How to Make DIY Christmas Pillow Covers (No Sew)

Learn how to make no-sew DIY Christmas pillow covers! They are fun home decor and the perfect homemade and personalized gift.

no-sew, custom, DIY, holiday pillow cover on a chair

Happy Holiday, Friends! Today’s home decor project is easy-peasy but loaded with potential. It’s an easy no-sew way to make DIY Christmas pillow covers.

My examples are pretty simple, but at the bottom of the post, I show some additional inspiration from around the web to light up your imagination.

You still have time to do this project, even if you read this in November or December. This is the easiest of Christmas crafts! Trust me. ☺️

I will definitely be making more of these pillows!

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No-Sew Holiday Project

Decorate your house for the holidays or make for a meaningful gift.

Because this Christmas craft project requires no sewing, it is great for kids and adults of any age!

Make your pillows tiny or humungous. Have fun! This is a great way to customize your space and express your creativity.

Free Christmas Clipart

I’ve created a holiday graphic template. Just subscribe to have full access to all project downloads anytime. Just download and print the Christmas art template (PDF) to use for these holiday pillows.

You can also design your own art for any time of the year! 

Consider a message, a silhouette of your child or pet, or a personal monogram. Make something meaningful for yourself, or use it as a gift.

Below is a list of the supplies you will need for the project. I have also listed buying ideas and sources.

These are the supplies you need to make a no-sew, custom, DIY, holiday pillow!

Pillow Cover Materials

Affiliate links are underlined.

Pillow or Cushion Cover Ikea
Fabric for appliqué
Fusible Web Heat N Bond
Iron Rowenta
Free PDF (if you subscribe) or
Create your own Artwork

Scissors sewing & paper varieties
Pillow Form not pictured
Thread or Embroidery Floss topstitching

Free Download

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you can access all of the free downloads, including the pillow art below. Then, use it as a stencil for the appliqués.

FREE graphics download to use for custom, no-sew, holiday pillow

Appliqué Fabric

Choose the size of the pillow and pillow cover you would like to use.

Next, select the artwork for the appliqué and the fabric you’d like to use for it.

Determine the size of the artwork depending on the size of your pillow. You may need to enlarge or decrease the drawing size on a copier.

Measure the final height and width of the appliqué pattern; that is the amount of fabric you will need to purchase.

I purchased a 26 x26 inch Gurli cream pillow cover, a down pillow insert (both from IKEA), and one-half yard of plaid fabric for the appliqué. There was more than enough plaid fabric left over.

You have exactly one life
in which to do everything you’ll ever do.
Act Accordingly.

– Colin Wright

Instructions for Pillow Cover

A step-by-step guide is below.

It’s a straightforward process. Just gather all of the tools and have everything ready to go.

How-to tutorial to make no-sew, appliqué pillow cover

Create your own artwork or subscribe to my site to download the appliqué art.

Size the drawing to fit your pillow cover. You may need to reduce or enlarge it on a copy machine. Cut out the pattern with paper scissors.

2 Prewash your appliqué fabric, hang it dry, and press flat. Position the pattern on top of your appliqué fabric.

3 Using your sewing scissors, cut out the design, carefully following the pattern’s perimeter.

4 For an extra personal touch, you could also topstitch the appliqué or use creative stitches around the perimeter before you iron it on your pillow cover. This is optional.

5 Be sure to use the correct fusible webbing for your fabrics and carefully follow the directions on the package. (I used Heat N Bond. affiliate link) Next, cut out the webbing.

When the appliqué is ready to apply to the pillow cover, position the design where you would like it on the pillow form, and press with a hot iron.

Again, be sure to follow the package directions closely for the best results!

6 Stuff your pillow cover with your pillow insert. Decorate and enjoy!

homemade Christmas tree pillow

Embellish or Personalize Your Pillow

Another creative detail you can add to personalize your pillow even further is to topstitch around the appliqué before you attach it to the pillow cover.

Have some fun and make it your own! Choose a matching or contrasting thread, sewing thread, or embroidery floss.

You can keep it simple, using a straight stitch with a sewing machine, as in the example, or take it a step further and hand stitch with decorative embroidery stitches, for example, a blanket stitch.

The stitching will give the illusion that the appliqué is sewn onto the pillow. Cool, hey?

no-sew, custom, DIY, holiday pillow cover on a chair
handmade Christmas decor

Christmas Pillow Ideas

The pillowcase ideas below could be created similarly using the tutorial above. Don’t you LOVE the frayed edges of the peace sign pillow? ❤️

Inspiration to make no-sew, DIY, holiday pillow covers with appliqués

ballard design | pottery barn | quesera | katie kime

Let me know if you make DIY Christmas pillows of your own in the comments below. I’d love to see it.


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