Gift Ideas for Bakers (For People who Love to Bake)

All kinds of fun gift ideas for the baker and creative people in your life.

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Hello friends! Today’s post is about gift ideas for bakers and people who love baking. And updated for 2024!

This is a great fit for a creative friend, child, or teenager who enjoys spending time in the kitchen.

Most of these baking accessories are under $15, with the cookbooks coming in under $25, and all are available on Amazon.

I hope this helps make holiday shopping a little easier! 

Click the links at the bottom to check out other creative gift guides for sewing, knitting, and more.

Kitchen Tools and Kits for Baking Gifts

Great Ideas for a Baking Gift Basket

The products below include affiliate links.

1 Wilton Decorating Bags
2 Neon Gel Food Color Set
3 Wilton Rainbow Cupcake Liners
4 OXO Spatula
5 Wilton 6-inch Round Cake Pan
6 6-inch Square Cake Pan
7 Decorating Tips Starter Set
8 Scoop-It Batter Spoons
9 Color Right Food Coloring Gel

Baking Cookbooks

Below are beautiful cookbooks perfect for gifting!

They would pair well with any of the baking products above. Most of the books below are under $26.

10 Miette Pastry Cook Book

11 Big, Fun Kids Baking Book

12 Linda Skeens Blue Ribbon Kitchen

13 Baker Bettie’s Better Baking Book

14 Modern Vegan Baking

15 Magnolia Bakery Cookbook

The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook

16 Kid Chef Bakes Cookbook

17 Jenna Rae Cakes Cookbook

18 British Baking Show Amazing Cakes

These top-rated gifts above range from $6 to $26.

In most cases, you can have them gift-wrapped by Amazon and sent directly to the recipient or have them sent to you to decorate or wrap up as you wish.

For example, give a baking cookbook and a Wilton cake pan. Group a few products – decorating bags, tips, and a cupcake cookbook, and add them to a basket topped with a beautiful ribbon.

A combination of any of the items above would work together in a gift basket!

Add your own creativity to make your gifts extra meaningful.

Wilton Baking Products

I really do love Wilton’s baking products.

I have so many of their cake pans and absolutely love that the cakes come out easily, clean-up is a breeze, and the pans come in many sizes and shapes.

It’s fun to make tiny layer cakes for birthdays with their 6-inch pans (or smaller!).

Just FYI, I always wash the pans by hand because they retain the beautiful finish that way.

2024 Gift Guides

If you want additional gift ideas, check out my index of creative gift ideas.

Here’s a portion of the inspiration you will find.

Gifts for People Who Love to Sew
Handmade Gifts to Make
Homemade Christmas Gifts
Gifts for Women in their 20’s
Easy Homemade Food Gifts
Gifts for Teenage Girls
Gifts for Women
Knitting Gifts

Gift Ideas for Jewelry Makers

I hope this holiday gift guide helps with your holiday list. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Happy Shopping,

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