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New Year Free Printables

Happy 2022 Friends! Today I am sharing 3 New Year Free Printables that I came up with, for you to use for planning.

I’ve been working on my new year’s intentions this week, as one does this time of year, and the graphic designer in me needed a pretty and organized format to do so. Here they are!

Free download for 2022 New Year Free Printable editorial calendar on clipboard.

Planning for New Year

We know we can’t control everything. Still, it is vital to set goals and take some time to reflect on what was and what you want moving forward.

First, think about what you want in general, long-term. Set your goals and intentions.

Next, break them down into actionable and manageable steps. That is where day planners, web apps, and new year planning sheets can help you.

New Year Free Printables

I always think and rethink the best ways to document my goals, intentions, and plans.

It’s good to keep them accessible and really working for you. Below are three worksheets for 2022. I hope you can put them to use also.

A Printed 2022 Intentions List

Firstly, there is a 2022 intentions list. This should include any specific items that you want to take action on and accomplish this year.

If you are not sure about the whole year, I would suggest trying to fill it in any way.

Write down everything you can think of. Challenge yourself! You can always change as the year goes by. Also, you may appreciate the reminder later this year.

2021 Free download for editorial goal setting intentions list on clipboard

2022 Intentions Calendar

My second worksheet is a 2022 intentions calendar, where you can map out when these activities should happen.

These ideas are living, breathing, and constantly changing. In other words, try working in pencil, so you can change things when necessary!

Moreover, give yourself the grace you deserve to adjust them at any time.

Free download for 2021 editorial calendar on clipboard

Editorial Calendar for 2022

The last one is an editorial calendar. It is publishing specific, for writing, blogging, or other projects.

I kept it as generic as possible to fit whatever you may be working on.

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality.

Free Planners for 2022

If you are interested in any of the planning worksheets for your new year goals, simply subscribe to my email list. 

After you subscribe and confirm your email, you will get an email with a password. Click the link to the free download page and log in. Next, click the free worksheets you would like to print.☺️

Free download for 2022 New Year Free Printable editorial calendar on clipboard.

Above all, I wish you and your family, love, happiness, good health, plus a new year of following your dreams!


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