Camping Theme Party Ideas with DIY Tent (Kids’ Summer Birthday) 

Get creative ideas for an exceptional children’s camping party, styled by Party Haus Event Styling of South Florida. Or hire them to create the perfect party for you!

Check out these camping theme party ideas with a DIY tent for your next kids’ summer birthday.

Your children are going to go gaga for this incredible camping-themed party. 

The ideas are imaginative and entertaining, bringing all the classic camping details to life. 

There are many clever routes to incorporate a camp theme into party food, table settings, parting gifts, and decor.

Of course, summer is a perfect time to camp out, but if your party has to be inside, Party Haus has you covered with ideas (and a tent to keep you dry!)

Keep reading for ways to decorate the space, lay out the buffet or dessert table, and set the dining table.

Then, read these posts for inspiration about food, snacks, and drinks and what games and activities to include.

For baby shower food ideas, see this post.

Planning your Party

Are you planning an upcoming birthday bash? This camp-themed party works well for girls or boys.

For other children’s themes, check out this Backyard Carnival or these Two The Moon party ideas.

If you want to plan a party but aren’t interested in selecting all the details, get in touch with Angie here!

She is excellent at conceptualizing the overall aesthetic of an event and bringing it to life.

If you are more of a DIY party planner type, let her creativity inspire you.

Party Decor

Below are lots of ideas to incorporate a camp vibe into your home, indoors or out.

Create a CampSite

No camping trip is complete without a base camp and campfire.

First, create a central camp setting with battery-operated candles or flameless LED tea lights in a circle. Or use cushions.

Party Haus used an adorable stuffed campfire pillow!

To keep adding to the scene, surround the area with faux, natural, or stuffed pillows for rocks. Add wood logs or twigs to create a lifelike feel. 

Finally, add a few throws, blankets, or cushions around the fire for hanging out.

Construct a Tent or Teepee

Create a tent or teepee in your home. It will give your party theme cred and a central focal point!

Assemble it with blankets or sheets, or draw one on a huge piece of paper and mount it to the wall.

You can also get an affordable tent or teepee kit that your kids will continue to enjoy after the party.

If using sheets and blankets, drape them over a clothesline or a few poles, and secure them with rope or clothespins.

Add some pillows or cushions inside the tent or teepee to create a comfortable and cozy space for the kids to gather.

Angie added a camouflage tent with charming pillows and cozy cushions for seating.

String Camp Lights

Hanging twinkle lights is a fun way to add a magical glow to your campsite.

You can string the lights around the party area or drape them over the seating area to create a cozy and inviting ambiance.

Twinkle lights are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can select them to coordinate with your party’s color scheme.

Add Natural Decor and Camping-Themed Decorations

When decorating your house for the party, include touches of nature.

For example, pinecones, branches, leaves, or rocks can be used in table settings or as props.

Natural decorations will help create a rustic and authentic camp feel for your party. 

Party Haus included lanterns, benches, and pine trees to impart that camping feeling.  

Setting a Buffet Table 

Arranging the buffet table for your camping party is all about bringing the outdoors inside.

Borrow these tips and some of Angie’s creative ideas to create a unique and rustic spread.

Use Different Heights

When arranging the buffet and dessert table, use different heights to create visual interest.

Use cake stands, tiered trays, wooden crates, or boxes to create different levels for your food items.

This makes the table more visually appealing and easier for your guests to navigate.

Plan a Focal Point

Finally, create a focal point at the table. This can be a birthday cake, a floral centerpiece, or a backdrop, such as this rustic Camp Dylan sign.

This will draw guests’ attention to the table and create a memorable moment for the birthday girl or boy.

Create a Natural Setting

Continue the outdoor theme at your table. You can use items such as rustic props, burlap table runners, and greenery.

This will create a natural vibe that will make your guests feel like they are in the great outdoors.

Party Haus layered their buffet table with plaid tablecloths and camp signs, then layered food and accessories on top.

Angie scattered faux pine trees and woodland animals such as foxes, porcupines, cut logs, miniature flags, tents, and skis throughout the setup. 

Add Personal Touches

To make the table even more striking, add personal touches.

Angie created camp signs, miniature personalized banners, and custom food labels. 

Setting the Dining Table

The dining table is a wonderful place to continue the camp-themed setting.

Use these place-setting ideas to inspire you to create a fun, memorable, and interactive table.

Woodland-Inspired Table Settings

Use earthy tones like brown, green, and beige for your tablecloth, napkins, and plates.

Add some nature with pine cones, pine trees, or acorns to the table. 

Party Haus used rustic paper plates and cute bear face napkins.

DIY Camping-Themed Placemats

Make camping-themed placemats using brown kraft paper and camping-themed stencils.

Let the kids create the placemats using templates of trees, tents, campfires, or animals.

Rustic Utensil Holders

Create silverware holders using mason jars or tin cans.

Wrap the jars or cans with jute twine and add a wooden tag with each child’s name.

Fill the jars or cans with disposable utensils, and you will have a functional and stylish addition to your table.

Another idea is to fold and stitch fabric scraps into a mini sleeping bag to slide your plastic utensils into.

Camping Party Food

When it comes to the eats, obviously you want to choose foods that are kid-friendly and easy to eat.

For camping menu ideas, including lunch or dinner, snacks, and dessert, check out Food Ideas for Backyard Camping Party.

Pack individual containers or put out a whole buffet.

A grinder salad sandwich would be the perfect addition!

Games and Activities

The little campers are going to arrive with lots of energy, so you’ll need to be prepared!

Coming soon! Lots of fun indoor and outdoor Children’s Party Games and Activities.

Parting Gifts

Thank the cute little guests for coming with some sweet treats or favors. 

Angie filled a cellophane bag with an adorable “S’more for Later” mix.

She added a cute personalized label and then sealed it with a sweet ribbon.

Event Planning Services

A kid’s summer camping birthday party is a unique theme party to host.

With creativity and imagination, it will transport your child and their friends to a magical camping adventure.

But there is definitely work involved. If it’s too much for you, call the creative pro, Angie, at Party Haus Event Styling!

Let Party Haus help you save time, money, and stress in planning your next event! Follow and connect with Angie here.

And don’t forget to check out her Carnival-Themed Party and read more about her in this interview.

Your kids are going to love this party theme! Don’t forget to document the day with plenty of photos and videos.

I look forward to hearing about your adventures.
Happy Camping!


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