Four different handmade gnomes from the DIY Halloween Gnomes (Witch, Mummy, and Ghost) blog post.

DIY Halloween Gnomes (Witch, Mummy, and Ghost)

These DIY Halloween Gnomes (Witch, Mummy, and Ghost) are among gnome-lovers all-time favorites. If you are obsessed with all things Halloween, I know you will enjoy them too! See ALL gnome posts here. Gnome Crafts Ruth Johnson, a gnome artist, created all of these spooky and delightful handmade … Read More

5 DIY Gnome Ornaments hanging on a tree.

Gnome Ornaments

Gnome Ornaments are a sweet little craft that is perfect for gifting. Keep reading, and I will show you how to create one yourself. See ALL gnome posts here. DIY Gnome Ornaments These handmade ornaments are quick and easy to make yourself! They can be made with small … Read More

3 Day of the Dead Gnomes.

Day of the Dead Gnomes

Hello Gnoming Friends; today’s colorful post is in honor of the Dios de Los Muertos holiday. Artist Ruth Johnson made these Day of the Dead beauties and all of the handmade gnomes on this site. If you prefer to purchase a gnome, you can shop Ruth’s handmade collections … Read More

Five rustic gnomes from a fishing gnomes blog post.

Fishing Gnomes

Ahoy there! These fishing gnomes are perfect for the fish enthusiasts in your life. We all know one! Artist Ruth Johnson made these and all the handmade gnomes on this site. She shares her creative ideas with us today. For additional gnome inspiration, see these Gnome Posts for her tips … Read More

Five patriotic gnomes post.

Patriotic Gnomes

It’s a fitting day for red, white, and blue. First, to honor the past and all who fought for the freedoms we now enjoy.  But also to reflect on what we need to do now to help guide those freedoms to benefit and protect all. See ALL gnome … Read More

Handmade Christmas gnomes for post how to make easy DIY gnomes.

How to Make Easy DIY Gnomes

GNOMES are everywhere you turn, and they are in every size, shape, and style! Come along for today’s creative project as I show you how to make easy DIY gnomes. See ALL gnome posts here. Inspired by all the cuteness, my girlfriend, Ruth, made all of these adorable … Read More

Six Summertime Gnomes in front of colorful zinnias.

Summertime Gnomes

As we patiently wait for warm weather, I bring you bright and colorful inspiration with Ruth’s Summertime Gnomes! See ALL gnome posts here. You’ll love creating them with all kinds of garden props and flower details. They look so happy out in the garden and simply smashing as … Read More

3 handmade pastel colored gnomes from the spring gnome ideas post.

Cute Springtime Gnomes

Happy Easter, Gnome Fans! My talented and dear friend, Ruth is back at it this year, creating even more cuteness. Here are more cute springtime gnomes! See ALL gnome posts here. The bunny gnomes are off the charts. Learn how to make one for yourself with this brand new … Read More

Three gnomes from a blog post about DIY Irish Gnomes.

Irish Gnomes

Top of the morning to you, matey! I have heaps of enchanting Irish Gnomes for your DIY inspiration today. So, let’s get on with it; it’s no use boiling your cabbage twice. 😂 See ALL gnome posts here. Where to Buy Gnomes Gnome artist Ruth Johnson made all … Read More

3 Valentine's Day Gnomes from the Be Brave and Bloom blog.

Valentine’s Day Gnomes

This pink and red post is full of DIY Valentine’s Day Gnomes ideas. Happy Heart Day to you! ❤️ Make one for yourself, or what a wonderful gift for the favorite gnome lover in your life. See ALL gnome posts here. The greatest happiness of life is the … Read More