3 Valentine's Day Gnomes from the Be Brave and Bloom blog.

Cute Valentine Gnomes DIY

Today I have the sweetest handmade DIY gnome ideas for you for Valentine's Day! Just subscribe for the free gnome pattern. Read More

Handmade Christmas gnomes for post how to make easy DIY gnomes.

How to Make Easy DIY Gnomes

GNOMES are everywhere you turn, and they are in every size, shape, and style! Come along for today's creative project as I show you how to make easy DIY gnomes. Read More

Three gnomes from a blog post about DIY Irish Gnomes.

Irish Gnomes

Top of the morning to you, matey! I have heaps of enchanting Irish Gnomes for your DIY inspiration today. So, let’s get on with it; it’s no use boiling your cabbage twice. 😂 See ALL gnome posts here.Subscribe to receive gnome project ideas, inspiration, & a basic gnome pattern.  … Read More