A craftsman-style antique chair with a new cushion - tutorial

How to Make a Cushion Cover for a Chair

Do you have an old chair that is in good shape but the cushion is not? No worries, it’s an easy fix! Stay tuned. Today I am going to show you how to make a cushion cover for a chair. If you have an antique chair with good … Read More

Metal nose piece for mask being inserted into a casing

How to Add a Fitted Nose Piece to a Face Mask

Greetings from face mask central. Today, I want to share what I’ve been adding to my face masks to tighten up the nose area. So, let’s get to it, here’s how to add a fitted nose piece to a face mask. A better fitting mask makes for improved … Read More

DIY chair cushion on an office chair

How to Make Chair or Bar Stool Cushions

Cushions lend a touch of personality, color, and comfort to a room. Learn how to make chair or bar stool cushions. It is an easy and wonderful accessory for your home. And your backside!😃 We all love Pottery Barn. Most times I walk away with inspiration instead of … Read More

Treadle Yard Goods – Fabric Store in St Paul, Minnesota

Located on Grand Avenue, one of the Twin Cities’s favorite shopping streets; Treadle Yard Goods – a fabric store in St Paul, Minnesota has been my go-to sewing supply destination for 25 plus years. If I am planning any kind of clothing project, I typically start my fabric … Read More

SR Harris Designer and Discount Fabric Store

SR Harris – Great Fabric Store in Minneapolis-St Paul

Need fabric? Check out SR Harris – a great fabric store in Minneapolis-St Paul. Oh lordy, kids. I get a little giddy going there, so I usually go alone, I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself.😄 Shopping for Fabric For starters, there is a diverse selection of fabrics for … Read More

Sprinkles and shades of pink royal icing on the Best Cut Out Sugar Cookies

The Best Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Why do I feel the need to decorate cookies for every holiday? Sounds like a delicious problem to have.😁 Time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the best cut out sugar cookies! I know you will enjoy making and decorating them as much as eating them. Royal Icing Recipe … Read More

A bowl with royal icing frosting recipe, sugar cookies, Wilton gel color, and piping bags

Royal Icing Frosting Recipe

Decorating cookies is such a happy and enjoyable experience for me. Using this Royal Icing Frosting Recipe is definitely one secret weapon for success! It’s yummy, plus it has a smooth and beautiful texture. It’s very flexible and forgiving. You can use it to edge your cookies, flood … Read More

Easy, healthy, gluten free, refined sugar free, white sugar cookies to bake

Gluten-free Sugar Cookie Recipe

I am forever on the hunt for a delicious, healthy, sugar cookie recipe. I think I found it! This Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie recipe is my new roll out, cut out cookie favorite. My perfect cookie is gluten-free, without refined sugar and the guilt that comes with it. 😉 … Read More

Hearts and round shapes made with a wool needle felting tutorial

How to Needle Felt – Beginners Tutorial

Meet Lucia. My friend, neighbor, and young craft phenom! Come along as she walks us through how to needle felt – a beginners tutorial. Lucia reminds me of myself (but better) at her age. I’d like to believe if I had grown up with the plethora of today’s … Read More

storage box with scrapbooking supplies

Craft Room Storage Ideas – Part 2

Hello friends! Welcome to the second installment in my series on organizing your craft room or space. Craft Room Storage Ideas – Part 2! To read Part One, click HERE  This edition is definitely not as fancy because I am going to talk about short and long-term storage solutions. … Read More