it’s that quick!), and learn how to make fabric ties with knits. Just dropping in to share this awesome little hack for how to make ties for face masks or really just about anything you need fabric laces for, clothing, accessories, home decor, … Read More

how to make a fabric face mask

How to Make a Fabric Face Mask

I originally created this post in March 2020, but alas, it is still relevant. Follow along to learn how to make a fabric face mask. Fortunately there are many masks now widely available! If you still are making masks or interested in trying, this design is a good … Read More

A craftsman-style antique chair with a new cushion - tutorial

How to Make a Cushion Cover for a Chair

Do you have an old chair that is in good shape but the cushion is not? No worries, it’s an easy fix! Stay tuned. Today I am going to show you how to make a cushion cover for a chair. If you have an antique chair with good … Read More

Metal nose piece for mask being inserted into a casing

How to Add a Fitted Nose Piece to a Face Mask

Greetings from face mask central. Today, I want to share what I’ve been adding to my face masks to tighten up the nose area. So, let’s get to it, here’s how to add a fitted nose piece to a face mask. A better fitting mask makes for improved … Read More

Treadle Yard Goods – Fabric Store in St Paul, Minnesota

Located on Grand Avenue, one of the Twin Cities’s favorite shopping streets; Treadle Yard Goods – a fabric store in St Paul, Minnesota has been my go-to sewing supply destination for 25 plus years. If I am planning any kind of clothing project, I typically start my fabric … Read More