A yellow halter swim dress modeled at a pool, from the blog post on how to make a halter dress.

Make a Halter Dress

Let’s make a Halter Dress! Fashion is cyclical and the ’70s are back. If you were styling in the early 1970s, you might remember the baby tees, tie-dye shirts, peasant blouses, ponchos, capes, bell-bottoms, frayed jeans, maxi dresses, and halter tops? I wore them all. Some I can … Read More

Woman in garden wearing DIY skirt

DIY Drawstring Skirt

My copycat item today is a DIY drawstring skirt, similar to the one I own from Evereve retail stores. Follow along and make one for yourself! “If you find something you love that fits you well, buy it in multiples!” Maybe you’ve heard this said before, and you … Read More

Golden retriever with a DIY dog bandana on for the 4th of July

DIY Dog Bandana

If you love your pet as much as we love ours, hopefully, this project doesn’t seem quite as silly. Raise your pet’s fashion quota with this DIY dog bandana. I would do just about anything for my puppy even dress her up a little. Works equally well for … Read More