DIY Halter Top Sewing Pattern Ideas (Tie Back Styles)

Sew up a cute high-neck halter top that ties in the back. These halter top sewing pattern are perfect for warm weather or dressy occasions.

Make a halter top this season with these cute DIY halter top sewing pattern ideas with pretty tie-back styles.

When it comes to summer fashion, nothing quite says “cool,” like a halter top. These chic and breezy garments are perfect for staying comfortable and stylish in the summer heat. What’s even better is that you can sew your own halter tops in a variety of styles. 

In this post, I’ve got some inspiration with pattern ideas to create something fun (and a little sexy!) to wear for casual and dressy occasions, too. I included patterns for both brand-new and the more experienced sewers.

So pull out your machine, and let’s get creative.

How To Sew a Halter Top You Will Wear

If you are still deciding which halter top sewing pattern to select, look in your closet first or try on halter clothing styles to see what looks best on you.

It’s also a great idea to look for halter-top examples in print or online that you are drawn to.

What clothes do you feel most comfortable in? Do you mind baring your shoulders? What fabrics are your favorite: large prints or dainty smaller options? Do you love soft pastels or prefer bold, saturated colors? The choices are all yours!

Of course, you can challenge yourself with something new, but be sure to give it some thought. This will ensure you will actually wear your latest me-made creation.

Why I Love This Style

You’ll love making and wearing a halter-style top or blouse because it’s effortlessly chic and versatile! Plus, most styles are straightforward, beginner-friendly, and easy to sew.

The halter neckline highlights your shoulders and collarbone, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. It’s so comfortable and enjoyable to wear. 

A halter top is a beautiful choice for dressing up for a night out or keeping it casual for a day at the beach. 

In addition, sewing your own allows you to customize the fit, color, fabric, and style to perfectly suit your body shape and personal taste. 

With its flattering silhouette and timeless appeal, a halter-style top will become a staple in your wardrobe, adding a dash of sophistication to any outfit.


Here’s a list of supplies and equipment for making a halter top or blouse.

Measuring tape
Rotary cutter
, or
Sewing scissors
Sewing pins

Not Pictured
Sewing machine
Closure options
Notion requirements
, see pattern

Halter Top Pattern Ideas

Below are halter neck design patterns I’m sure you will love. There’s something for everyone, including experienced and beginner sewists. Some designs only take a couple of hours to complete. Click on an image or text for a size chart, learn more, or purchase on or Etsy. Available in different sizes and offered as physical paper patterns or PDF pattern/digital pattern downloads. Print the pattern pieces on your home printer.

The Bralette

Include a bralette-style crop top with a tie-back and halter neck for your summer style.

Wraparound Wonder

Add a wrap to your halter top game with a wraparound design. Great for experimenting with different fabrics and patterns.

The Halter Crop Top

Stay active and stylish with a sporty halter top pattern.

The Classic Halter

This timeless design ties around the neck and back. It is perfect for beginners.

Retro Glamour

Take a trip back in time with a vintage-inspired halter top pattern. See all Janique Haus Patterns.

Crisscross Halter Top

This elegant twist-neck halter top pattern is effortlessly dressed up or down.

Reversible Halter

Double the fun with a reversible halter top pattern. It is ideal for travel, giving you two looks in one. See all Pattern Couture products.

Crochet Delight

For a beachy, handmade look, consider a crochet halter top pattern. Perfect for advanced crocheters, this project combines yarn and style.

Bohemian Beauty

Embrace the boho trend with a loose-fitting, flowy halter top. This top features a gathered neckline with delicate ties.

Simple Elegance

Elevate your halter top with bold patterns. This is an excellent choice for special occasions or a night out.

Learn how to make all kinds of fun projects with these sewing tutorials: Make an easy basket liner, DIY pillow covers, or see all patterns here.


Here are some simple variations to create a halter top or blouse.

Fabric selection

Look for lightweight, breathable fabrics that drape nicely and feel comfortable against your skin.

Fabrics such as cotton voile, rayon, or silk chiffon would also work wonderfully. For a softer, informal style, try a t-shirt knit fabric. Cotton and cotton blends are great options because they’re easy to work with, come in a variety of prints and solids, and are breathable for warmer weather. Rayon, satin, and silk fabrics can also work well for a more luxurious feel, though they require more care when sewing. Stretchy fabrics like jersey or knit can be great for a more fitted halter top that moves with me.

Closure options

Depending on your design, you may need to add closures such as ties or buttons or more functional devices like hooks and eyes or snaps for the neckline or back closure. Have some fun selecting unique options which can enhance and embellish the look of your design.

Strap options

If your style includes ties, play around with different strap widths and long strap styles, from thin spaghetti straps to broader, more substantial straps, to change the overall aesthetic of your top. 

Vary the length

Customize the length of your halter top, whether you prefer a cropped style, a hip-length, or tunic length, or lengthen it enough to turn it into a dress.

Trim and Embellishments

Incorporate apparel trims, such as piping, fringe, rick rack, cosplay, lace, eyelet, rhinestone, metallic, mesh, tassel, pom pom, ribbon, and ruffles, along your halter top’s neckline, straps, or hem for an additional playful, unique, or feminine touch. Add embellishments like sequins, embroidery, or beading to personalize your halter top and make it unique.


Below is a list of common questions when making a halter-style top or blouse.

What body type looks good in halter top?

Halter tops complement different body types but look particularly good on those with broader shoulders and a narrower waist. They can help balance out proportions by drawing attention to the shoulders and collarbone, creating a flattering silhouette. Plus, they’re great for showing off toned arms and adding a touch of elegance to any outfit!

What bottoms to wear with halter top?

When wearing a halter top, I like to pair it with bottoms that balance out the look. I recommend high-waisted denim shorts or jeans for a casual vibe. A flowy skirt or high-waisted trousers can look chic for a more dressed-up feel.

Do you wear a bra under a halter top?

Whether or not you wear a bra under a halter top depends on personal preference and comfort. If the halter top doesn’t have built-in support or if I prefer extra support, you might opt for a strapless or adhesive bra that won’t show under the halter straps.

What is the best way to finish seams on a halter-style top?

I like to finish the seams neatly to give a polished look and ensure seam allowances do not unravel. One method you can use is the “zigzag stitch.” After sewing the seams together, go back over the edges with a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine. Another option is to use a serger if you have one, which trims the seam allowance and finishes the edges in one step. To get a really clean finish, consider using bias tape to encase the raw edges of the seams.

Expert Tips

Here are some expert tips that can be helpful when making and sewing a DIY halter top.

Select the proper sewing needle

Use a walking foot

If using slippery or stretchy fabrics, consider using a walking foot, which helps to feed the fabric evenly through the sewing machine.

Test your stitches

Before sewing, test your stitching on a scrap piece of fabric to ensure the tension and stitch length are correct.

Reinforce the straps

Since the straps of a halter top bear the weight of the garment, reinforce them with interfacing or double stitching to prevent stretching or tearing.

Consider a lining

Adding a lining to your halter top can provide additional coverage and opacity, especially if using a sheer fabric.

Finish edges 

Finishing edges with a serger or zigzag stitch helps prevent fraying and adds durability to your halter top.

Press seams with an iron

Pressing seams as you sew helps to create a professional-looking finish and ensures your halter top lays flat.

Try it on as you sew

I make it a habit to try on all the clothes I sew as I go. This allows me to make any necessary adjustments for the perfect fit and catch any problems early when they are easier to fix.

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Halter tops are a versatile addition to your warm weather wardrobe, and sewing your own gives you the freedom to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Whether you prefer classic styles, bohemian vibes, or something in between, a halter top sewing pattern matches your style and skills. So, dust off your sewing machine, pick a pattern, and prepare to stitch up some fabulous summer fashion!

Please let me know how your halter top turns out in the comment box below. I would love to see your finished garment. Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list and follow me on social media for more inspiration!


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