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Well, hello and happy garden green to you! Are you looking to try something new in this beautiful season? Let it be this project. An easy DIY succulent planter is as beautiful as it is fun to make. Fun Things to Do with your Friends My girlfriends and … Read More

easy succulent garden planters hanging on a fence ​

Well, hello and happy garden green to you! Are you looking to try something new in this beautiful season? Let it be this project. An easy DIY succulent planter is as beautiful as it is fun to make.

Fun Things to Do with your Friends

My girlfriends and I meet on the semi-regular to work on creative projects together. We lovingly call this Craft Night.

I think they would both be surprised to realize that it’s been about 15 YEARS since we started doing this! No one can recall how it all began.

It likely sprung from a desire to make more time to be creative and to work on “our projects”. To make that happen, we knew we would need to schedule it on the calendar and into our busy lives.

Over the years, we’ve worked on different projects, in different places, at each one of our houses, indoors and outdoors, all while working around children, family, and work schedules. There is usually food, always wine, and lots of conversation too.

Sometimes we inspire each other to try new creative endeavors; other times, we just encourage each other along our own paths. It’s wonderful to get advice and bounce ideas off one another.

Projects may not always get finished that night, but the gathering is always good for the soul.

Woman, garden, chicken wire, sheet moss, twigs - Home Depot materials to make an easy succulent garden planter

Hanging Succulent Planter

On this beautiful spring day, Amy has chosen a project for us. And it’s a good one! She bought all the materials and offered up her beautiful backyard as a workspace.

Today we are making easy succulent garden planters. Your very own portable garden that you can hang indoors or out.

This project is super simple and very enjoyable to build and plant any way you like. You really can’t mess this up because succulent plants are just so darn sweet and beautiful.

Amy also brought some unique vines and sticks to include in our planter masterpieces.

Containers for Succulents

A succulent garden planter can be affordable too. Amy purchased the plants and materials at Home Depot.

She received these wooden containers from a friend. They are Whole Foods catering boxes, but you can use any type of shallow wood or plastic container.

Look around the house, check rummage sales, thrift stores like Goodwill, or at your local resale shop for yours.

Discount stores such as HomeGoods, TJMaxx, or Big Lots could also be excellent planter sources. Be creative in your search; that is part of the fun!

Woman, garden, chicken wire, sheet moss, twigs - Home Depot materials to make an easy succulent garden planter ​

What are Succulent Plants

Succulents are a group of plants that store water and nutrients in their leaves. While they do need water to survive, they can endure extended periods of drought better than most plants because they rely on this energy.

They grow best in bright light but do not always like the hot sun. Like cactus, succulents usually thrive in dry climates and don’t do as well in humidity.

There are many different types in an abundant assortment of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

One of the amazing qualities of succulents is their ability to propagate easily. Many can grow new plants from leaves that fall off. Others develop new pups as they grow larger.


succulent plants, shallow planter box, cactus soil, sheet moss, craft poultry netting, wire cutter, pliers, scissors, staple gun on white background - materials to make an easy succulent garden planter ​

Below are the supplies needed for the project. (affiliate links are underlined)

Succulent Plants

Branches, twigs, or other decorative touches optional

A Shallow Container

Hefty Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

Potting Mix or Cactus Soil

Sheet Moss


Poultry Netting/Chicken Wire hanging only

Wire Cutters hanging only 

Pliers hanging only 

Staple Gun hanging only 

Where to Buy

You can find most of these materials at Home Depot, Lowes, or your local nursery. I’ve also linked many options from Amazon in the supply list.

Check for wooden planters at resale shops, such as Goodwill. If you cannot locate a wood planter, any shallow container will do; you just may not be able to hang it.

6 steps guide to plant an easy succulent garden planter. Materials include container, cactus soil, heavy duty garbage bags, sheet moss, chicken wire and plant foliage

Instructions for Making an Easy Succulent Garden Planter

1 Line your container with plastic. Heavy-duty garbage bags work great!
Trim the plastic, so the edges are flush with the container rim.

2 Fill the container with soil.

3 Place a layer of sheet moss loosely over the planter.

4 This step is ONLY necessary if you plan to hang your planter. You can skip this step if you don’t intend to hang the planter.
Staple the chicken wire to the planter along the perimeter so that the edges are secure.

5 This step is for a hanging planter only. Carefully fold the chicken wire edges down and around the edge of the planter with pliers or your fingers. This will make the edges look cleaner and also protect you from the wire’s sharp edges.

6 Now, the fun part. Water the succulents before you pot them. Plant your succulents!

Get artsy and play around with the wonderful combinations of color and texture.

The plants may droop a bit after planting. Don’t worry. Water them, and with a little TLC, they will spring back to life!

DIY for a hanging succulent garden planter

Caring for Succulent Plants

These plants are very easy to grow. Find a convenient place where you are able to water your succulent garden regularly, maybe a kitchen sink, laundry tub, or a yard.

Allow water to drain completely through the soil to avoid root rot. Water again when the soil is completely dry from the previous watering. 

You may want to try using a succulent fertilizer (affiliate link). It is inexpensive and provides the nutrients your plants need to stay healthy.

Expose your succulents to a reasonable amount of sun, shade, and mild temperatures.

Like any plant, succulents need room to grow. Re-pot them if your garden planter grows and becomes overcrowded. As a result, your plants will live a long, happy life.

easy succulent garden planters hanging on a fence ​

This succulent planter project is truly enjoyable, beautiful, and easy peasy. Trust me! Give it a try yourself, or even better, grab a few girlfriends and have a planting party. Please let me know if you do.


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  1. Wonderful idea. I know this is something my daughter and granddaughter would enjoy doing. My neighbor and I used to have Wednesday wine night in our pjs. We would talk and line dance. Sadly she moved away but we enjoyed this for many year’s.
    I love getting your newsletter.
    Thank you so much

    1. Brenda, thank you so much for following along & for your sweet note! It made my day! Love the PJ, wine & line dance idea too. Thanks for sharing!

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