An artificial green plant arrangement in an iron plant stand

DIY Fake Plant Decor

After a recent plant fail, Crazy Aunt Patty showed me a creative and inexpensive way to make a custom, artificial plant arrangement. Let me show you what Patty showed me; how to DIY fake plant decor.

See her latest arrangement for my home HERE.

I do love a beautiful landscape, gorgeous flowers, and healthy green plants, but maintaining it all? Not as much. I was originally skeptical but it turns out, I may have to rethink faux plants.

It can look, well … rather real! What’s more, you can make it yourself in 15-minutes. Flat.


I do pride myself in many domestic tasks, LOL but as the years go by, the lists get longer and the time gets shorter. So more recently, I have consciously tried to let go of the unnecessary.

We all have our passions and non-negotiables, so why not focus on those, and reduce the tasks that don’t bring you joy. Marie Kondo has a point, no? It’s rather liberating actually.

DIY fake plant in hanging planter on screen porchCrazy Aunt Patty and Me

Get Creative with DIY Artificial Plants

On the other hand, you might enjoy gardening and plant care but may just want to simplify. This is a great way to do that.

The DIY fake plant arrangements I am sharing today are very simple, but you can take it to the next level by adding additional faux plant varieties, colored plants or blooms, or more contrast. You can also look for artistic containers or unique plant stands.

Prep for your DIY Fake Plants

When you decide what type of plant combination you want and where you want to put it in your home or office, measure the containers you want to fill. Take pictures of the vessel, flower stand, or plant hanger, and bring it along when you shop.

Below are the faux plant project supplies.

Materials Needed for DIY Fake Plant Decor

Green Stems enough for your container
Floral Foam to fit your design
Planter Container, Stand, or Hanger
Plant Liner optional

(I bought all of my greenery and supplies at Michael’s)

Finding your DIY Fake Leaves and Greenery

There is a fine line between beautiful and tacky, for sure! For this reason, you’ll need to choose your green plants carefully. If you do, no one will even notice they are fake.

You won’t miss the watering, the clipping, the repotting, the undergrowth, the overgrowth, or the disease. Sit back and just enjoy them.

Ready to shop? Check which stores carry faux greenery. Look online or contact craft, hobby, or home decor stores. Determine which stores you want to visit and which fit your style and budget best.

Sources for faux greenery stems and supplies:

JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
Hobby Lobby

Try these links for a great selection of faux plants:

Pottery Barn
West Elm

Shopping Strategies and Ideas for Fake Plant Decor

Firstly, allow yourself enough time to shop. You’ll want to choose all the varieties of greens that you like and that look the most realistic to you.

Take out a stem or two of your favorites, grab a cart, and set them aside. If you are using more than one plant variety, start by pairing them, side by side.

Be sure to step back to look from various angles or try taking pictures with your phone. It’s amazing how much easier it is to make a decision when you can see it from different viewpoints.

Keep combining different types of plants, until you find some options you like. Consider varying heights, using one upright plant with one trailing vine, with another height in between, if necessary.

Remember to handle all greenery with care. Faux leaves can be fragile and sensitive to folding or denting. Some varieties are flexible but others may not recover and you may not notice until you start putting your arrangement together.

Below is a step by step tutorial for how to make a fake plant or artificial plant arrangement.

How to Make Fake Plants & Fake Plant Arrangements

1 Gather your materials together in a well-lit working space. You will need your green faux stems, your floral foam, and scissors to open up the packaging and remove the tags. You may want your container or plant stand nearby to measure and test ideas.

2 For this plant arrangement, a Boston Fern is the main focal point in the center, so, I began there. Start in a direction that makes sense for your arrangement. With a firm grip, push each stem into floral foam until it is stable.

3 Next, fan out the plant and spreads its branches or leaves. Make sure the size is right. If yours seems too small or large, you may need to add, subtract, trim, or purchase another size.

4 Now add your second plant variety. I used another fern variety. Pull back the branches from your first planting, push the next set of stems into the floral foam. Continue planting if you have additional plants or flowers until you feel you have the correct amount. I was going for simple, so two stalks worked for me.

5 To finish, spread out the branches of all plants and adjust to fill any gaps. When you are confident that you like the look of the plant arrangement, remove all the tags.

6 Place your finished arrangement in your plant container, stand, or hanger. Enjoy!

Small Touches of Fake Plants & Greenery

Consider using a smaller piece of green to give a shelf, table, or basket a bit of color. It’s even easier to find a single sprig or small branch that looks realistic. Look in the “pick” section of the Floral and Greens department of the store for starters.

Ideas for Decorative Plant Stands 

If you are looking for a way to display the new plant arrangement you made, I’ve done a little shopping for you, to get you started.

Here are a few metal and wood plant stands and holders that I found on Amazon. I bought my metal planter years ago, but some of these are similar. Click the picture or the link below the photo for more info and specs. Affiliate links in blue


Metal plant stands perfect for DIY fake plant decor
Midcentury Metal Plant Stand

I like the clean lines of this simple plant holder. I think it would fit well in all types of interiors. Find it HERE


natural wood finished plant stands perfect for DIY fake plant decor
Wood Midcentury Pot Holder

Here’s another stand that has clean and simple lines, but will add more warmth to your room with its natural wood finish. Click HERE


Tall metal plant stand perfect for DIY fake plant decor
Tall Metal Plant Stand

If you are looking for a plant holder that is more decorative and curvy, here she is. Click HERE


Cleaning and Maintaining Artificial Plants

Fake plants do need regular cleaning, or they may become dusty, fade, or deteriorate. Remove dust, dirt, and debris from your faux plants with a microfiber cleaning cloth, a feather duster, a small brush, a vacuum, or a blow dryer (preferably outside your home).

If your arrangement is simple, you could also try removing one stem at a time and running each stem under the faucet or hose, or dipping them in a container of water and patting to dry. Remember to also keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight.

I hope you enjoyed this quick project tutorial. I do love how fast it came together and I smile as I walk by these plants; knowing they look great but don’t need me anymore.

I hope you will challenge yourself to make something new for your home.

If you try this or any Bloom creative project, I’d love to hear about it in the comment box below. If you share a picture, please tag me @bebraveandbloom or use the hashtag #bebraveandbloominspiration on your photos.

Thanks for following along!


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